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4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 29 July 2014
This is currently the best value for money smart watch out there.
I am now able to read my text messages and reply with 10 preset messages on the fly, answer or reject calls on my wrist with the ability to answer on speaker phone using a button on the watch (really good if you don't have bluetooth in your car), you can also receive messages from apps such as whatapps, line, weechat etc. I've also managed to get google maps directions sent to me in real time which is really good when you're traveling and don't want to draw unwanted attention to your self with your expensive smart phone. You can also get all your reminders sent from your calender which is quite useful. You can even use your watch as a view finder and as a remote for your camera apps.
I did a lot of research on smart watches currently available and found that watches are still at their very early stages of development. Galaxy Gear watches are quite expensive and although probably easier to use straight from the box, benefiting from higher spec, and having a camera, IR blaster and built in speaker phone and mic; they are quite limited in terms of apps available for them since they have been updated to Tizen.
Sony watch already has about 250 apps and since Sony have released a firmware update are now a lot quicker and run more smoothly.
I use my watch with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and have had no problems with the bluetooth connection dropping. The battery life of the watch is between 3 to 5 days and take about 30 minutes to an hour to charge. Even the standard black strap is not bad although some people have complained but I really like it and others have complimented me on my watch lol. Another good thing is that my phone battery life has increased greatly because I don't have to use my phone screen very often.
One thing I would say about this watch that might put people off is that it can be a bit technical to set up at first to receive your notifications.
I use these apps:
Call Handling Pro (paid about £1.20) allows you to reject calls with a message and answer call with speaker phone button on watch - great for in the car.
Messaging from Sony (free) about to receive messages and respond with 10 preset messages that you are able to edit from your phone.
Music player from Sony (free) good for in the car.
Smart Camera from sony (free)
Calender and Calender Reminder from Sony (free)
SmartWatch2 Notifer Pro (paid about £1) This app lets you get notifications from other apps. It's less complicated to set up because it will display all notifications until you mute them instead of you having to select them from a list of hundreds of apps.
Toggles (Paid) Allows you to turn on and off 4G, Wifi, Wireless hotspot and phones profile modes. Great if you only want to receive text messages while at work as you can just turn off the internet and you will have less distracting notifications from facebook.
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on 12 March 2014
Clearly some owners have purchased this device without really understanding what it is? When this occurs false expectations lead to disappointment. Before you purchase ensure you understand what this device does and does NOT do.

As an accessory to ones mobile in terms of notifications its a brilliant concept. I owned the Samsung Galaxy Gear for three months. I waited for the gear rather than purchase the already available Sony SW2 as I wanted the voice activation applications or so I thought.

Having owned the SG Gear I found speaking into a watch to take a call very embarrassing also others can hear what you are saying. I had NOT factored this into my expectations when waiting for the Gear. Believe me speaking to ones wrist in the middle of the street or supermarket is a very odd experience. Not for ME BUT others may not mind this? Just reminded me of when I was a child seeing the local idiot speaking to his wrist watch pretending to be chatting to some one? Creeped me out lol.

The Gear is a superior device in several ways, the quality of the body, the speed of operation, the sensitivity of touch are better than the Sony. There are some real bloopers with the Gear though, the strap has problems in that the clasp is of the cheapest type available on a watch, water, even sweat, enters the camera and mists up the camera lens. IN comparison the Sony is lighter, the strap is an awful lot more practical also replaceable.

The Sony is water resistant to a small degree so no need to remove it when washing hands. Rain should also prove no problem. I strongly suggest the prospective purchaser of the Sony to READ the manual as the watch is NOT water proof and cannot be used in a swimming pool as the chemicals will affect the seals, also it should not be taken into a shower as chemicals from soap and shampoo may also degrade the small amount of IP this device has. The Gear mk11 has improved in this respect also.

The body of the Sony is made from actual aluminium so is light. The body is also black anodised and its too early yet to see how tough this process will be. I have a fear that if scratched the silver will show though making any mark look highly visible, time will tell?

The crystal, the watch glass, is made from glass it feels and 'sounds' like plastic, it is certainly NOT tough and a screen protector will be needed even though this is very odd on a watch. It will not tolerate tough handling.

The apps' available for the Sony are good. Far more selection that the Gear. The other very important factor with the Sony is it will work with most other Android phones with the relevant OS running. The gear will only work with a few Samsung mobiles rendering it a highly specialised device not to mention three times the cost of the Sony at RRP!

