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4.6 out of 5 stars131
4.6 out of 5 stars
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Times are changing. For decades the Sam Crow gunrunning bikers have controlled Charming - lawlessness and violence largely confined to out of town, meanwhile help given to residents (money raised for charity; culprit "dealt with" when a girl is raped). The wily police chief is happy to co-exist, his younger deputy contemptuous of the "white trash thugs hanging on to a dying dream". In the Club itself divisions grow beteen its boss Clay and his stepson Jax (both Ron Perlman and Charlie Hunnam excellent). Jax wants an end to the old ways, this not a world suitable for newly born son Abel. Katey Sagal impresses as Gemma, link between the two: "God wants me to be a fierce mother. That is my path."

Season 1 sizzles as tempers flare and the loyalties of grizzled veterans are put to the test. Rival gangs need to be handled with care - alliances uneasy, undercurrents complex. Enter a corrupt cop determined to upset the fragile balance - the trouble she causes leading to suspicions, misunderstandings and a tragic climax.

Season 2 grips even more tightly with the arrival of Adam Arkin as a smoothtalking, sinister manipulator - outwardly so affable but with motives far from pure (witness Gemma's harrowing experiences in the first episode). He plans to take over the community, his policy to divide and rule - he most skilled at setting traps. Can the bikers beat him at his own game? The final episode proves truly a stunner.

This twenty six episode double box set has dominated viewing for over two weeks, impact greatly increased by watching episodes so quickly one after the other. Scripts are superb and the acting most fine. Each of the characters is portrayed in depth, at times some more moving than one would have initially thought possible - they part of a fraternity, the Club their everything. (Even that police deputy develops a grudging respect, for some of them anyway, occasionally offering secret assistance.)

Bonuses are worth exploring, especially when stars discuss their roles - Ron Perlman revealing he does not like bikes!

Outside the town a noticeboard says, "Welcome to Charming. Please Come Again." Like many others, I did so at once.
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on 16 September 2011
I first saw an episode of SOA on tv and thought it was good then watched another, was hooked and very quickly ordered series 1 & 2 from amazon. It is full of action, great story lines, hot bodies and takes you into a bit of a fantasy. Was so sad to see the end of the second series but have already pre-ordered series 3. Made me laugh and cry. What can I say I just loved it.
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on 31 May 2010
Season one is an excellent introduction to the motorcycle club Sons Of Anarchy. Reminiscent of such crime dramas (from the point of view of the crime makers!) such as The Sopranos, this series follows the Sam Cro group through the gangs complicated politics in a time of dissent. Troule is brewing with previous alliances and when the feds become involved...

Like the Sopranos, you are on the side of the 'bad guys' throughout. The characters are all well rounded, with their own vices and values. You feel for Clay, the leader losing control and Jax, the VP who has a new vision for the club.

Full of twists and turns, never boring, this is a brilliant look at a biker gang! The new Sopranos!

Season two of Sons of Anarchy even surpasses the first!

The plots become even more complicated and deep, leaving you on the edge of your seat and desperately clicking for the next episode!

Darker in content than the first season, the old ladies of Sam Cro become more rounded characters as well as several other minor players.

Sam Cro is in danger of collapse as sides must be chosen - Clay or Jax - and the club is attacked from all sides.

If you enjoyed the first season of Sons of Anarchy, you aint seen nothing yet!

This box set offers both series at a value price, you can't go wrong with Sons Of Anarchy!
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I never dreamt that an old "stick in the mud" such as me would get so totally hooked on a series about a motorcycle gang called Sons of Anarchy.
Put any predjudices you might have to one side and watch this incredible series.
It's the story of an american "Hells Angel" style motorcycle gang. Only they are also an organised crime gang, running guns, protection and prostitution rackets. SOA delves brilliantly into the personal lives of the key players and the internal politics of SOA
Then there is the determined efforts of law enforcement to bring them down and the dramas this brings.
Every episode of each series is superb, with great story lines, stunning acting and a lot of gut wrenching, brutal violence.
As long as you can stand the violence this is as good as it gets, unmissable, superb, gripping, a masterpiece of a show with a unique perspective.
I would give this 6 stars if i could. Watch it or i'll send the boys around.
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The Sons Of Anarchy is one of the best series on TV I've seen in a long time, and this 2 season boxset offers you a great opportunity to see it at a very good price. Right from the opening scene of season 1 'Sons of Anarchy' grabs your attention and you know this show isn't going to pull any punches. It instantly sets the tone for the series, and makes sure that the story gets off to a start with the throttle fully open. It's basically the Soprano's on wheels, as you follow a gang of gun-running Hell's Angels who wheel, deal & well - wheel some more.

The show focuses on the (sometimes strained) brother hood that exists within the SOA biker family, but there are many other gangs that add to the mix too. In their quest to stay on top and control the streets, the Sons of Anarchy have to deal with, and often play off against each other, various other gangs. These include the True IRA, a black street gang called the 9ers, local Chinese Yakuza, a rival Mexican biker gang called the Mayans, the white supremacists, the local cops - both straight and corrupt - the feds and ATF and also, as one member puts it: ''The most powerful gang of all... old white money''. After all that, finally, at the end of the day they then have to go home to their 'old ladies' which as the series progresses, we find out are just as tough a gang as the men.

Season 1:
The story and acting are great. The characters brutal but likeable and very funny at times too. This makes it a bit of a hard watch sometimes as you struggle to come to terms with the fact that these guys are vicious, cold hearted murderers, but you love them.

The overall story is very good and unfolds well, keeping your attention and making you watch episode after episode - I did this 1st season in in a day and a half. The sets, scenery, wardrobe and bikes are all convincing and for me this was one of the best boxsets I've seen in a while.

