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Staedtler 990 01 Digital Pen - Blue
by Staedtler
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They are about the same thickness as that a of normal medium ball point pen. I think it is more appropriate for sketching & taking notes than for detailed drawings.
12 Jul 2014 by Tony O'Byrne
No, I believe that they have a new model out that works with the mac but this original certainly does not. Hope that helps!
29 Nov 2014 by TechGuru
No. It only has the capacity for A4.
18 Jun 2014 by Tony O'Byrne
Sorry but you need the receiver unit. Now the receiver unit does not need to have a cable to the PC to work. That is, you can take just the receiver and the pen and clip the receiver and write on the paper and it will record it. When a cable is connected to the PC the data from the receiver goes to the PC. Now they are making a new Staedtler Pen (think it is the 990 02) that has BLUETOOTH. You might want to check that out. Hope this helps.
27 Dec 2013 by C. Wilson
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