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4.7 out of 5 stars85
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 11 November 2002
Finally, a 'platformer' worthy of Playstation2!!
R&C delivers on so many fronts - the gameplay is first rate, the graphics are fantastic, the depth and breadth of the game just astound.
Now, I haven't completed the game (yet) but I'm a reasonable way through and I love it. The gadgets and weapons (count 'em - 35 of the blighters!!!) are fantastic. Examples - on the Blarg spacestation you can buy a "taunter" which distracts enemies by making stupid noises in their general direction, The Glove of Doom creates 5 little blighters which run off, find the nearest enemy and then self-destruct, The Suck Cannon sucks in small enemies and then blasts them back at whatever is in the way.
The lead characters are generally endearing with Clank stealing the show as a droll but 'politically correct' little Robot.
The cut scenes are great to look at and contain some great comedy moments. R&S is one of those games where they really add to the plot development and aren't just there to look pretty.
OK. Downsides. There are but a few. The constant 'clinking' noise as you pick up bolts can get irritating and as with many other games such as this, the camera can end up where you don't want it (although, to be fair, this is quite rare and very easy to put right).
Summary: It's a platformer. It's great. If you've got Jak and Daxter, this surpasses it by miles. It looks good, sounds good, feels good and has little moments in it that will have you grinning from ear to ear. Worth adding to your collection as the ultimate PSX2 platformer.
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on 2 July 2003
Stop for a moment in Ratchet and Clank to admire the scenery, and your time will not be wasted. The amount of detail in this game is jaw-dropping. If you look up at the night sky, you will see stars occassionally glinting at you, and minature space rockets or asteroids fly, not randomly, but on craefully plotted coureses behind and in front of the stars, eclipsing them briefly.
This is not only a brilliant game in it's attention to detail, in fact, it is a perfectly rounded game on all fronts.
The gameplay and controls are a perfectly honed masterpiece of gaming magic. This is a game that you can always be better at, and when I can say this it really shows a startling game.
The graphics are unquestionably the best of any game that I have ever played, going as far as to beat the high powered Xbox. I feel proud to own a PS2, and so should you (if you own this game).
The cartoony cutscenes are quite amusing, and the expressions of the characters are detailed minutely, and are brilliantly animated. The personalities of the characters are well expressed, and tiny sub plots never fail to keep your interest throughout the game.
The lifespan and difficulty levels of this game are well balanced, and it is massive for a platformer. The enviroments are sprawling, and the entire game is free-roaming platform goodness. Because they are so large, one might assume lengthy loading times, but this is not at all the case.They only last about 20 seconds, and your spaceship is shown flying from planet to planet.(each "world" or enviroment is a new planet. Each is massive, and different planets allow for a wide variety of levels).
Don't be mistaken though, this game is not solely for kids. The weapons and gadgets slightly widen the age group, but for those older gamers it will still be good fun, if they're not too embarassed to own a copy.Get this in!
I hope this review has been helpful, and if it has, then please vote for me by the button below. Thanks!
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on 27 February 2003
Here is one classic game. It may be called a platformer, a name which may suggest to you some wishy-washy adventure where all you do is hop between ledges and try not to fall into lava pits, but in reality is so much more than this.
The story, roughly, is that Clank, a small robot, has just been made in a robot factory when a spies an infobot (small robotic television screen which displays a short film). The video in the infobot tells him the the Ultimate Supreme Chairman Drek is planning on taking chunks out of every planet in the galaxy in order to create a wonderful paradise planet for his race of blargs, who have unfortunately over-exploited their planet's resources and polluted its atmosphere so that no organic life-form can live there anymore. So Clank escapes from the factory in a spaceship, but is shot down as he nears the planet Veldin.
Meanwhile, Ratchet is putting the finishing touches onto his spaceship, which he made using his trusty Omniwrench 8000, a brilliantly versatile tool which doubles up as a weapon during the game. He hears an odd noise, and looks up to see a smoking, low-flying aircraft zoom down to crash nearby on the Kyzil Plateau of Veldin. He goes to investigate, and Clank tells him all that he has seen, showing him the infobot. Thus begins a crazy adventure stuffed full of varied and original weapons and gadgets.