I have purchased the brown leather strap for the Sony and hope this will enhance the aesthetics of the watch. I like the Silicon strap but prefer the looks of the leather. The Sony has a watch face permanently on so one can see the time all the time, the Gear face turned off after some seconds so to see the time one needed to touch the side button of flick ones wrist.

In all providing one understand the pluses and minuses of these devices the Sony is a very decent watch-mobile phone accessory. The batter time is three times longer than the Gear and MUCH easier to charge, the Gear having its own charging cradle. The Sony can be plugged into a Sony charger or a PC directly into the watch itself.

To date I like the Sony. It does what I expect it to do and does it fairly well. The Sony touch screen is not as responsive as the Gear and some times the Sony will need a couple of touches for the app' to open. The Sony is also slower and does not function as smoothly as the Gear. I have found the apps' for the Sony better than the Gear though. The Sony operates more like a mini mobile phone does and I like that aspect.

If you read the reviews and take in a few Youtube clips to ensure you understand what you are buying I think you will find the Sony a decent watch at this price level. It is not a Rolex or some other watch costing several thousands so we need to be realistic in our expectations.

As time progresses I will add to this. BTW its cheaper to buy from Amazon,de than the UK site.

UPDATE 27 04 14 Having lived with the Sony now for a some time I can safely update my initial rating from 4 to 5 stars. After several regular Sony updates this watch is simply superb value for money and for me it is highly functional. I have installed several apps and the Note app is invaluable to me. The wall paper has been updated to 4.4 and the software in general is now much better than it was upon initial purchase. AS a warning device for calls, emails notifications etc it simply does its job in a very professional manner. As an accessory to my phone collection its proving an invaluable addition. I can't write that about all the techno things I purchase.
I highly recommend this watch and for ME that takes some doing! I just hope the watch continues to function this well. Time will tell.
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on 20 October 2013
If you're thinking about the Sony SmartWatch 2 then you're probably also thinking about the alternatives such as the Pebble or the Samsung Galaxy Gear. Having taken them all for a spin, here is what I have found...

The SONY SmartWatch 2 (see The (Unofficial) Sony SmartWatch 2 Book) does everything the Pebble does (see The (Unofficial) Pebble SmartWatch Book)... but in colour, and with an intuitive touch-screen interface. This matters if you're using something like the third-party GPS Maps app for the Sony that shows your current location on the smartwatch screen. But if you want to receive message notifications from your iPhone, you will still need the Pebble rather than the Sony because the Sony only pairs with Android 4.0+ smartphones.

The Samsung Galaxy Gear (see The (Unofficial) Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch Book) does a lot more than the Sony because it has a camera, a speech interface, and a mic / speaker to conduct a telephone conversation via your wrist. But it costs twice as much (or more) and currently only works with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 smartphone.

The bottom line:

If you have an iPhone, choose the Pebble.
If you have or want a Samsung Galaxy Note 3, choose the Samsung Galaxy Gear.
In all other cases, providing your smartphone runs Android 4.0 or higher, choose the Sony SmartWatch 2.
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Coming from a SW1 (LiveView SmartWatch) this has really made a huge difference.
The SmartWatch 1 is a basic smart watch with app functionality whilst connected to the phone, and the battery life is not great.
The SmartWatch 2 is the best choice, with it's independent functionality without depending on the phone, multiple app support whilst connected to the phone and it's professional design.
The SmartWatch 3 is not my type of watch since it's more towards a target audience of sporty people.

For a TL:DR review, here's everything bullet pointed:

• Pros
+ This watch has an excellent feel to it compared to the SW1, the weight is distributed across the watch unit well.
+ Battery life is perfect! Leaving me more satisfied not purchasing a Moto 360 or an LG G Watch which apparently last for 2 days or so.
I received the watch on a Friday and charged it to 100% with the following apps:
- Find My Phone -Dialer -Call Handling Pro -Phone Battery
- Messages -StatusView -Torch -Alarm -Runtastic Pro
- Timer
A week later on Friday the watch was at 15%. That's 85% over 10 days with moderate usage!

