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on 2 August 2013
Before I bought the computer I considered for a long time as the price was too high. I took a great risk to make the investment. Now I've used it for 1 week and here's my experience.

Very fast, eventhough the cpu is not so powerful as normal desktops or full-size laptops, it is still very fast among ultrabooks
Very clear screen with great contrast. 1980x1020 resolution really spoils me. I don't want to look back on the screen of my old laptop.
Really light: I thought i might be heavy, but actually It's lighter than my ipad 1(with cover).
Good design..

1. Short battery life: Very short, usually around 2-4 hours depending on what you do with it. it is not acceptable as a utrabook.
2. Because of the high resolution and small screen, everything becomes so small, it's hard to touch small buttons with fingers

Super fast because of the combination of cpu and SSD hard drive. goodlooking and great screen. but if you just want to browse internet or listen to music or watch vedio like a normal tablet, it will disappoint you. If you want to run professional programs (Photoshop, Videio editing, 3D Modeling) on a rather portable device with a touch screen. then it is a good choice.
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on 23 January 2013
This a fantastic addition to the new group of tablet ultrabook convertibles, it is extremely light compared to ultrabooks however could be considered heavy for a tablet. The product is fast with boot times from shutdown under 4 seconds and wake from standby like that of any other tablet on the market. In the box you get the tablet/ultrabook a charging cable and a digital pen. the digital pen is enormously accurate which is great considering on the high res screen your fingers will miss on most webpages with smaller links. The pen however feels like something that could easily get lost and considering a like for like replenishment will set you back £70 pounds this is a bit of an issue. Fortunately in a just under a month we will be able to purchase the (much needed) extended battery that has a place to store then pen. The device as a whole feels solid with all parts well made as one would expect on a VAIO however when it is in ultrabook mode with the keyboard out there is some movement in the screen but when it is on a desk or even on your lap this isn't really a problem at all. Anther thing to note is the fan, which is louder than you would expect on a tablet but perhaps given the size and power of this device the heat and activity f the fan when you are in high performance mode is justified. The final thing to note is the keyboard it is small but the keys have good travel and after a shot period of time I doubt it will bother anyone, there is also a small optical track pad between the 'g' 'h' and 'b' keys accompanied by three mouse buttons below the keyboard that would come in handy if you were to be out of reach of the pen and have to select something small on screen. In conclusion I thin this product is brilliant it isn't without its flaws but they don't seem to get in the way of using the product. A definite consideration for anybody looking to buy a ultrabook/tablet around this price.
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on 5 June 2013
If you like touch screen and fast laptop this must be the best combination as it allows you to use as tablet as well as laptop and when used as laptop you still have the touchscreen without a lose keyboard to forget.
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on 22 October 2013
Simply perfect..


+ Perfectly portable; Narrower then an A4 paper, but taller. You can put it in a small backpack, and nothing will stick out or show. No thief on the street will think that you have anything but books in your backpack.

+ Powerful, I've did a quick render test using podium 2 and sketch-up make. Very fast results. No problems with multi-tasking or heavy 3d modelling.

+ Excellent screen; great quality, resolution and colors.

+ Sound quality is good.

+ Wi-fi works perfectly, and over long distances (unlike Sony vaio duo 13)

+ Who needs Wacom? The digitizer pen allows you to produce excellent drawings even when using MS Paint. However you don't want to loose this pen as it costs 50 pounds.


:: Really average battery life: 5 hours is the maximum under non-intense work, and low screen brightness, and it can fall as low as 3 hours on intensives work sessions.


- Nowhere to store the Pen

Not really an issue:

:: There's a 2.5-3cm bezel around the 11.6 inch screen. The screen could had been slightly larger without making the device any larger.

Issues beyond Sony's control:

:: Finding a perfect sleeve/case for this hybrid device is near impossible, none of unofficial covers/sleeves are perfect fits as the hyrbid is a widescreen device (unlike other devices). Your pretty much forced to buy the official sleeve for this product, which is pretty much out of stock in London's Sony branch; it costs 30+ pounds on amazon and up to 45 pounds at official stores (if you find it).

My personal experience:

After re-adjusting the font and icon size (as the screen is small and really high resolution) I had no problem to easily touch any icon or option in desktop mode. This takes no more then 3 minutes and its really easy to do. Windows 8 has an really annoying lack of start menu, but this can be fixed by downloading one of the many unofficial patches off the internet for free.

My review of the hardware:

5 stars out of 5 stars.
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on 1 February 2014
Used it for 3 months now(bought it for 900gbp with the same specs tho)

A good machine to carry around, very mobile in that sense.

Brilliant. It"s stylish and eccentric in its own way, the sliding action of the display tickles the heart of a mechanic-fan.
The material used is very nice, the keyboard frame feels smooth when touched, and yet it is very well-made. No scratches so far.
The VAIO logo at the back that appears when the display is raised also gives you a luxurious impression of the machine. It is very slim when viewed from the side too. Probably because no disk-drive is included.
I am the type who detests macbooks(sorry), mainly because of its design; my preference on any device(phones, pc, cars...) is usually that they look solid, stylish and rigid. macbooks have round edges, and let's face it, there isn't much variety to its design and it is something that almost everyone has. This pc, very edgy on its design, gives me the perfect satisfaction.

