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3.8 out of 5 stars143
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 29 April 2014
Despite a strong cast including Craig Fairbrass, Dexter Fletcher, Charles dance, and Sean Pertwee to name but a few I found my interest in this film waning after the first hour. The script if not the film lost its way and seemed repetitive and cliched. I enjoy Guy Ritchie's movies but to me this was a knock off and contained all the usual content, language and unoriginality of the British Gangster genre. The character played by Keeley Hazell was irritating. The character was a one dimensional stereotype of a gangsters moll, all mouth and no brains and certainly cliched character wise. This film was too long; the potential quality was overrun by the quantity.
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on 13 December 2012
As well as directing the film, Harper also wrote and stars in it. He is ideally suited for the role as a Londoner who has acted in various capital-based crime capers, including Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, which often have a football violence slant, such as The Rise of the Footsoldier and The Football Factory. True to form, St George's Day includes a football hooligan side-plot. This shouldn't put off those for whom hooliganism is about as attractive as the prospect of a fist in the gob. The plot and some great characters with funny lines are more important to the film.

One of these characters is Frank Harper's character, gangland boss Micky Mannock who narrates the film. It is generally held that voiceovers should be used with caution by screenwriters - they are not simply an easy way to explain the action that should really be suggested. Well, Micky's voiceover helps add depth to his witty, intelligent character, but more cleverly it sends us off on wild goose chases of suspicion. Micky can trust virtually no one.

The only people he can truly trust is his cousin and business partner Ray Collishaw played by the hulking Craig Fairbrass and Charles Dance's shadowy Trenchard, who is possibly a senior civil servant and can certainly pull strings. When it comes down to it, the rest of his crew could either be working for rival gangsters or the police or even both.
Things go wrong when a huge shipment of drugs goes missing in the North Sea and the firm find themselves owing millions of pounds to Russian gangsters who are considerably nastier than them. That's not to say Micky and Ray are of the criminal-but-basically-good-guys school of gangster hero. They are pathologically violent and don't mind a quick massacre just to prove it. The only way to get out of the pickle is by pulling off a jewel heist in Berlin using the cover of an England Germany game on that most hallowed of days, 23rd April.
So, the plot twists and then turns like gangster plots do. What marks the film out is that it is very funny, if very sweary. The main characters Micky, Ray and Albert (a dope-smoking Scot based in Amsterdam played with loopy relish by Vincent Regan) are constantly bantering and much of it is very funny. One of the characters is said to have an "Achilles cock" - crude, but describes some men perfectly. The idiocy of trigger happy gangsters is also nicely satirised in another scene where Charles Dance's character has to prevent two groups of hoods from killing each other at a meet-up.
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on 2 October 2013
The constant narration is a boring giveaway; he is going to survive. The film glorifies the success of truly nasty characters. The women are sex objects and caricatures, the Russians speak Russian with expected Polish accents . The storyline is fairly good and some of the editing brilliant. But it would work so much better as parody: for example Charles Dance tries a posh mockney but it does not work, yet a bit more hamming would have been fine. I can't recommend this .
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on 23 July 2013
totally underrated film, I took a chance on it because it had been reduced and was delighted. everyone that has seen it with me agrees it is a top film. buy it and you will be glad you took a chance!
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on 7 March 2013
There are no subtitles, event the english ones. I find it very unusual.
I am italian, i like to watch british movies with original language and english subtitles.
This movie is hard to understand since is cockney spoken, and english subtitles may
help at least to get the dialect words. Great disappointment.
I guess is not an Amazon fault, but the product is poor.