If you miss the Soprano's being on TV this definatly fills the void. It has it all. The family politics. The guns, violence, women and everything else that that series provided. Season 1 ends with the gang at a cross roads - figuratively speaking that is - and sets up what looks to be the start of an excellent 2nd season.

Season 2:
Sons of Anarchy season 2 does a good job of following on from the promising start that was season 1. Old storylines progress and evolve while new threads, threats and characters are introduced which all let up to a climatic end of season finale.

The good stuff from season one remains; the bikes, the characters and of course the great storylines, but what this season is all about is the simmering problems within the 'Sons'. All in all 'Sons Of Anarchy' is turning out to be a excellent series, with tight writing, deep and involved storylines and a great cast that play out the politics of gang and family life brilliantly.

This truely is the Soprano's with 6 cylinders and looks set to be a classic TV series. This season really picks up speed and ends with you hurlting towards season 3 at full speed with no hint of reaching for the breaks.

This double boxset will provide you with more twists and turns than the open roads these hairy bikers ride.
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VINE VOICEon 29 December 2010
The small Californian town of Charming is home to SAMCRO (Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Original), a group of 'Harley Davidson enthusiasts' with a sideline in arms dealing. Leading the outlaws is club president Clay Morrow (Perlman) and his Vice President Jackson 'Jax' Teller (Charlie Hunnam). Clay is married to Jax's mother Gemma (Katey Sagal) who is more than complicit with the clubs activities. The Sons see it as their duty to protect Charming from drug dealers, Mexican gangsters and White Supremacists even if it means sending out a violent message every once in a while.

Sons of Anarchy is written by Kurt Sutter who also wrote 'The Shield'. The Shield was a brilliant show, and although Sons is yet to match it, there is certainly promise in the first two seasons. Sutter's writing in 'The Shield' was masterful, with long running themes of loyalty and redemption always threatening to bubble over into chaos at any moment. Some storylines ran from the pilot episode to the end of season 7 and never once became tiresome. In Sons of Anarchy, similar themes develop, mainly the increasingly strained relationship between Clay and Jax after Clay makes a devastating mistake behind the club's back.

The main characters are well developed and much is seen of their family lives outside of the club as well as inside. Much of the writing is good although some moments are laughably macho. A biker pal told me that real outlaws refer to the show as 'Sons of Dynasty' due to the soapish style but I think the balance between family and the sometimes shocking actions of the outlaws is spot on for the audience. Although it took me a few episodes to connect with it, I would advise to stick with it because season 2 is a belter and I have very high hopes for the upcoming season 3.
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on 9 December 2010
I've watched a lot of great american shows in recent years but SOA is completly different to a lot of shows out there. As most of the reviewers have said previously the show focuses on a motorcycle club in a fictitious town called Charming in California called the Sons of Anarchy. The majority of the series focuses on the three principla characters - the current president of the MC Clay, the vice president who is also his stepson Jax and his mother Gemma. Other characters also have story arcs but the bulk of the series is focused on the interaction between these three main characters.

Season 1 focuses on the club and provides context about the dynamic within the club and sets the scene for most of the characters. We meet the main characters and see what lenghts the MC will go to in order to protect the club. After watching the pilot I was unsure whether the show as for me, so I would recommend watching 3-4 episodes back to back to help provide context and the ending to Season 1 is pretty special. Season 2 picks up where season 1 finished but there's some real drama in the first episode of the second season that sets the tone for the rest of the series and there is a pretty thrilling conclusion to the series which sets up season 3. The show's creator is Kurt Sutter who also created the Shield. He's also apparently married to one of the main characters Gemma Morrow which I didn't know so was surprised when I found out.

I've recently finished watching season 3 which took some time to get going but is of a really high quality (similar to the previous two seasons) and has a very clever story arc which builds upon the first two seasons. As I said I really didn't think I would love this show as much as I do but the premise of the show, characters and plot are exceptional. Many critics and fans have likened the show to Hamlet and you can certainly see similarities. I'm a massive fan of Dexter and would say SOA is on a par as the writing is excellent.

The SOA is a great show which combines action, drama and emotion really well. I'd thoroughly recommend checking it out if you've not already seen it - you won't be disappointed.
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To my eyes, it's a cross between The Sopranos and Deadwood, so if you liked either or both this is definitely going to appeal to you.

You'll know by now it's about a motorcycle "club" in northern California. They basically run the small town of Charming, in a relatively benign way, and do their bit to keep drugs and other gangs out. Having the Chief of Police on their side certainly helps, and it's actually quite sweet to see how genuinely concerned he is for the MC's welfare.

There's plenty of violence to liven things up, but strangely low-key swearing, unlike the somewhat similar Deadwood. The Sopranos similarity is enhanced by the family scenes, which admittedly are a bit sickly-sweet where the kid is concerned (although his SoA beanie is a great touch). I liked the fact that the lead female is as tough as she is. You certainly wouldn't want to mess with her and the ATF chick is positively demented.

It's a truly fantastic show which we absolutely whizzed through as you just don't want it to end. It surely can't be long until this show becomes huge.

Can't wait for Season 3
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on 3 April 2013
This is an excellent and informative show, it made me want to go out and buy a motorbike. The organisation of biker gangs is laid bare in this show, and a lot of effort is put into making it accurate, including using Hells Angels and members of other biker gangs as extras and consultants on the show. Sonny Barger even makes an appearance as an elderly member of the Sons of Anarchy - truly a case of life imitating art, or is it vice versa?
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on 9 May 2016
Brilliant acting, brilliant characters that you get to know with each episode you watch. Pleanty of action and great plots! Season 1 and 2 in a boxset is great
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