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4.9 out of 5 stars216
4.9 out of 5 stars
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The opening sequence of "Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron," in which an eagle flies across the grand vistas of the American West until we catch up with the herd of wild mustangs in which the title character lives was used quite effectively as the trailer for this film, in much the same manner as was done with the computer animated film "Dinosaur." The comparison is particularly apt because when I saw "Dinosaur" I was disappointed that all of the characters talked; I thought we would be seeing the equivalent of a prehistoric Disney nature film. In contrast, I was pleasantly surprised that Spirit and the other horses in this animated Dreamworks film did not talk. There is narration on Spirit's behalf by Matt Damon, but the music of Han Zimmer and the songs of Bryan Adams serve as the horse's voice as well.
Overall, I think the filmmakers more than rise to the challenge of telling a story without talking animals. This is not a cute cartoon in the grand Disney tradition and "Spirit" is much the better for it, with the expressiveness of Spirit's face exceeding anything you have seen before. The story is set in the Old West and tells the story of Spirit, a wild mustang stallion who comes into contact with humans: first cowboys, then the U.S. cavalry, and then Indians. Each group thinks they can tame the wild stallion, but they underestimate their opponent (just branding the horse proves to be an insurmountable obstacle). Eventually Spirit learns to distinguish between the heavy handed colonel (voiced by James Cromwell) and the young brave Little Creek (voiced by Daniel Studi).
Yes, Spirit emerges through these adventures as something of a super horse, constantly doing the impossible, but holding animated films to the standard of reality is hardly appropriate. Spirit symbolizes the imperative of freedom and as such ultimately earns the respect of the mere humans in his story. The result is not a great animated film, but certainly a very good one that should appeal to adults as well as children, and since the film only runs 83 minutes long it should not tax either age group that much.
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VINE VOICEon 10 December 2002
I actually bought this DVD as a Christmas gift, but I've already watched it twice!
Usually I don't enjoy watching animated movies, but the story of Spirit really had me glued to the screen, I just had to find out what happened at the end.
The animation is so beautiful, the horses seem so life-like, and this makes for a fast-moving visual treat. Couple this with a wonderful music score and songs by Bryan Adams and you have the perfect combination.
I dare anyone not to feel at least a small amount of emotion while watching this film, afterall, it had me sniffling on more than one occasion!
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on 29 October 2002
I took my two daughters aged 4 and 6 to see this at the cinema and they loved it. It had very little music in it which was a bonus for me as I dislike characters suddenly bursting into song although there was the usual backgroud music that we expect. It was a narrative and not a film with talking horses which was really nice, but the narrator was actually the horse. Watch the film and you'll see what I mean. There was plenty of Indians and the old west to it (not a woman in a pink dress in sight, but that didn't stop my 4 year old girl tell me that she wanted to buy it). I honestly think an 8-9 year old boy would like it.
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on 4 March 2003
This has to be one of the best animated films of 2002. I saw it the say it was released, it's such a beautiful film, incredably well made, it almost reduced me to tears at points of it. The animation was excellent in the way Dreamworks combined 2D and 3D effects. The 3 minute long opening scene at the beginning give you just a taste of the quality of the animation. One of the best things about "Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron" is that the horses do not talk, unlike those in many other films. This makes it so much more realisitic and believeable. A highly recommendable film, it can be enjoyed by the whole family not just children (I'm 17) I've watched it time and time again and never get bored of it. I also have to mention that the soundtrack is excellent, it's by Hans Zimmer and Bryan Adams. It really helps the story moves along, Bryan Adams is almost a second narrator to Spirit, he lets you know how the horse is feeling through his songs.
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on 11 October 2004
Spirit, Stallion of the Cimmarron is unlike a disney film but still carries the animation. Dreamworks has worked wonders with this film and I must admit that the first time I wathced it I spent the majority of the time crying! The fact that the animals dont talk to each other is heartwarming. Matt Damon narrates through Spirit but the main is told through the songs written by Bryan Adams. Heartwarming and as an owner of the soundtrack I do stand firm on the belief that Spirit deserves 5 stars. The storyline is fast moving and quick. The added asset of 3-d and
2-d animation helps bring the film to life. I am a huge fan of The Lion King myself so when I saw an advert stating "If you still love The Lion King, You'll love this" I went to see the film out of curiosity. I would recommend this film to anyone who wants a heartwarming, yet thought provoking film. The kids will love it too. Fantastic!!
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on 23 July 2003
This is a truly magical animation. The tale of a wild young mustang stallion and his fight for freedom is perfectly accompanied by Han Zimmer's phenomenal soundtrack. A pure masterpiece. The dvd is actually owned by my 14 year old daughter. She is horse mad and other horsey friends have it.