+ The Watch performs excellently with gestures such as the double-tap to wake
+ Everything is smooth and nothing bugs up with the watch
+ Haptic Feedback is very good and vibrations are strong so you won't miss notification
+ You can swipe clock faces whilst it's locked and you can even create your own layout with custom faces (Google Play Store) (shown on my pictures)
+ NFC made it very easy to pair my OnePlus One
+ The screen looks much better than the SW1 and looks sleek from a good distance. (Pixels will obviously be seen if you go right up close to it which won't happen)
+ Micro USB charger port which is VERY useful. I can charge it fine with my OnePlus One charger up to 100% in less than an hour.

• Cons
- It will glitch out and sometimes freeze, leading me to hold the power button to HARD RESET the watch which is a quick and easy fix
*This happens once after a month or few, it does not affect the functionality at all*

Overall, I've done my research and I picked the right SmartWatch to be the most perfect out of the three.
It's worth every penny and it'll be on my wrist for a few more years :)

So I received the watch in March 2015 and it's not January 2016.
The Smartwatch 2 holds up well but I've run into times where sometimes it freezes and I'd have to reboot it, simply doing that fixes the problem and it seems to clear a cache of some sort
making the battery last excellently.

It helped me find my phone at work when I accidentally left my locker open and a colleague supposedly 'held the phone until later'.

I still have perfect battery life, it does run out a little quicker but it will still last for 8-10 days with normal usage.
review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on 10 March 2015
This is a great product. I got it in stainless steel and it looks really nice. As I hoped, it has a quality feel to it, not some plastic geeky watch and not something that people won't laugh at you for. The screen is not high definition by any means. Considering the nature of the product (you aren't exactly going to watch films or play games on it) I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of it. I have had very few problems with the connection dropping out and actually, now I come to think about it, no problems at all in general. The touchscreen however could be a little more sensitive. you may find yourself having to swipe a second time to successfully scroll through the app screen. You can customise your background and watch faces from the app on the phone. You can download widgets and watch faces to use on your watch. For example, my current watch face has the time in blue and white, the full date, the remaining battery, the weather, the amount of notifications on my phone and the bluetooth connection status. I love this aspect of the product.

When the manufacturers of a product state the battery life, the usually overestimate it and it is always less. Sony claim that the battery can last up to 4 days. I find that it can last up to 6 days on one charge connected to my phone 16 hours a day. This is a huge pro for me.

I am seventeen and this is what I find useful about this watch:

- It tells the time. Obviously. You can glance at the time whenever you like because it will ALWAYS display on the screen. So it works just as well as an ordinary watch (which often costs a lot more than this product).

- You view all of your texts, What'sApp, Facebook and more from the watch. When someone messages you, it will appear on the watch face. You can change this so that it only displays the name or you can make it not do this at all. I have it set with just the name appearing. You tap on the name and then you can read the text. You can reply to texts on this with custom preset messages (one of my commonly used ones is ("I am in a lesson at the moment"). This can be quite handy. You can't type a reply on this. Not that you would want to on that small screen anyway.

- You can hang up incoming calls from the watch. This is useful for when I am in a lesson in college and instead of my phone buzzing away until I awkwardly get it out, I just simply tap the reject button on the watch and can then send a preset message saying that I am busy. I also downloaded an app called "Commander" which means I can put my phone on silent in times where I can't get my phone out. It also can toggle other things on your phone such as mobile data, Wi-Fi, airplane mode etc.

- You know when you are walking somewhere and playing music through your earphones connected to your phone? It's pretty difficult sometimes getting your phone out your pocket whilst walking to change the volume or the song. This is especially difficult when your phone is practically double the size of your pocket which is common with smartphones these days (I have a Sony Xperia Z1). If you buy this, you can do this from your watch without touching your phone for the entire journey. Perfect. I downloaded an app called "Smartmote" as this has support for Soundcloud and also controls other players such as Walkman or whatever your pre-installed player is on your phone.

- I use the games very rarely as they are pretty limited and laggy. The games will run on the phone and your watch will act as a sort of screen for it. This causes a delay between your input and the games response. However, when you are bored as hell and you are in an environment where you can't get your phone out (a long dinner or a lesson that just seems to drag on), this can be used. But, this doesn't happen too often so it is rarely used for "gaming" if I can call it that. If you are buying this device to play games on, please do not bother. However, if you just want to try a couple, I recommend "Snake", "Tap Low", "TicTacToe" and "2048 - The Game" (listed in ascending order of preference). They aren't much to get excited about but they are the best ones I have come across.

Other all, this is a very satisfactory product and I would recommend it if the uses above sound worth your £100 or so. I was going to buy a new watch around this budget anyway so this was very worthwhile.

