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Original charger is 3v, 1A with centre positive plug 10mm long and 2mm in diameter with a very narrow central hole. Surprisingly, the original does not appear to be available anywhere - not even from Sony at a crazy price! I have a 'Masterplug' multiadapter (several years old) that does 3v to 12v and comes with 7 tips, one of which is the correct size and works fine. Check this link: So this narrow plug size is not Sony-specific but is however quite rare and I remember wondering what might take such a plug. Any multi-adapter that does 3v (doubt if 1A current is necessary - 500mA almost certainly adequate, perhaps even just 300mA ok) AND has the correct tip size, ought to work fine, but the one in the link for 10.99 (with free delivery) is exactly the same as mine and definitely works.
19 May 2014 by Alan Laurie
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