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Sharp Shooter / Game

by Sony Playstation
PlayStation 3

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Game Information

  • Platform:   PlayStation 3
  • ELSPA Minimum Age: 8
  • Media: Video Game
  • Item Quantity: 1

Product details

Product Description

The official PlayStation Move sharp shooter attachment houses the motion controller and navigation controller to provide the most intuitive and immersive control experience for shooter games. Its authentic design and precision ensure the most engaging gam

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Amazon.com: 4.2 out of 5 stars  255 reviews
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4.0 out of 5 stars Awesome but not perfect 22 Feb 2011
By C. O'Niell - Published on Amazon.com
Fun: 5.0 out of 5 stars   
I picked this up a week ago at a Game Stop, I really like it so far. It's for sure the best of the PSMove shooting peripherals I have ever seen or used, mainly because of the fact the Move actually plugs in to a mini USB on the Sharpshooter remapping the "hard to reach" buttons to easy to reach location, it all works very well for what it is.

I have tested as many games as I could, Killzone 3, awesome once I tuned it in to my personal preferences, it did take me a while to get all the sensitivities right. One thing I noticed was that the adjustable stock got in the way often during turning, in fact I would remove it all together if I could and I may one day if it really bothers me, I just don't want to have to take it apart.

Dead Space Extraction works amazing with the Sharpshooter, it feels really good, no complaints for that game, well maybe except for the weight, if starts to feel a bit heavy after a while, but that's to be said for all games using the Sharpshooter I guess.

Works well as you would expect for The Shoot and, Time Crisis: Razing Storm, they are a bit more basic though.

I Haven't tried MAG or RE5(as I don't have them) but I'm sure it's fine, and probably works better then any other Move housing.

One thing they should have added was a mini USB port some place on the gun, so you could charge the Move as you play, also I might rap some hockey tape around the handle, it seems a bit weak and may feel more comfortable if I do.

And now for my biggest complaint of all, I'm sure it will be on every ones mind in future reviews. When the move vibrates it rattles the Sharpshooter like crazy, at first I thought it wasn't plugged in right. Nope it's loose'ish in the housing, I can disable the vibration function in controller options. It's ridiculous I really shouldn't have to turn off the vibe to accommodate for the Sharpshooter. I solved it for now but putting foam and double sided tape under the move cap of the Sharpshooter, it works and you don't see it.

Oh and it comes with 3 different sets of stickers to stick on the Sharpshooter, depending on your preference.
Killzone 3 Helgast
Killzone 3 ISA

Update 02/28/11
After using the Sharpshooter for a little while (daily) I found no other issues at all, and I'm learning to like the ajustable stock, But I still wish you could remove it sometimes.

Also I FINALLY found some good KZ3 settings.
I'm using (in multiplayer) '0'/'0' dead zone, '0' sensitivity and '30' turn speed You may want to turn up the turn speed once you get used to it, if feels as close as I could get it to the Dual Shock 3
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4.0 out of 5 stars Fun and immersive, but flawed and a bit impractical 25 Feb 2011
By Brisco - Published on Amazon.com
Verified Purchase
Fun: 4.0 out of 5 stars   
** att: lazy people, scroll to the bottom for a Pros/Cons breakdown :) **

I've used this through two full campaigns of Killzone 3 ("Already?!" yep.)

The gun itself is made of a high-quality ABS plastic. There is no creaking or bending of any kind. It's a really well-constructed accessory, externally. There is a little bit of stock wobble but it goes unnoticed during play. The Move controller fits snug and tightly in it's housing. It's vibration function can be felt strongly throughout the controller without buzzing or rattling, which is surprising. In terms of build, the one thing I wish they'd improved is the navigation controller foregrip. It doesn't fit in as snuggly as the Move controller, so there is a tiny bit of movement and play there.

Playing through the first time in 3D with the SharpShooter while on my feet provided a level of immerson that I've never experienced before. And it is absolutely, without a doubt, an "experience." For me personally, it made the campaign a lot more satisfying. It's one of the most fun gaming moments I've ever had, I can't say enough about it.