Key to the game is the collection of nuts and bolts (the currency in Ratchet and Clank's galaxy). These can be used to buy weapons/gadgets/infobots, and sometimes to pay certain people to do what you want (eg. bribing a bouncer to let you into somewhere). Gold bolts can also be collected. There are about 3 per level, and 4 of them, plus a large sum of regular bolts, can be exchanged for improved 'gold weapons', which have enhanced power/capacity/multi-kill potential etc. Skill points can also be rewarded for certain displays of talent. Some are easy, like shooting down a few slow-moving planes overhead, and some are virtually impossible without some kind of special technique, like achieving a time of 1:36 or less in a certain hoverboard race.
I hear you cry, 'HOVERBOARD RACE, did you say?' Yep - if you complete a particular mission objective, you get a hoverboard. This allows you to compete in races around the galaxy. There are plenty of bolts up for grabs in a hoverboard race - you get 1,000 for setting new time records. You can even do tricks on the course to power up your boosters, and then go racing ahead of everybody else. the only fault to mantion on this subject is that there ought to be more than 2 hoverboard races.
The best thing about this game is the variety of weapons and gadgets on offer. Here are four of the best:
Suck Cannon- called by many 'Gaming's finest weapon', this huge hoovering device is capable of sucking up samll enemies into its barrel, then firing them out at the larger, tougher foes as powerful projectiles. Very original, and a joy to use.
RYNO- Obliterates everything in sight, plus more. It costs a massive 150,000 bolts, but is well worth it. It fires an array of 6 simultaneous missiles, each of which is as powerful as one missile from the regular 'devastator' rocket launcher. This is the only weapon capable of taking out a tank in one shot, and making the last boss fight of the game against Drek crazily easy.
Swingshot- a grappling hook which will have you leaping round factories and over mud pits with the agility and dexterity of any chimpanzee.
Thruster Pack- A sort of jet pack which can be attached to Clank's bodywork as an upgrade. It allows you to leap long distances, jump to new heights, glide gracefully off a building to land right where you want, or do a powerslam manoeuvre to flick huge switches and crush enemies.
There is only one major criticism which can be made of this game. That is that it can occasionally become frustrating. There are a few moments, such as when you accidentally walk too far one way while attempting to shuffle carefully along on the underside of a ventilation shaft using a pair of magnetic boots. This is fine once, but after it has happened a few times, you can get a bit annoyed. Or if you somehow can't quite manage to jump over those three mines on the rollercoaster of rails which you can traverse using the grind boots, and you have fallen to your death below 15 times, you can sometimes feel like leaping up and putting your fist through the wall. However, the answer to such difficult areas is usually fairly simple - for precise magne-boot walking, make sure that the camera is centred behind Ratchet, and just walk straight ahead; or with the grinding, try destroying the mines with your tesla claw from a safe distance instead of jumping over them. And the frustration is kept to a minimum by the fact that you are never restarted very far from where you unfortunately stepped into a chasm. There is also no limit to you number of lives, so you can keep retrying until you do it or until you get bored. If you do get bored, go off and do a different objective. After all there are about three of them per planet. Or you can go off and search for gold bolts and skill points.
This game has endless replay value. Being very long in itself, it does not even need to be replayed to have been an adequate size. But you will want to carry on going through the game again and again, accumulating your arsenal with all the gold weapons, unlocking, the goodies (such as the 'The making of Ratchet and Clank' film, or saving up until you can finally buy the elusive RYNO.
Amidst detailed, sprawling environments, original, exciting weapons and gadgets, an interesting plot and genuinely funny cut-scenes emerges a true classic. There is such a satisfaction to finally completing that difficult level goal and unlocking the Suck Cannon, or accumulating enough bolts, gold and normal, to purchase the gold Tesla Claw. This game is thoroughly enjoyable, and provides a great way to relax by blowing up some stuff at the end of a hard day's work.
Graphics- 10/10 - huge, detailed, sprawling environments.
Sound- 10/10 - Great weapon SFX, increasing the satisfaction of an explosion so much more. Inoffensive, atmospheric, and appropriate music, with amusing scripting in cut-scenes.
Gameplay- 9/10 - Generally pure genius, but the odd moment of frustration loses it a mark.
Lifespan- 9.5/10 - Huge on its own, plus a massive scope for replay value.
Bugginess- 9.5/10 - Only one incident to complain about, when the game randomly crashed twice in a row, but this can not necessarily be attributed to the game.
