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I dont see why not, however we returned ours as thwre was an interferance hum which meant all the time there was a low buzzing humming noise in the backgro7nd, I love sony mut these were no good for me
1 Dec 2013 by Mark S
I'm not 100% sure but I would imagine you could achieve this the same way as getting two sets of headphones to play on an iPod etc. To get two of them working at the same time you would need two earphone sockets on whatever device you are using. As there are no devices (that I know of) that have more than one of these you will have to buy an earphone splitter. Thankfully these are cheap and easy to find, I have one from PoundLand which does the job! I have never tried this with the wireless speakers but as they work in a similar way (ie plugging the earphone jack from the wireless transmitter into the device) I can't see any problem using this technique for 2 wireless headset devices.
19 Dec 2013 by JONNYG1123
Hi K.C. My husband wanted these headphones so he could watch his laptop and listen (as clearly as he is able) at the same time. An example would be playback tv programmes or particularly in his case films on DVD. When he is ready to use he switches the headphones on and it automatically makes the volume personal. So it basically cuts the volume off and puts through the headphones only. We have just had a quick try through the TV and it does the same. It cuts the volume off so it can only be heard throught the headphones. I believe you can watch live tv on laptop if you have one, so probably with the headphones too. My husband is deaf and uses a cochlear implant and the headphones work for him. The answer unless someone knows different is no, using the headphones only supplies volume to the user. No one else hears the TV or the laptop volume except the headphon user. Hope this helps.
1 Dec 2013 by LynnS
Hi Nikky, you can leave your base unit still plug in if you going to use it often, but you will need to unplug the unit from the TV "Headphone" socket so the sound will return to the TV speaker. Hope that helps.
29 Nov 2013 by D.Webber
No idea of the precise level --- just let me assure you that they go loud enough to displace the brain, only find it needs to be low for excellent hearing.
28 Jan 2014 by Mr. R. Collins
I have been using the Sony over ear cordless headphones for approx. 6years now, this is my 2nd pair. The sound production is great, you can hear stereo really well and you can walk around the house, do chores, answer the door, go to the toilet lol, without taking them of and you miss nothing. They can be connected your hi fi system as well as your tv. The rechargeable battery is great, I have never had to replace and I use my headphones every evening. I would gladly recommend this product, regards JF Suffolk
18 Jun 2014 by Teresa Fyfe
If you mean, do they adjust to the size of your head? Then yes they do.They have an elastic strap across the middle of them that comfortably adjusts to your head. I've had mine for a few months and they're working well,comfortable to wear and good sound quality.
3 Jun 2014 by Michael Wood
Yes they are very easy to set up in about two to three minutes, they do indeed cut the sound out on the TV when in use. they are also very comfortable to wear for long periods as there is no direct pressure on the ears. The range is excellent, I use them in the summer whilst cutting the grass, far better listening to my music than a noisy petrol mower. If you are not pleased with them I will be surprised, happy listening
27 Nov 2013 by Mr A.S. Hawkins
There are 3 leads from the small receiver one for charging the headphones one for plugging into mains & a 3.5mm to fit into the headphone socket on a TV. All very simple.
4 Mar 2014 by rayhf
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