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4.5 out of 5 stars446
4.5 out of 5 stars
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As somebody who has used and calibrated laboratory standard precision weighing scales for many years I was interested in reviewing these pocket scales. I have previously reviewed the Smart Weigh JDS20 and this review will be in a similar manner.

In the box you will find. . .

- The scale containing 2 AA batteries
- The instruction leaflet

The scale is made from plastic with a stainless steel pan and measures 5 x 2.9 inches. The pan is 3 x 2.5 inches and is flat. It has an attached dust cover that flips back and has the basic operating instructions written inside it. The blue back-lit LCD display has three buttons underneath it which are. . .

On/off - Power button

Mode - which changes the units of measurement from Grams>Ounces>Carats>Grains. This also starts the calibration process with a long press.

Tare - Used to zero the scale.

In use -

This scale can weigh up to 100g in increments of 0.01g and is best to be placed on a sturdy surface free from vibration so there are no fluctuations on the display. Granite is best with the person weighing whilst sitting down. Do not breathe towards the scale nor touch the pan or object to be weighed with your fingers, use tweezers and ensure there are no air currents or vibrations for accurate results to the 0.01g

I happen to have a set of laboratory standard check-weights and used these for my review against a laboratory Sartorious balance that weighs to 0.0001g. For each weighing operation I placed a large glass beaker over the scale to top any air currents from giving false readings.

Upon turning the SWS100 scales on and using my own tweezers at all times I placed a 100g calibration weight on the pan twice separately.

1st 100g = 99.97g
2nd 100g = 99.98g

On my lab scales
1st 100g = 100.0000g
2nd 100g = 100.0000g

So using the instruction leaflet method I calibrated the SWS100 using a the 100g weight.

I reweighed the weights and. . .

1st 100g = 100g
2nd 100g = 99.99g

So the calibration does work and the resulting measurement is very good in my opinion being 0.01g out only. Excellent!

I now checked it's repeat-ability in weighing the same weight several times. This is a standard lab test using a laboratory standard 50g check-weight tared between each check weigh.

1st weigh = 49.99g
2nd = 49.998g
3rd = 49.99g
4th = 50g
5th = 50g
6th = 49.98g
7th = 49.99g
8th = 49.97g
9th = 50g
10th = 49.99g

I only calibrated it the once at the beginning. If I'd have re-calibrated it between every check weigh I believe the results would be much tighter.

This is a very good scale. It isn't bang on to the very last hundreth of a gram but only one or two out if calibrated between each weighing operation and adequate enough for weighing in grams up to 100g.

One thing I did notice is that on the digital readout the units of Pennyweight and Troy Ounces are visible but. . .in use they cannot be accessed! It is 'only' Grams-Ounces-Grains-Carats on this scale.

This scale was kindly provided to me by the seller for me to review.

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on 2 April 2015
Excellent product and tested with calibration weights I bought elsewhere it took a long time before I had a reading that was not exactly 50 grams but 0.01 out so this is an absolutely brilliant piece of kit, they also produce several different models so if you are like me a keen hobby enthusiast and rocket maker you will need the precision to correctly weigh amounts of powder or grains and also to help you shave grams from a helicopter or quad copter. Not so much for an aeroplane but quads and helicopters have a 121 lift ratio so every single gram can and does count towards extending the amount of time you have in the air.

The company also produce several other models which can weigh up to 1KG or 600 grams to a precision of 0.1, not as sensitive as this 0.01 product.

All said a fantastic piece of kit to have around for weighing out precious metals for example, powder if you are a hobbyist or chemist or water, although the item itself is not water proof in any way.
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This elite pocket digital scale came well packaged. It was placed in a plastic pocket that was easy to open. The scale itself was wrapped inside a plastic envelope. Complete instructions were placed inside the plastic sleeve. These are easy to use and read instructions. Instructions are also written on the inside of the lid. Before use remove the plastic strip from the compartment. Batteries are included.

Place the scale on a flat surface. Press the on button and the blue LED light will calibrate. You may push the mode button to choose the desired weight unit. The trade feature can be used to subtract the weight of an empty container. Explicit directions are included. The buttons are large, the blue LED screen lights up brightly. The scale is metal and has enough surface to accurately weight whatever you need. Trouble shooting and error codes are explained. There is a ten year limited warranty.

You can use pocket scales in the kitchen, craft room, bathroom, office, workshop and more. The pocket scale can be used for weighing coins, or one that's a little more precise for gemstones and precious metals. This scale would be perfect for a jeweler. You could also weigh herbs and spices, good for the cook.

For the money this is the perfect pocket digital scale. It is attractive, small enough to insert in your pocket or purse. A great purchase. Note: I was provided this scale for use and review. Note: I was provided this scale for use and review.

Recommended. prisrob 02-19-14
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on 18 November 2013
Good at weighing to 0.01g, very good considering the price I paid for it. Would definitely recommend to other buyers
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on 8 December 2015
Bought these scales in February 2015 and it's now December 2015. Never measured close to the limit weight and only did less than 200 measurements over that period but the display is now so faint it's unusable even after trying new batteries. Since a return or replacement could not be done through Amazon because they were bought a while ago (even though they had not been used much), I contacted Smart Weigh directly on Facebook and by e-mail but they seem to have ignored by attempts to reach them. Gets two stars rather than one star because it's great while it works (accurate, convenient design, includes batteries) but useless very quickly
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on 7 January 2015
very inaccurate, constantly gives different readings, even after setting tare. After taking an item off it almost never returns to 0. Doesn't really do the job I bought it for.
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on 5 May 2014
it isnt a 100% accurate all the time, sometimes when weighing you can take what ever your weighing off and it will show up one or two milligrams out , so you need to Tar again
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on 28 January 2016
First impressions; I will update this review after using the scale for a while so I can get to know it a little better.

Manufacturers packaging: Well packaged, however printing on the box is a little fuzzy. The scale itself is wrapped in a plastic bag, inside a plastic holder, plenty of protection to make sure you product arrives in perfect condition. A nice touch is the fact the screen has a protective film covering it. You also get a manual with this scale covering any questions you might have. If I'm reading the manual correctly a warranty is supplied also! This is great as I have had bad experiences with similar scales in the past breaking after short use.

Build quality: This scale has definitely been made to a high standard, the screen is very clear and the buttons are responsive and clicky, not mushy. Although you can find similar looking scales which are cheaply made, this one doesn't feel like it will break on me.

Conclusion so far: Great value for money, I feel like I've bought a quality item I won't need to replace straight away like others I have used.
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on 12 December 2013
I bought this tiny scale to balance some replacement heli rotors, for which it performed admirably. Not much to add to KM's in-depth review, other than that I couldn't get a reading less than .03g when playing with little bits of tissue paper (probably should get out more often). Having regard for its purpose, it is delicate without being flimsy, and remarkable value for money.

From Five Star via Amazon, and delivered on time.
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on 10 January 2015
Weighing the same thing several times usually give varied results, not reliable enough for my liking.
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