Overall- 9.5/10 - it is evident that a gargantuan effort has been put into the production of this game. Original weapons and gadgets, beautifully detailed worlds, and very entertaining gameplay are combined in this game to produce a classic which is all but flawless. Bring on the sequel, Insomniac Games!
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on 19 January 2003
This game rocks!The enemies are interesting and varied,the graphics are amzing and the storyline is very good.Basically, there's this species that can't live on their planet any more (it's too polluted) so their leader- a freak named Supreme Executive Chairman Drek -has decided to build a new world and destroy half the galaxy doing it.And it only gets weirder from there.Where do you come in?Buy the game and see.The gameplay and level design is amazing-there's a lot of places which you think are just background but which are actually vital for completing the mission (or getting gold bolts or new gadgets).Also, almost everything is destructible.On one level, there are these grinning metal aliens on the wall (they're not enemies) and if you hit them with the wrench they look wounded and defeated.Also,if you blast an enemy wearing a helmet you can hear it shatter (the same noise as breaking a light, which you can do).The best part of the game, though, is the weapons and gadgets.You can roast sand-sharks with the pyrocitor, blow up robots with the bomb glove, swing back and forth like spiderman with the swingshot and pick locks with the trespasser-and that's just one level!There's 36(!) wepons and gadgets in total.The rocket launchers-the devastator and R.Y.N.O (the best weapon on the game)-are very useful.They're highly damaging, have auto lock-on and the R.Y.N.O fires 6 missiles per shot.The most useful weapon, though, is the blaster.It has rapid fire,targets enemies,can kill anything with enough shots and the ammo is cheap (1 bolt per extra shot) and plentiful (25 ammo every box).
The best parts of the game, though, are the extras.Shooting down ships with gun turrets, chasing one down in a fighter, using the grind boots and Giant Clank.The hover boarding, however, sucks!It is stupidly hard and whenever you crash you get overtaken, even if you lapped the person behind and it should take them a year to catch you!It's a big letdown.
You use a lot of ships in the game (why did I put that in?).In short-BUY THE GAME!
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on 3 January 2003
This game is superb. I’ve always been a huge fan of the platform game: I used to love Spyro, and when I was given Jak & Daxter for Christmas 2001, I thought it couldn’t get much better. I wasn’t counting on Ratchet & Clank.
I’ve only been playing it for a week, but already I’m totally hooked. The funny thing is that I’d not heard much about it until I saw it being played by a girl in a shop in Newcastle… it looked good then, but playing it myself I’ve discovered that it’s so much better than I’d ever imagined.
The worlds in Ratchet & Clank seem so real – the graphics are amazing and the voices are fantastic. It’s not linear – you don’t just go to one planet, shoot the baddies and then journey on to the next. There are genuine decisions to be made: do you buy this new gadget, or do you save your bolts? Which planet should you visit next? And sometimes you can’t complete all the missions on a planet in one go – you might have to fly off elsewhere to get an O2 mask or to win a hoverboard race before you can come back and complete the rest of your missions.
What’s more, there’s great variety in the activities you participate in. Other games might give you a creature or some kind of contraption to fly around on for a bit, but then you’re back to the monotony of run, jump, kill, collect… Not so with Ratchet & Clank. OK, so there’s a certain amount of the above, but you’re kept entertained by working out which weapon to use in which situation (if indeed you’ve bought the right weapon for the job!) and then there are the tasks: hoverboard races, flying a jet fighter, shooting down enemy ships from a turret… If you bear in mind that I only got this game for Christmas, there must be more to come, but already it’s surpassed all expectations.
If you’re looking for something wildly new and different, this probably isn’t it, but if you want a good, solid platform game that’s going to keep you entertained for hours, I’d strongly recommend giving Ratchet & Clank a go.
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on 25 November 2002
First things first, I do not usually like platform games. in fact the last platform game I bought was Earthworm Jim on the Megadrive. Normally I find platform games irritating and unrewarding, but this is neither. Ratchet and Clank is a game which delivers on so many fronts: it is a platformer at heart, but it also caters for shoot-'em up fans with a lot of weapons and plenty of targets to blast, and it also features flying sections, hoverboarding, puzzle solving... the list goes on. As someone who has been playing games for years, I consider myself to have a high level of experience and intuition with what to expect from a game in a particular genre; yet with this game I found myself constantly surprised at the level of ingenuity with which this game has been designed and crafted. Each of the aforementioned gameplay elements has been integrated with the effect of improving the whole game experience, rather than just distract you from the other parts of the game.
