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3.7 out of 5 stars122
3.7 out of 5 stars
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on 25 March 2007
The controller itself features motion sensing capabilities. Their usage within games is limited and does not play as a big part as the Wii's controller. The motion sensing was presented as a bonus to the game developer.

Using the motion sensing is real and fun and it is possible to drive using it in Formula 1 Championship Edition and Motorstorm. The only problem is, is it needs practice and there is a very small time delay in using the motion sensing, although it will not affect the gameplay noticeably.

There is a lack of vibraration, but having bought a PS3 and using the controller, you do not really notice it and forget about it - strange but true, although I would still welcome vibraration and I can cope without it.

Battery life on the controller is excellent and has a very rapid charge time.

The final thing about it is that one controller is already provided with your PS3 and a second one is not really needed at this time as many games are only one player, with the online multiplayer almost replacing the traditional split screen multiplayer. Although in the future, split screen games may come back.

Overall, the controller is fun and good to use with its negative issues quickly ignored due to the brilliant games on the system.
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VINE VOICEon 29 March 2007
The wireless SIXAXIS controller for the PS3 picks up where the Dual Shock 2 Controller for the PS2 left off, with a few new features, a slight redesign, and (lamentably) the loss of the rumble function. Sony have clearly gone for the 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' approach for the overall design.

The most significant of the new features is, of course, the SIXAXIS Motion Sensing capability. Like the much-vaunted, innovative controllers for the Nintendo Wii, the SIXAXIS enables PS3 users to experience a new way of interacting with games. It remains to be seen just how game developers choose to exploit this new technology, but it is already being put to good use in forthcoming titles such as Warhawk (flying game) and in MotorStorm. Although it takes a bit of getting used to, you can always switch it off and use the conventional D-Pad or analogue sticks for directional controllers until you get the hang of it!

The new PS button in the centre of the controller is a great, versatile new addition to the controller. You use this button to exit games (something that wasn't necessary on the PS2), or to switch off the PS3 remotely (a very useful touch - no more getting out of bed to switch off the console after a late-night DVD). You can also use this button to switch off the controller when you are not using it, but still using the PS3 (like when watching a DVD or listening to music), which is a great touch. Being wireless, you need to recharge the controller from time to time (this is done simply by plugging the controller into the PS3 console via the USB cable provided with the controller). You may choose to play with the controller connected anyway, of course, but you will soon get very used to the freedom of the wireless controller. Each time you press the PS button, you get a list of options on screen asking you what you want to do. There is also a handy battery charge meter which shows you when you may need to think about recharging.

The R2/L2 buttons on the back of the controller have been redesigned to be touch-sensitive triggers, rather than the flat buttons of the DS2. This is a nice touch, esp. useful in FPS (shooting) type games. However the triggers bulge out the way (convex) as opposed to in the way (concave), so your trigger finger doesn't rest naturally on the triggers, which is a shame. Prolonged periods where you want to hold this button down can be slightly tricky as a result. They are also fairly sensitive, and I've found myself double-tapping accidentally many times in the last week while making gear changes in Gran Turismo HD, for example.

Another new feature is a rack of four little LED lights on the back of the controller. These allow you to see which controller is which when more than one wireless controller is assigned to the PS3 at any one time.

Sadly, due to a legal wrangle between the inventors of the rumble technology previously used in the DS2 controller (Immersion) and SONY, this first incarnation of the controller does not have the rumble technology inside. This legal battle has, happily, now been resolved, so we should start to see games being made with rumble-compatibility in them. Unfortunately, this controller will not be able to exploit that. Hopefully sometime in the not-too-distant future, we will see the SIXAXIS 2 (although this is very much speculation on my part), a PS3 controller with the added rumble functionality. This being the case, I personally am going to hold off buying that second controller until such a time as either a new controller is launched, or my game collection demands I have a second SIXAXIS. But since the only games I have do not even support two-player modes (such as F1 Championship Edition and MotorStorm), then there is currently no rush to buy a second controller!