Having 8GB of RAM, almost anything runs smoothly. I mainly do Youtube, music playing, movie watching, surfing and maybe some word document editing. So I don't really do heavy games and stuff, but unless you want to play modern warfare or something, it should run pretty much okay. One thing might be that the touch screen function, which is sort of okay, some times bugs me because the screen is small; it's hard to press really small buttons, like the "play" button on youtube, say. Or the "close" button of your browser, and no, my fingers are not beefy or anything, they're rather slim. I also feel that the Windows button at the bottom-center of the display is unnecessary, as there is another Windows button on the keyboard that essentially lets you do the same thing. The optical-mousepointer, at the center of the keyboard is a hard one to comment on; it's not bad nor is it easy to use. I often mis-click because it move slightly when I try to click, i.e. it is very sensitive. I guess you can adjust but nonetheless, it needs some getting used to and skills.

The display is extremely nice and I am happy with it. I don't know if you are extremely demanding and picky on displays, but I have nothing to complain about the quality. Physically, it's not flimsy and very easy to slide. I would recommend buying a screen protector, as there will be a lot of opportunities for you to touch it and also because the screen is constantly facing outwards. A word of advice when applying the protector; if you are pro at it never mind, but it's easy if you have a tape ready, that way when you make a mistake and want to redo, you can use the tape to remove any dust that's got in your screen. I personally like the SONY logo subtly engraved on the upper left hand of the screen.
However, the display angle cannot be adjusted, meaning that you will have to adjust your body position/height instead to find a comfortable angle. The screen is made so that it can be comfortably viewed from a very wide range of angles, but still, to find your preference, you will be limited to a certain range of postures. There is a movable 'leg' at the bottom of the machine that, when used, allows the machine to slightly tilt and thus changes the screen's angle, but really only slightly.

The key's are very small. Sony has adopted the keyboard where each key is isolated, which makes it easier to type. But again, you might need getting used to, especially if you have been using a bigger pc like 13, 15-inch. The backlight is very also useful too. I'm a Japanese, so I often have to switch between Japanese and English, which is a bit annoying because there is no 全角/半角 key which allows you to switch with a single push. Well, I did not expect a Japanese style keyboard anyway so that is okay; I guess this would not bother you if you are a pure English user. The right/left click button is good enough, easy to click and the positioning of it is just right.

I am pretty happy with the sound quality. For its size, the maximum volume that it plays is very loud and the two isolated speakers are very clear. NO muffling or anything and gives you a clean sound. I don't use iTunes though, I use the X-application also from Sony by the way.

-Battery Life
Unsure to be honest, maybe comme ci comme ça? Not fantastic, like I said, I don't really do a lot on my pc but it runs out in 2-2.5 hours. Maybe 3 hours at its ultimate maximum. Probably you can improve by not choosing '80% charge mode' which apparently, in the long run, extends overall battery life. But well, I don't stay in a place where no power is available for 3 hours anyway, so not a big issue, for me. I considered getting the sheet battery but it is too expensive. Possibly half of its current price might make me reconsider.

Something I might note is that, although this is a hybrid of a laptop and a tablet pc, I would say it's a wee bit too heavy for a tablet. Gets a bit tiring to keep hold of it with one hand for a long time. But it's more than light enough for a laptop. And there are physical buttons located at the bottom of the machine for volume, Vaio assist and screen turn lock, but these are also hard to use because of its positioning. You will have to lift the machine up a bit to press and you will also have to remember which one is which as they are located side-to-side. I use the keyboard for volumes and all that. There are 2 of 3.0 USB ports and an HDMI port, earphone jack, SD card slot and a memory card slot But the Sd/memory card slot is sort of combined and so you cannot use them at the same time; if you would look at the images of the side of the pc, you can see that.

The cooling system seems okay, I never had trouble with that. The machine never got hot and the fan is pretty much silent I think. At least it didn't bother me when I was in a quiet place, like the library.

One last thing is that, because the screen slides, it is impossible to put a cover on the keyboard, which leaves me constantly anxious about dusts and dirt entering the little gaps in each key. I guess I will have to keep cleaning it frequently.

Overall, a very versatile and marvelous device, the design is like no other laptop and yet novel, stylish and alos contributes to its physical functionality. Though there are some cons(obviously, nothing's ever perfect), I find them non-significant, a minor issue as they can be improved by simple measures, or does not bother the user to an extent that puts them off.
I don't know about the current price I see on amazon(1600gbp) as I am a student, but if you are really looking for a 11-inch windows computer quite seriously, this should qualify as your candidate.
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on 4 May 2014
The tablet has a good screen and a powerful process but the build quality is poor. The screen slides but does not secure when in the up-right position. It rattles and slips as you press on the screen and slowly slips back to horizontal. The battery life at best is 2 hours so it is not really usable outside of the home.
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on 27 November 2014
Brilliant.......I bought the extended battery and now have a whole day on battery.
Getting battery for the pen was a bit difficult as it take AAAA (quadruple A), never seen this before but found at Maplins.
Plenty of good reviews for this unit so now point repeating them you wont be disappointed if you get one of these.
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on 9 June 2013
its ok, but for £1300 I should be over the moon with it, but im not and I do regret buying it. The battery life is below average probably 3 hours realistically, plagued with the usual Microsoft laziness in terms of performance. I have been using an ipad for a few years now aftter ditching my old tablet when I saw a chap on his ipad, enjoying himself, reading, working, watching a movie with no stress, I was trying to get my junk to work and tearing my hair out, so moved to ipad, generally the ipad just works ad unfortuantey (yes there are lots of spelling mistakes it is the keyboard on this thing so hae left in so you can see) - anyway I was saying generally windows ta lets don't work, they freeze, they ock up, then the screen deides not to rotate and then the screen is no longer touch screen, you eboot and it is touch screen again, Microsoft have just not leared and deserve to lose market to apple and android, it is just still no good!!!
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