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Customer Reviews

3.7 out of 5 stars51
3.7 out of 5 stars
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on 21 July 2010
Bought these after reading some good reviews to replace my broken shure SE210 in ear phones and very glad that I did. The sound is fantastic, much better than the SE210's which cost twice as much. As with all in ear phones in order for the phones to work you need to get the fit right and ensure that the phones are pushed into your ear canal properly. I suspect that issues with correct fitting is the reason for the reviews complaining of lack of bass/tinny sound. Correctly inserted these phones have a wonderful rich bass and excellent clarity of the higher frequencies. They come with 7 different sized ear buds so should fit all ear sizes. I particularly like the foam buds, which work well at noise isolating and are very comfortable. In summary fantastic sound at a fantastic price. Highly recommended
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on 27 August 2011
I bought these earphones after reading countless reviews praising their excellent sound quality, there were a few comments in reviews about a lack of bass, but I ignored them

They arrived, I opened them up and found the right buds to fit my ears (there are six different kinds of buds) and I will admit these are the most comfortable earphones I have ever worn, and the build quality feels quite excellent. But then I plugged them into my iPod and pressed play, I couldn't believe was I was hearing, these earphones sounded shockingly tinny, comparable with the notoriously bad apple earphones, they literally hurt my ears after a few minutes of listening.

This went on for a few weeks, then one day, for some reason, I don't know whether it was because I had finally got them to fit right, or if maybe they needed to be broken in with a bit of use (pardon my lack of technical expertise on that point) but suddenly they were sounding beautiful. The bass was warm and powerful, the highs and lows still immaculate and the product as comfortable as ever.

Basically what I am trying to say is, give them time, because for some reason they don't sound the same out of the box as they do after a few weeks of use.

Here's a quick tl;dr list of why these are a great purchase
-incredibly comfortable
-will never fall out of your ears (if you use the ear guides that they come with)
-not made of cheap feeling/looking materials (despite being made of plastic)
-sound quality is fantastic (eventually)
-audio jack connects at a 90 degree angle, so is less likely to break

my one gripe at the moment is that the slider that joins the split wire at the earphone end is a bit too tight, and so does not slide up and down the wire very easily
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VINE VOICEon 5 February 2012
Intro: I'm an average enthusiast/audiophile(or so I think), with a keen interest on detail and quality... My current stable includes the Ultimate Ears 700 (dual BA drivers), Ultimate Ears SuperFi-5 (Single BA driver) and the SoundMagic PL-50 (Single BA driver).... so here are my 2 cents :)

SoundMagic: A Chinese OEM that recently got into the the IEM business using their own label. Their current line has a range of IEMs but so far the PL50 is the only one with BA (Balanced Armature) driver

Before we start, if you're new to IEMs, then here's rule #1 : BA IEMs do not have thundering if you're a bass-head, sorry dude, this isn't for you...

The SoundMagic Pl-50 is a Single Balanced-Armature Driver IEM (In-Ear Monitor) aimed at enthusiasts on a budget who can't fork £400 on a Westone Quads or Shure 535....

- Shape and Fit: Shape resembles the standard Westone/Shure IEMs, but much thinner which makes it as nice and comfy for fit

- Build Quality: decent plastic casing and feels rugged enough. The sound-tube is of fair size and comparable to the westone/shure nozzles. The only gripe is that some people who got them from the first batch had troubles with the metallic grill on the end of the tube fell down or had lumpy dry glue (Mine didn't suffer from that and it was fine)

- Cable: Thin, feels a bit rubbery, balanced-Y, the 3.5mm jack is angled at 90 degrees and the stress-relief is quite good.

- My source: Sansa Clip+ and Sony NWZ-E464 both with NO Equalizer..Un-Amped and Amped with Fiio-5, playing MP3 @320
- Music Styles: Predominantly Progressive Metal (Dream Theater) and Instrumental rock (Joe Satriani).....Classic, Hard Rock, Heavy, Thrash and Black Metal.

- Sound Reproduction and Quality: Being a single driver IEM, you can expect a relatively "neutral" frequency response, which means you'll feel the MIDS right in your face...warm and full

- Spectrum:
Lows: Good definition, rather tight albeit "thin" is definitely not muddy and doesn't roll-off..Bass is there, but not dominant..
Mids: Warm, full, the key-part of the you'll enjoy them if you prefer vocals
His: Present, the main weakness of the PL50(if you don't use the right tips)..many people criticise the PL50 for the his but I think they're OK..Treble is present, well-defined, no sibilance and not over-whelming...

- Sound stage: It's ok..not the biggest, yet not that tiny either

- Instrument Separation: Not as good as hi-end IEMs of course but decent enough to let you enjoy your music...

- Comfort: small, fit and won't feel them and they won't bother you.. I wear them while exercising, commuting or anywhere really...

- Isolation: Again, depends on the tips, get the right tip and you're good to go...

- Compared to UE SuperFi-5 (both being Single BA and at the same price range): Not as loud, not as "shiny", but better definition, better fit, clearer mids/his and don't cause fatigue after listening for sometime

- Carry Case: decent enough and spacious from the inside, not a "hard" case, but it does the does job just fine

- It also comes with a pair of hooks to fit over-ear in case you don't like direct cable on your ear.. I myself don't use them

Now to the main point from my point of view:
-Tips: It comes with 4 sizes of Silicon tips, single-flanged, and 2 pairs of Black Foam Tip similar to Shure's Olives

Getting a proper fit was really awful for me, with all silicon tips but the Foam tips were very good. The only drawback of the foam-tips is their effect on the sound..they kill the treble and make the sound in general warmer and enhance the mids.