That's not to say the experience was perfect. Having used the Move and Nav controller extensively in MAG, RE5, and then the KZ3 beta, I'll say using the system with the SharpShooter is actually a whole different animal. It took me a few hours to get used to this new kind of play in terms of targeting and navigation of the levels, though certainly not a fault of the controller, of course. It took quite a while to calibrate the sharpshooter initally and adjust the settings to where I felt they were perfect (I've found that my SharpShooter settings are much different than my regular Move settings). And still it takes 2-4 tries to calibrate to get it right. It's only a minute or two, but it's something that takes seconds with just the Move and Nav. But once it's dialed in, it's accuracy in unparalleled (but that's due the move controller itself).

There are a couple of other things that irked me during the game. The main issue for me is that after some cutsenes, I would have to recalibrate the controller. I get to a cutsene and, when going back in play mode, my reticle would be off. Just an inch or so, but enough to be annoying. This happened twice during both my 1st and 2nd play-throughs at different times. I've just sat through an incredible action-packed cinema and I'm ready to get back in their and kick some [donkey] only to have to stop and recalibrate. It's not enought to ruin the whole deal, but it's understandably a little frustrating when it happens.

Secondly, and this is probably just me, I think the pump-action reload function is a little too sensitive. You only need to move it back 1/3 if the way before it engages the reload animation. There were times when I'd be in a heavy fire fight and I'm trying to return fire to an enemy when I'd accidently trigger the reload animation and get lit up and killed. Since I much prefer to slap the button on the magazine to reload, It'd be nice if you could turn that function off.

Despite some of the minor flaws it may have, the SharpShooter made the campaign a much richer and rewarding affair. I can say that I'll only used the SharpShooter during campaign replays.

Now, I'm a strong supporter of the Move for competitive multiplayer. For me it's a much better way to play. It's accuracy is phenomenal. It greatly outperforms the DualShock, in my opinion. I haven't played much of KZ3 multiplayer yet, but when the Beta ended, my K/D ratio was over 2:1 with anywhere from 40-60 kills per warzone match. I love it. Having said that, the SharpShooter is more than a little impractical for competitive online play. Using it to play against Veteran or Elite difficulty AI "bots" in the campaign is one thing, but using it to navigate new maps against human players is something completely different. Though once I familiarize myself with the new maps' geography, I'll give it another try.

So quick break down:

** Too lazy to read the whole review? PROS / CONS: **

* Very well contructed.
* Incredibly accurate.
* Helps provide previously unexperienced levels of immersion.
* Tons of fun to play with.
* Works well with MAG. (though pump-action & magazine reload buttons don't work)
* Works okay with Resident Evil 5.
* Works great with Dead Space Extraction.

