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SoundMAGIC E10 Earphones - Silver/Black
by Soundmagic
4.2 out of 5 stars (1,301)
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Hello Tahmid, i travel on the bus to work, i usually use the earphones with either my ipod or iphone, as you know sometimes you may get the "odd" person who is, shall we say "likes to talk....loud" if i increase the volume i find that i can "block" them out, as i stated my music tastes vary from whatever mood i am in, so i may have a mellow moment and then a heavy moment, and i find them very good at handling whatever music tastes i put through them, seriously though if or when these decide to stop working, i will invest in another pair......
9 days ago by Tattoo'd Monkey
The build quality is amazing! Everything is secured with metal ends and are very sleek! I can tell you now that my headphones have been through a lot! Parties falling about, stepped on! And they are still perfectly alive and well! It has been a year and about 3 months when I purchased these and they are still going and I can see this going for a long time in the future!
9 days ago by Ryan
In latest, you mean the best ? Well, i found the mediadevil earphones better for the sound quality and they have a micro included. Still those earphones from magic will last you longer as they are really hard to break. There is other models higher but the quality doesn't change a lot. Try those ones and see if they suit you, if not go for mediadevil, the sound is really deep and amazing.
17 days ago by Kevin Fellahi
About a metre
18 days ago by MR ANDREW D HALLAM
19 days ago by Rajy
Sorry .. I don't know about the Klipsh but Sound magic should be renamed sound cheap. I had to send mine back as they were crackling on first use.
22 days ago by Mrs D S Wade Scriven
Have not used ES20 but these earphones give me excellent sound quality over a wide spectrum. Felt the price was better than phones of similar specs.
28 days ago by Andrew Laing
Yeah! And they do it amazingly well
20 Jun 2014 by Reuben Burgess
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