-Replacement tips: I kept using them for long time using either the black-foam tips or a pair of Shure Grey-Flex I got off a friend...I wasn't happy with the sound in general but I was just usig it for exercising so I wasn't bothered.
I recently decided to try triple-flanged silicon tips and oh boy...everything changed... Sound cleared all of a sudden, definition was fixed, the muddiness I was complaining about was gone...the PL50 redeemed themselves for me and I got to appreciate them for the little gems they are

-Verdict: Not everyone's cup of tea, but as an entry-level IEM for those on budget, it's quite good actually... I have been using them for more than 6 months and I'm loving them more everyday
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on 13 March 2014
I don't usually consider myself the hardcore audiophile, however recent headphone purchases gave had me researching into fields of audio technology I haven't been familiar with in the past.

First and foremost - I'm a music producer, so the earphones I pick are always extremely important to give me an accurate representation into what I've made, when on the go.
Previously I've had the Shure SE215 In Ear Monitors (IEM), and these were amongst the best bits of audio I've ever owned (given the price point and sound delivered).
Their sound is very warm, nice lows and rich mids with rather accurate highs - something I found damn well exaggerated on the well known 'Beats by Dr. Dre' line of headphones.

Now on to the Soundmagics.

They came in a surprisingly small box, with the buds just staring at me and screaming 'OPEN MEH'.
So I did.
I immediately went for the silicone sleeves included, and threaded the wire into the earpieces; also included.
After playing my few favourite test tunes (stuff that I've made, stuff from other artists), at first, I was massively disappointed.
They didn't sound anywhere near as impressive as the aforementioned Shure IEMs - sound from the outside was leaking though, even though I got the best possible fit with the sleeves.
The bass was also lacking and relatively flat - what was once booming and throbbing was now just mellow and calm.

Again, I was disappointed, until I put a different set of sleeves on, from the Shures I had. Oooooooh boy.
Now I have a great fit, I can hear sweet f' all from outside, and they sound clean, loud and spacious.
The bass is definitely more balanced and accurate than the Shures, and mids/highs are just how and where they should be.
They're all-round great!

To be honest, these are worth a hell of a lot more than the £50 I paid for them, they are very good and highly recommended provided you get a good seal/fit for your inner ear. Enjoy :)
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on 1 November 2014
The PL50 headphones have one outstanding feature that I value above all others. They are small and the back of the body of the driver unit is flat. If you enjoy going to sleep listening to music or podcasts, and you lie on your side, these headphones don't put pressure on your ear causing discomfort. They are robust too so will put up with being pulled around when you do finally fall asleep. I have tried many other in ear monitors but none have the small profile of the PL50. Sound quality is pretty good too.
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on 31 August 2011
Sound quality is great, the bass is deep and the music sounds wholesome and warm. The only tricky bit was putting them on but once id figured out the red coloured side goes on the right ear it was perfect.
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on 15 March 2010
One of the best buys for your cash. I've migrated from B&O in-ear to these beauties and I can't fault them. I recently travelled over 9 hours on a plane and wore them to watch the in-flight movies and listen to music on a PSP and they offer great sound and comfort.

I do recommend you try the various buds/tips to find the right fit for you, better the fit better the sound.
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on 14 May 2010
I recently purchased a pair of PL50 earphones after using the soundmagic PL30`s with my iphone.The PL30`s had received excellent reviews and rightly so,they are very musical and involving as well as being very crisp and clear.My only minor complaint was that they were a little bass shy even after adjusting the little bass knob to full.I decided to try the PL50`s being that they are the flagship model.
As soon as I listened to the PL50`s I was amazed and they were just what I was hoping for.These earphones are stunning!They replicate all the qualities created by the PL30`s but have more bass[but not bass heavy] which gives the overall sound a great balance and feel.Every little detail can be heard with great tone and clarity.These earphones are not biased to any particular type of music but sound wonderful with all genres.
I can honesly say that these earphones have given my music collection a refreshing lift and have provided me with hours of enjoyment as well as being the most comfortable pair I have ever used.In the box there are 2 different types of earbuds in 3 sizes to accommodate everyone.
If your looking for a pair of earphones with awesome sound quality and you don`t want to break the bank,look no further,you will find it very difficult to beat the PL50`s at any price.
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on 27 December 2011
For the price, these earphones are untouchable. As someone who knows his sound, these little beauties are simply awesome. crisp clear highs with rich mid levels. However, as some have already mentioned, if you're heavy into your RnB and Bass, then you might find these a little lacking. But for those who like a wide range of music and are on a budget, there are none better. Just remember to get a nice snug fit!
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on 12 January 2012
I have previously owned and lost a couple of pairs or fairly expensive earphones. This created a bit of a dilemma - I couldn't go back to rubbish 10 quid phones, but nor could I afford to keep losing £100+ items.

These earphones are only a single price jump over the low end Sennheisers etc, yet the quality difference is phenomenal. They sound as good to me as my old Shure E3C's or Philips SHE phones ever did, and their design is lightweight and supremely comfortable, with an excellent, low tangle cable. It is hard to overstate how good the sound quality is for the price - they are, so far as I am aware, the only balanced armature set in this price range, and they knock the socks of everything else under a ton that I've ever tried.

One slight criticism - they apparently don't play too well with Comply foam tips.

That aside, I would recommend these wholeheartedly as an upgrade from anything that came with your phone, and I would recommend giving them a look if you are replacing more expensive IEMs as well.
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