The limited edition box-set was great value for money and came with a cute beanie Spirit colt toy. The features on the disk are great if you can play them on a dvd-rom. No negative points to this product. A great movie.
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VINE VOICEon 29 December 2006
This animated film has a comfortingly "old fashioned" feel about it. None of the high-tech computer animation of recent years and no cutesy furry talking animals with attitude - thankfully. Instead we get the moving and dramatic story of a wild stallion in the wild west. Actually it is also a metaphor for the plight of the native Americans contrasted with the greedy and selfish white man. It is effectively told and well animated, with good points of high drama, and a good ending. Perhaps it is a little predictable and with an obvious moral, but, as a change from the modern taste in animation of animals with backchat, it is a welcome and enjoyable film.
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on 16 October 2002
This film, is fantastic it offers everything for all ages, it is indeed a film for any one who loves cartoons especially disney. This film allso is a first of its own, as the horses dont actually speak through acters, the whole film is narrated by oscar winner Matt Daemon (good will hunting). The film is about a young stallion who gets seperated from his herd and has to escape all human's dangers to get return to his home,as only his spirit can carry him through his tougth alldeal, his spirit is much exspressed by the theme songes in the film done by Bryan Adams(Everything i do).Bryan Adams peformense's in the songs are breath taking and make the film come alive i advise you to buy the sound track it's as good as the film. One to go out of the way to see by far,Thumbs up
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on 26 November 2003
What can be said that hasn't been already? The story of the mustang with the spirit that could never been broken is one of sheer joy for those who mourn the passing of wild horses. Spirit's first contact with humans and the following battle to escape is filled with hign and low spirits, near despair and the gradual earning of respect of all who have contact with him. The music and songs fill the gaps where words fail and are a major hit in their own right. Short maybe, but when watching, it seems much longer then its actual 80-odd minutes. This is the sort of film that could inspire a person's future. Watch it - you'll see what I mean.
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on 20 June 2010
WOW is the first word that comes to mind when i think of this film!

It's the full package. Beautiful animations on painted scenic backgrounds; a heart-warming story of freedom, friendship and determination; and an amazing soundtrack to tell the story.

This film is for people of all ages. Children will marvel at the horses, the storyline and the radiant character of Spirit (as will many of the adults), while the adults can also appreciate the whole new level of animated films.

The first best move in this movie is this- the animals don't talk. The only speech in the whole film is that of the internal voice of Spirit the Stallion (acting as narrator, not speech) and from human characters. Other than that, the story is told through the soundtrack and the movements and expressions of the characters. This lack of speech bring a sense of realism to the film and moves away from children's animated films.

It also brings me to my next point. The soundtrack. The movie would be nothing without it. As I've said, it tells the story, acting as Spirit's voice, conveying his inner emotions. Bryan Adams' beautiful lyrics are filled with emotion and the melodies are beautiful, as are Hans Zimmer's instrumental melodies. This film's soundtrack is the best i've ever come across, perhaps because it plays such a vital role in making the movie the masterpiece it is.

I could go on all day. Without a doubt one of my favourite movies of all time and, as i said, perfect for the whole family.
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