In fact, every element of this game has its own merits. Firstly, the graphics are very smooth and packed with detail; each new world is notably different in style to the previous one and there's always a lot going on. The sound effects are also very integral to the overall enjoyment, with a suitably cartoony sound and the music is just about spot on and actually pretty cool, with the credible voice acting helping to punctuate the many humourous cutscenes. Finally, the gameplay is where the game really shines, as there is just so much to do. I have already mentioned the varied elements and different modes, but even the level of objectives are multitiered; whereby you will have a main objective to make contact with a character, or something similar, but you will also have the option of exploring different paths to accomplish bonus objectives, some of which will require the use of an item from a different planet, therefore requiring you to return to that planet first if you so desire. Therefore this game has a fairly long lifespan, depending on your level of dedication.
So overall, this game has not only rewarded me with hours of entertainment, but it has also realligned my perception of platform games. It really is superb and all I can say now is roll on Ratchet and Clank 2...
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on 12 February 2004
The premise of a another platformers with a gimmick sounds like an everyday thing nowadays. But not Ratchet and Clank. This game takes platforming to a whole new level with its brilliant level structure and the clever inclusion of weapons and gadgets. Even the story is brilliant. Basically its your typical evil bloke destroying the galaxy but Ratchet makes it seem great. The script is funny and great voice acting make the cut scences a treat. The graphics are also great, matching even todays games like Jak II. The only small gripe is somethimes it does seem insanely difficult and some bits take time and paitence but all in all Ratchet and Clank deserves to be in the great gaming Hall Of Fame
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on 1 November 2004
Great game to start the platform gaming on.
Addictive game play, nice playfull characters, some bad guys are really bad (read: difficult to kill) but they are never scary for kids. All levels are doable, but sometimes I had to die a lot before succeeding. Fortunately you are never set back too much, so if you persist, you will eventually win.
Some of the level-ends are tough, but also fun, because most of them are unique.
Good on-line help and it can be switched off too.
Allmost endless list of weapons. But on some stages, you simply have to figure out a good strategy with a simple weapon.
I can't wait to play number 2 and 3.
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on 6 March 2005
Ratchet & Clank isn't just ANOTHER ADVENTURE GAME, it's possibly one of the best games of all time, with brilliant graphics and gaming, the characters are cool, nothing about this game is negative or unpositive. Let's see more...
R&C has been released for ages and is still selling big, because people have bought R&C2 and 3, which are bigger, better and harder. Many have waited and got this on the best-selling PLATINUM edition, which is much better in my opinion. Ratchet & Clank has lots of challenges and missions that lovers of this game will enjoy taking up over and over again. Here are the main features, but before that, can I just say that the planets you encounter are massive and wonderful.
- Blends action/adventure, exploration and puzzle solving (the trespasser is the main gadget that you can use for puzzle solving, COOL!)
- Seek out strange new worlds, encounter bizarre and wonderful new species (different creatures, different lands, it's that simple, I think).
- Enormous and fully interactive environs (explore anywhere you like).
- Blow up anything that gets in your way (enemies, bolt boxes, I like destruction, this element is great and the game would be boring without it).
- 35 weapons and gadgets available (these are brilliant and very well crafted by the makers, INSOMNIAC GAMES).
- Collect money (bolts and gold bolts) and improve your arsenal at the same time (when you get 150,000 bolts, be sure to buy the RYNO, oh yeah baby! And other cool destructive weapons).
- Simple combat system (easy to use so anyone could use, it couldn't be any simpler, and even Clank gets a piece of da action).
- A variety of mingames (missions are again thought out and crafted very well by INSOMNIAC GAMES).
- For only 1 player
Fantastic explanation by me, amazing features and superb gaming, R&C (with the other best-seller Jak & Dexter, that is similar to it) will go down as an adventure gaming classic of the millennium, OVERALL 110%/100, ORDER NOW AND ENJOY!
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on 17 March 2003
I first got this game when my friend bought it for my Birthday!
At first I didn't think much of it ... that's till I played it!
The game was jam packed full of weapons , gadgets ,fun and loads of missions! The main obective of the game is to work your way past several different planets. As you go along you use your weapons and gadgets to take out enemies, but as you go along you must complete your targets before moving on to the next planet!!
This is a must have game and I recommend any game lover to purchase this!
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