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Sony Walkman NWZA828K 8GB Video  with Wireless Headphones
by Sony
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Original charger is 3v, 1A with centre positive plug 10mm long and 2mm in diameter with a very narrow central hole. Surprisingly, the original does not appear to be available anywhere - not even from Sony at a crazy price! I have a 'Masterplug' multiadapter (several years old) that does 3v to 12v and comes with 7 tips, one of which is the correct size and works fine. Check this link: So this narrow plug size is not Sony-specific but is however quite rare and I remember wondering what might take such a plug. Any multi-adapter that does 3v (doubt if 1A current is necessary - 500mA almost certainly adequate, perhaps even just 300mA ok) AND has the correct tip size, ought to work fine, but the one in the link for £10.99 (with free delivery) is exactly the same as mine and definitely works.
19 May 2014 by Alan Laurie
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