All together, the SIXAXIS is as well-designed, comfortable and easy to use as the old PS2 controllers, with a couple of very nice innovative additions... but the new additions are slightly compromised by what has been taken away, and at this price, it may be worthwhile waiting for a bit to see if and when the SIXAXIS with rumble functionality comes on the market.
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on 11 February 2008
I do not understand why people complain about this control. It isn't that bad. It's just a control and you play games with it. OK it doesn't have rumble but it isn't something t be missed that much, motion sense is better for me. It is a good control that allows to play my games.
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on 23 January 2014
I purchased this so called reconditioned unit for my Nephew for Christmas and when he went to use it one of the joysticks would not spring back into the central position.

As there was no packaging outside of a jiffy bag I strongly suspect that this unit is not reconditioned but second hand. I have emailed the seller but does not respond.

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on 28 November 2007
This is a great pad, it wireless so u dont have to sit close to the tv with wires everywere. its also got a motion sensor which captures the movement of the pad to do some great stuff in the game. people are complaing that this is copied from nintendo's Wii, its not. people are also complaining that it doesnt have a dual shock, vibrating function dnt worrt i hear they are making the new controller with the same vibration capabilites and its coming out next year spring. PEOPLE STOP SAYING THIS IS A RUBBISH CONTROLLER AND ITS COPIED FROM NINTENDO WII.
If u are going to buy a controller for your ps3 make sure its the official sixaxis controller and dont buy those cheap copys of the controller that looks the same.
I ordered on yesterday at around 11am and chose first class delivery which was suppost to take 1-2 business day. but i got the next day which is great. Its better value for money as well if u buy from amazon because the prices are lower than the RRP and the delivery is super fast. Great job Amazon.
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on 13 May 2009
This controller is basically identical to the new dual shock controllers only due to legal copyright laws the rumble was not fitted to these earlier models.
Later this was added look up dual shock, however, this controller is lighter and slightly longer battery life due to the missing Rumble devices. IT DOES HOWEVER, have all the other features and is cheaper for a second controller because who cares if your friend doesn't have the Rumble.
Six axis, etc. has not been changed on the newer controllers so a cheaper option if you need to save a few pounds.
I only gave it a four as the new dual shock has RUMBLE so this looses 1 star.
Still an excellent controller and Sony again make a good D-pad for fighting games. I would definitely buy a second hand one of these over any 3rd party new controllers.
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on 24 January 2011
The wireless playstation 3 SIXAXIS controller is great with its new SIXAXIS experience where, for example, in LittleBigPlanet (PS3) you can animate your charecter by simply tilting your controller. In a few playstation 3 games you can use this amazing feature to controll your gameplay. Of course, this gets some getting used to so you can turn it of while your getting the hang of it.

The only problem with this controller is that they only give you around 40cm long wire to use for charging so i would strongly advise you to buy an extra long USB to mini USB lead.

I hope this review has helped you and all i can say is...

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on 22 December 2014
The product is picture as a SONY controller. The Thing that arrived is cheap flimsy made in china knock off. I am very angry and feel very, very ripped off. It is imported by a third party from china.
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on 11 January 2010
Whenever buying controllers, I have realised from experience that it is crutial to buy official ones!

The sixaxis controller is impressive. It's light, official, wireless, but more importantly does the job without breaking easily.

However, I personally think that Dualshock controllers are better than sixaxis simply because it is more durable. Over the year and 6 months that I've owned my PS3, My dualshock has not broken whereas 3 of my 5 Sixaxis have (my dualshock came with my ps3 and is used more than the rest).

Whichever you think is better, all I suggest is to make sure you buy official controllers - no alternatives.
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on 13 April 2007
When the sixiaxis was first announced everyone was very annoyed that it didn't have a rumble function. But now there is good news Sony has settled its legal dispute with the people who make the rumble function and a new improved Sixaxis with rumble will be available in the near future. So my advice is not to go and waste your cash on this model and wait for the new pad to be released later this year.
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