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Spin Master Zoomer Dalmation Dalmatian Robotic Dog
by Spin Master
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does it turn off ? 4 Oct 2014
Hi it turns off when it goes to sleep I think. My granddaughter turns hers of when she has finished with it.
5 Oct 2014 by Lynn D. Coates
It has a USB cable so any USB wall plug, say, an apple or amazon kindle wall plug will do. They have a female USB socket you can plug it into. James
19 Dec 2013 by James C.
Well this one comes with it's own hoodie. But there is barely any difference, of course the new versions may have a few tweaks done so that's good
15 Oct 2014 by junior
Hi Peter I know that this won't help,but I would send it back and get them to replace it for you.I had one for my son but it also did the same thing, 😊
6 hours ago by jenny miller
I'm afraid it does not. It has only there language settings. There are English, French, and Spanish.
2 Dec 2013 by The Grim Rabbit
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