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on 4 August 2006
I have just purchased this camera and overall my verdict is excellent; the picture quality is excellent. The large screen is a real bonus and is useable even in strong daylight, a real bonus for people who, like me need to use glasses. With the function guide set to on, Mode selection is a breeze with on screen promps; 64mb built in storage is better than most but having to delete photos one at a time from the built in memory is a bit of a drag, but you can 'format' to clear all the shots at once, saying that you only get about 15 'fine' shots in the built in memeory anyway. Can't fault it so far!
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on 18 May 2006
Just a quick review on this item. Where to start. Firstly if your looking to buy a camera around the £250-275 mark, then this I believe is a brilliant buy for your money. The camera menu system is very user friendly, you can access different photo/video functions at the click of the option wheel, which is much easier in my opinion than using Canon's menu set-up system. The picture quality is outstanding, I tried even night shots in pitch black and the flash and lens picked up everything with exceptional detail. The 64mb internal memory isn't much but is better than a lot of the rival cameras. The only dissadvantage with this camera is the Sony memory stick duo, these memory cards compared to SD Cards are very expensive. It pays to shop around to find the cheapest price for these I picked up a 2GB card for around £40! That said, I cant fault this camera, its all metal body is attractive and fits the hand nicely and the large LCD screen on the back is extremely clear and sharp, even in bright sunlight. Gets the full 5star treatment from me.. Noot only that Amazons price is very good! :) -Ben Anderson LONDON-
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on 29 January 2007
I bought this camera on the strength of a lot of reputable reviews and also the uncommon ability to 'try before you buy' in the guise of a friend already having it. I wasn't dissapointed, it offers all the features I had hoped for, such as enough manual settings to cater for my developing interest in photography and a straightforward point-and-shoot mode for nights out, etc...

One point of note is that I was very impressed with the video mode when used in conjunction with a sony Pro Duo high speed memory stick. you can only get 25 mins of video at the top quality (640x480, fine, 32fps, with sound) on the 2gb stick, but its worth it.


Very fast at booting up and storing photos, though when on NR (noise reduction) in manual mode it can take a long time.

Very good image quality. Up to A3 paper size photos. Macro mode is pretty great.

Can be as simple or complex as you'd like, has lots of easy to use presets as well as a intuitive manual and program mode.

Small enough to fit in your pocket, pretty light but feels solid and good quality thanks to the almost 100% metal construction.

nice and big screen on the back, with pretty intuitive interfaces.


viewfinder is pretty pointless, and the parralax error on it is huge. With the massive lcd on the back i dont know when you'd ever want to use it though.


as mentioned in another review, the battery cover opens a little easily, and is made of plastic not metal. This isnt too bad as the battery and card are held in by clips as well, but its a little annoying.

Other than that, i can't really think of any! It doesnt have the image stabilisation technology the T10 has in sonys parrallel range of digital compacts, but I dont miss it too much.

All in all, a very satisfied customer. Just make sure you get a big pro duo card!
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on 30 November 2006
Bought the dsc-w-100 in August 2006. Knew it was something special immediately. Went to the George Michael Concert and was in the middle of a huge stadium and was the only one around whose camera could capture George from such a distance. People were looking at me in the concert and a couple of people asked me how come my camera was able to take pictures when theres wasnt. Also took a video and cannot believe the quality. I absolutely love this camera so much I cannot imagine how another camera of this price could be better.
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on 23 October 2006
Buying a camera can be a difficult thing. I mean let's be honest. 90% of us just want a camera we can pick up and use quickly and easily. Being able to adjust various settings to maximise photos is a preserve for the photographically minded.

I am one of those people who fall into the first category. I have a friend who falls into the latter. Amazingly we both fell into the category of loving this camera.

It takes 8 Megapixel photos with ease (basically the more megapixels it has the more tiny dots your picture is made up of and the more detail it shows) you will soon be snapping pictures of a quality that surpass some old fashioned film cameras. It even has automatic settings for different situations. Shooting in the snow? Turn the dial to the Snow setting. Taking a landscape shot at night? Turn it to Twilight Landscape. It really is that easy. This camera does it all for you.

Want to experiment and try new things or are you a more advanced photographer? Great. Switch it to manual mode and you can adjust all the settings yourself - for the money this really is a stunning buy.

However, due to the high number of megapixels the pictures you take will quickly fill up the internal memory so please do yourself a favour and pick up a memory card. They aren't expensive and will give you more room for taking more photos.

Bottomline - there's not a lot to say about this camera except if you are after something lightweight and versatile then place an order for this now.
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on 19 November 2006
Im a keen photographer but look for handyness as well as good results. I like to experiment with shots but wanted a camera that could be used simply as well.

Ive just returned from honeymoon and used the camera all the time. It is fantastic. It takes sharp images with good colour and has sufficient adjustment for people like me. The preset functions are excellent and you can see the differences using the lovely big LCD. It uses a sony battery unlike its predecessor and only takes pro duo cards.

The size is nice, photos sharp, colours great and keen price. You'll need a 1mg card for using 8mp all the time but I use it on 5mp and results are still awesome.

You wont be disappointed.
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on 25 January 2007
i'm no professional photographer, but i have had a few digital cameras before, and i thought a layman's perspective might be useful too. this camera is simply amazing, its easy enough to pick up and start using the same day (i.e. after charging the blinking battery!), but you keep on discovering all these little treats of features for ages! The quality of the images is far better than i have seen on my friends' cameras, all having cost roughly the same, and people always seem to be impressed by this (which goes someway to compensate for my slight ineptitude in using it!)
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on 11 January 2007
I obtained this camera for our holiday snaps both in and outdoors.It was such a wonderful camera my wife and I bought one for our daughter who has a great passion for good pictures.In the last few months we have taken hundreds of shots,some really amazing of salmon jumping waterfalls.Our friend had just bought a new camera a few weeks before us which was more expensive but without the amazing easy to use spec of the DSC-W100.Which brings me to amazon at her request to buy one for her.we use a sony 512mg memory stick in both.This camera is sturdy,accurate and full of extras.
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on 21 November 2006
I gave up on SLR's years ago and prefer to carry a compact, my main camera being a Sony DSCW-17,(an earlier version with an aluminium body.)The reason I chose this camera was the Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar lens, which gives absolutely superb results, (even using the digital zoom still hardly degrades the images.)

Since it had taken just over 5000 pictures in five months, and I was about to go abroad on holiday, I was concerned about how much longer it would last!

I bought this camera as a standby, the new DSCW-100 is much lighter, though still all metal construction, and images are just as sharp as the earlier unit, there is a big advantage to me in the increase in "film speed" from 400 to 1250 ASA, as I take a lot of photo's at our local seaquarium ("The Deep") where light levels are low.... A4 prints under these conditions are extremely good, with very little noise, and the colour handling excellent.

With both old and new cameras I have printed posters up to 48" by 24" with pleasingly sharp results (multi sheet A4 and appropriate software) so image quality is first class)

Battery life too is so good that you take them for granted....

The new camera has now taken 1170 photo's and consistently given excellent results,yet I still prefer the earlier model on the grounds that it's larger chunkier body is more suited to a man's hand...

Outdoors: I use the DSCW-17

Indoors: I use the DSCW-100 (Better in low light!)

Incidentally the old DSCW-17 has now passed 6,500 photographs and is still going strong!

Conclusion: Incredible value for money...Bought mine from Amazon, it came in a couple of days!
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on 28 November 2006
the functions on the camera are very good. The only point agains it is the battery cover opens with far to much ease. Seem that when picking up the camera, if the battery cover is touched , it opens. apart from that it is a good camera
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