Best Regards
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on 23 July 2015
It is so poor, rips off goodfellas after about 10 minutes when they are in a club....its actually embarrassing to watch....its really really rubbish....i watched it all the way through and didn't improve once, very badly done, weak characters, they tried to be the Sopranos and was more The Bundys.. Avoid!!!
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on 25 November 2012
love it !! went cinema the first day and really enjoyed it as i knew i would frank harper is crack on with his debut in directing every one of thes brit films get better and better but st georges day will take some beating tbh looking forward to 24 th dec to sit down and whatch this diamond of a film again .
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on 20 March 2015
Frank Harper, fabulously thuggish and foul-mouthed in the likes of Football Factory and Screwed, gets behind the camera this time for what feels like a 'Greatest Hits' of gangland mayhem. Gordon Bennett. Is this the bollocks or what? So we get (tick off the boxes): odes to London "greatest city in the world", here is a shot of Houses of Parliament, bent coppers, a showdown in Amsterdam, diamonds and dope in abundance, Russian gangsters wanting vengeance, rampaging hooligans spouting guff about World War II. If none of that floats your boat, along with much geezery banter, we have: a semi-esteemed thespian bringing a touch of class (Charles Dance), a lap dancing establishment that goes all the way, a rat in the ranks and lots of bad language, the worst offender being a lady, the 'Peckham Princess'. Frank gives it all as Micky Mannock, veteran hooligan, crime baron etc. Micky's voice-over is full of quiet wisdom. -"prison or death was an occupational hazard" - but he is not ready to quit. Craig Fairbrass, memorably out of control as Frank Tate in Rise of the Footsoldier, is the voice of restraint here, wary of mad geezer schemes, wanting to hang out with his posh mates and start running golf complexes in Spain. Both cousins are ruthless, but as Charles Dance, their mysterious ally Trenchard, points out, the Russian mafia have more fire-power and fewer scruples,, always ready to shoot up a funeral. Hammered in some quarters as offensive, derivative junk, a celebration of cliches, St George's Day is actually better than most of its genre. And so many old favourites. Come on down Neil Maskell,Dexter Fletcher, Vincent Regan, Nick Moran. And who is the copper on the trail of Micky and Ray for years? Strike a light, it's Jamie Foreman.
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on 12 June 2013
I love all genre of films and to be honest I am a huge gangster film fan. i was sceptical of watching St Georges Day, some people had told me it was exceptional and others had told me it was a total waste of time and to stay away. After having watched the film i'd say i'm somewhere in the middle of these two statements. It certainly wasn't exceptional, but on the other hand it was worth watching, this was definitely no Green Street 2 (if you haven't seen this, i'd recommend you keep it this way).

This film has the usual suspects, the Cockney villians who you want to see get away with it, the police officer who has the obsession with the gang, the grass in the gang, the dangerous Russians, the crazy Albanians etc etc, something thay we've all seen before, thrown in with a bit of football hooliganism. My problem with the movie isn't the fact that we've seen it done all before but more the fact that although the movie does have a plot, it never really ever gets going, it just seems to plod through the movie till it reaches its crescendo.

If you like these types of films then this would definitely be for you and you'll probably enjoy it, if you're not that fussed about this genre or you're looking for a gangster film for your first gangster movie to dip your toe into then you're better off with something like 'Rise of the Footsoldier' which is a far better film all round.

What I will add to this though is that Charles Dance once again steals the show with his performance, would have just liked to have seen more of him and his character throughout the movie.
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on 3 June 2013
I must admit I was in two minds about watching this film. It's basically the story of 2 gangsters who take an army of Hooligans over to Berlin for a big pay day; after losing a shipment of drugs. I don't really enjoy films about gang violence, as it unsettles me a little. After giving it a punt, though, I was surprised at how tame it actually was. That's not to say it's not a good film, I quite enjoyed it. There is a lot of swearing, and gun violence - but it's a gangster flick, so what can you expect. There are only two scenes in which the hooligans fight, and both are watered down. Jamie Foreman (Eastender's Derek Branning) is the Police Officer on the gangster's trail. There is also an element of The Departed included. One of the firm is talking to the cops, one of the cops is talking to the firm. It's a good movie, with interesting characters, and a decent enough story.
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