* Can take a couple minutes to calibrate perfectly
* May need recalibration during game.
* Nav Controller foregrip makes it easy to accidentally reload.
* Impractical for multiplayer.
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4.0 out of 5 stars For those who know what they're doing... 23 Feb 2011
By canes_rool81 - Published on Amazon.com
Fun: 5.0 out of 5 stars   
I'm getting really annoyed reading online reviews about how this product isn't accurate. I will tell you from personal experience that the gun is VERY accurate and the button layout as very easy to use. It's very easy to navigate with through the game. However, dumb gamers will more than likely hook up the sharp shooter, play for 10 min. and then put it away. You have to spend a lot of time both syncing and familiarizing your self with the sharp shooter. You must re-calibrate your move controller AND calibrate the sharpshooter in game. For most gamers, the sensitivity is going to be far to high right away, simply turn it down (I recommend 0). Then, try playing the campaign for a couple hours and you'll get use to it. Do all of these things, and I PROMISE you that the sharp shooter is a VERY valuable product. I've gotten so use to it, I actually prefer it for online play. Keep it mind it will take hours upon hours before most gamers get that familiar with it. Don't let dumb consumers who NEED instant gratification try to tell you this product is bad.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Does not disappoint 24 Feb 2011
By KevlarZ - Published on Amazon.com
Verified Purchase
Fun: 5.0 out of 5 stars   
I got this along with Killzone 3 and i also own Deadspace Extraction. I spent some time playing both games with the sharpshooter, and I prefer it to just holding the controller in my hands. The buttons on the sharpshooter are very conveniently located and I was able to reach them without effort or adjusting my grip. While using the sharpshooter I found it was easier to steady my aim and reduced how quickly my arms got fatigued. The build of the product seems fairly sturdy but it does have a couple parts that seem like they could break if you are clumsy or just unlucky. If motion controls are not your thing the sharpshooter will not change your mind and i pretty much guarantee your wife/girlfriend will roll her eyes when you bring this into the house.
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3.0 out of 5 stars Goodbye, comfort/control 1 Mar 2011
By Benjamin Peck - Published on Amazon.com
Fun: 4.0 out of 5 stars   
Ok I really wanted to like this, but it has flaws. To hold the sharpshooter you should really be standing with the stock against your shoulder. This was surprisingly uncomfortable, and more importantly, holding it with any sort of pressure against the shoulder risks activating the "Pump" action at the front of the gun. I found myself cursing several times at unintentional firings of the pump action. The "Pump" needs a lock or some serious resistance so you won't set it off unless you mean it. It's a design flaw IMHO, as is the stock which can't be removed.

So, resigned to sitting on the couch with the gun by my side, I went about playing the Killzone 3 demo. Turning was the main challenge, and took much practice and calibration in the settings. After hours of playing and calibrating to my liking I was doing nearly as well as with the Dualshock, but having more fun. That said, I was also getting sore in my left arm for extending it for so long and my right hand needed five minutes of flexing as a break.

Other problems were I couldn't reload very easily by rotating the gun, though I hear the full game uses the pump action to reload, and that would be fine (unless you accidentally set off the pump of course.)
The 'melee by stabbing' motion was hard to pull off, and would sometimes turn me around if I didn't connect with an enemy, which meant I would die a second later. I attribute this to the unwieldy nature of using a gun peripheral in this manner.
The jump button has been remapped for Killzone 3 from X to the square beside the trigger. This was wisely done so you can use the Nav. stick to move and still have a button to press for jumping. Unfortunately this means I would need to take my finger off the trigger to jump and then put it back, which is harder than it sounds, or use the middle finger for trigger as my index presses buttons. Neither is ideal, and I like to jump a lot in my FPS.
Lastly, the fact that the move controller is not in my hand but on the end of the gun-barrel changes the way the move reacts in game. I didn't realize how much of a difference until, in semi-frustration, I removed the move controllers from the sharpshooter and played with move control alone. It was a revelation. Everything I mentioned, reloading, melee, jumping, all solved. Buttons were all easy to reach. Movements, response, and turning were not just manageable but better than dualshock! In fact I dominated the Killzone demo so well that I will never go back to dualshock, or the sharpshooter for that matter. Good job, Sony, for making the Move controller work so perfectly. Oh, and it was comfortable; I could have played with the move alone all day.

In summary:

***Positives: Feels like you're pointing a gun. Fun for light FPS campaign and rail-shooters. Digital trigger and remapped buttons are real deal!

Will not improve your game as I had originally thought.
"Pump" action far to easy to activate accidentally.
Stock is uncomfortable, unwieldy when not used, and cannot be removed.
Tiring. Might make you sore after long excursions.
NOT GOOD in online multiplayer (use regular Move here).
Aggravating placement of some buttons compared to using the Move "wand" by itself.
Melee 'stabbing' motions are jarring at best and possibly dangerous to perform.

***Conclusion: Fun alternative if you're not serious about dominating your game. Some flaws could be addressed in a second edition. Move controller is far superior by itself, but doesn't feel like a gun of course.

If you're interested in getting the most out of your move in Killzone, google "iwaggle killzone 3."
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