Some other apps worth looking at (not mentioned above):

- "Watchify": This is the best app I found for viewing notifications such as What'sApp and Facebook from your watch. You can customise what apps will push notifications to your phone (so that people looking over your shoulder aren't informed about your archer tower being upgraded on Clash of Clans).

- "Nixie clock widgets": Some more unusual but nice looking watch faces, I personally like them.

- "MotoHolo Watchface": A couple of digital watch faces which are basic but with a tiny bit more colour in them than the boring pre-installed ones.

All of the apps mentioned were free of charge.
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on 25 May 2015
It's cool small then you think and changing straps easy
review image review image
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I was unfortunate enough to own the first two Sony smartwatches (this is the 3rd generation) so my expectations were quite low for this one and I only got it because it came delivered free with my Xperia Ultra Z.

I must say, Sony have really upped their game since splitting from Ericsson. This is a cracking device.

Some thoughts:

-It looks and feels premium. Previous versions looked like toys and were a little embarrassing to wear, this is fantastic
-Battery life is superb - I am charging every 4days - not bad when you compare the Galaxy Gear needs a daily charge
-The time displays permanently, big difference on previous version
-Easily add your own strap to add a bit more class
-Not many apps yet but those that are available and optimised for this version work well
-So easy to set-up using NFC, it really works well
-Came with no cables or charger so you have to supply your own - what's that all about??

I have to say I find myself wearing the watch on a daily basis while at work and love the fact that my phone can stay in my pocket and only come out when I actually need to reply to a message /email or browse.
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on 8 April 2014
This watch is everything and more that I expected it to be! Just the right amount of heft to sit comfortably on your wrist and not look or feel like it's the '90s tacky digital wrist watch. The watch cones with basic features like alarm and stop watch. More application extensions can be downloaded from Google play and on to your phone. And all the malarkey about having to plug that in your computer or tablet isn't necessary. Just swipe it near your phone with the pre-installed extension and voila! The watch picks up the app! New apps are being developed almost regularly, so the potential of this product is awesome. Besides the usual like text messages, social network updates and caller list ( pretty nifty, with a Bluetooth headset, you don't have to take your phone out of your pocket) there are apps like music player and runtastic, which makes it quite useful. You can also choose from half a dozen watch faces to suit the occasion or your mood. Well worth every penny. Only drawback? It can't compile text messages ( or cook, or be a superhero). If you like your gadgets, you will love this!
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on 2 December 2015
I've just bought this watch and today it came home, tried to switch it on and nothing happened so I thought it needs charge, I did put the thing to charge and to my surprise it comes the Sony logo and then a screen with the numbers.3 25 11 and nothing happens, it's been charging for a while and it doesn't surpass the 7% and then it goes back to 0.
With a bit of patience I left the thing charging for a couple of hours and finally asked me for pairing with my phone (Samsung Galaxy Note 3) did it and everything begin to be alive, install a lot of apps, some really useful and some... Well, just to try them out and everything works flawlessly now, just one thing, the wristband is so big but I don't know how to shorten it because the pins doesn't seem to move in any direction and are so small compared to a normal metal wristband... Nothing that a jeweler can not fix in a sec though.

After my first and worst impressions, I can say this thing is fantastic, I have tried samsung and apple watches and none of them convinced me at all but this one is great, really recommended.
review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on 13 March 2016
Possibly the best smartwatch you can get at this price as of the time of this review, coming from a top tier manufacturer you expect to get a well made watch that even after a year or two is still keeping up and this is exactly that, even two years after release this is still one of the most impressive smartwatches on the market, it works with all android device's (Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 & newer), its waterproof, has third party app support and has the ability to change the watch strap (which is what I did). I work in a factory and wear this every day, it gets coated in dust, chemicals, water everything and all I need to do is wash it (ensuring the charging port is closed) and its clean again, Its not something I recommend you do but its clearly capable of doing it. The mini apps on the watch are great, especially the first and third party music control apps that are on it that allow you to control your phone music from your watch, the best example of this is how well it works with spotify.....If I have spotify on my PC playing music and I'm using my phone to control the sound levels and what music plays I can use the controls on the watch to control the PC via the phone its amazing and I don't know of any other watch that can do this. It has an active display 24/7 so you can always read the time no matter what and you can add things like the weather and battery percentage to the clock-faces which are modifiable. Its a Brilliant piece of kit well worth every penny.
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