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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 14 June 2013
How am I supposed to rate this tripod? On the one hand it can be as solid as the proverbial jelly in a high wind, while on the other it's astonishingly compact and light, and if that's important to you it's probably as good as you could hope for at the price. I have a 'better' tripod but it's no use at all if it's not with me because it's too heavy to lug around.

All the 5* reviews probably raised my expectations too high, and Slik don't help with their various webpages either saying that it's ideal for an SLR + telephoto zoom or only really suitable for a compact camera [] - I think the latter is nearer the truth though the pic on the box shows it holding an SLR with a pretty chunky lens. In reality I'm sorry to say this tripod really isn't at all solid when fully extended with an SLR on top; touch the camera and it wobbles for several seconds - I would imagine a [D]SLR's mirror would set it off; I am blessed [?] with a Sony SLT and with that camera, or with your mirror locked up if you have one, indoors [ie. no wind], with a remote control, it's absolutely fine and holds the camera perfectly well - no slippage/drooping/dropping/falling over, though my camera and plastic kit zooms only weigh about 1kg. The whole thing twists and flexes rather a lot too. More positively, if you don't use the pencil-thin lower leg section and only raise the centre column half way it's really rather impressive, and if you fold out your LCD screen it won't kill your back using it at this height - I knew there had to be a reason you could do that. Contrary to accepted wisdom it seems better to partly raise the centre column rather than use the last leg section with this tripod.

And it is tiny! I bought it to hang on the side of my backpack while walking and size was really the overriding consideration but though I'd read all the blurb it still came as a surprise just how compact and lightweight this tripod is. I thought it was small when the postman handed the package over - then I found there was a smaller box inside that, and then a smaller bag, and then an even smaller tripod. It's remarkable that it extends to above average eye level. And this is it's great advantage; it's so easy to carry you won't leave it at home or in the car and it's surprisingly good if you don't raise it too high and better than nothing if you do, though I wouldn't trust it in a gale.

The other problem with the compactness is the tiny head, and more particularly the microscopic quick release plate which really does look as though it was designed for a compact camera. I tried swapping it for the head of my other tripod which made everything more solid, and easier to use to boot, but negated the lightness so much I gave up on it. There are many comments on the way the camera tilts down a little after you tighten the clamp: As far as I can make out this movement is between the camera and this tiny QRP, caused by the cork flexing, rather than movement in the ball and socket itself. I tried mounting the camera so the the plate's longer side is parallel with the lens axis rather than the sensor/film plane and this did seem to improve matters.

And if at all possible use a remote/'cable' release or the self-timer or you simply won't see much benefit. At about 1/10sec,
photos I took using the camera's shutter release with the tripod at its full height were barely less blurred than hand held shots.

If you accept its limitations it's a superb travel/hiking tripod. 5* for compactness, 3.5, maybe 4* for solidity at waist height, but only 1* fully extended, though you could probably add a star or two if you're looking for a tripod to use with a smaller camera. "PRO" is definitely pushing it, but without spending a fortune on a carbon fibre job I doubt you'll find a better tripod to carry all day and not wish you hadn't. The tiny QRP is a simply too tiny for anything but a compact, but try turning it round a quarter turn. Or see if you can find a Sprint 150 - I couldn't - or maybe consider the 3-way head. I don't really like ball heads but it saved £20 and a few ounces.

After all that waffle, to sum up; if you know you won't be taking it far from home or your car then I'm sure there are heftier tripods that would be better, ie. more stable, for the same money, but despite all the negativity, if size and weight are important to you then yes I would definitely recommend this tripod.
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on 26 July 2013
As some of the others have pointed out, this tripod is excellent for a compact camera. I don't have a (D)SLR, so can't comment, but I've carried it on a number of trips to use with my Samsung (largish) compact - and it has been brilliant. I've done night shots with it, I've taken pictures of myself while traveling - no need to wait half an hour for somebody to go past in order to take a photo of myself in a particular setting. Build quality so far seems good and everything is still working as it should - but I don't have any other tripod to compare it with.
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on 8 January 2011
When I was thinking about buying this tripod I hadn't seen many reviews which is why I'm gonna write this one. Very well made and definitely looks the part, sturdy even when the legs are fully extended and can easily hold my Nikon d3100 and a zoom lens. Very versatile tripod and can be made to go very low to the ground for many different types of situations. Folds down to a very small size and isn't a bother to carry, nice ball head, which is also very sturdy also and has not loosened up on me. Nice soft padding on the legs too which makes it even easier to carry, also comes with a small shoulder bag too. Perfect for using on a journey up a hill or on a trek etc. Very well made tripod and although there are probably cheaper ones out there I am very glad I went with this choice. It will hopefully suit me for a very long time!
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on 5 February 2011
I bought my one of these in Korea... and haven't regretted it for a second.

As a light(ish) basic tripod it has all the features you coudl ask for. The camera can be put underneath to 'copyshoot' things. The legs go out very low and the base of the central column is removalable for low level shots. The ball head is a little small for pro size DSLR perhaps. (I wouldn't leave mine on it at full height and be out of arms length away....). But as a piece of kit that easy to carry and easy to use it can't be faulted.
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on 12 November 2009
The seller is super fast and the Tripod is excellent, I've boon using it for night photography and the images are super sharp despite the lightweightness of the tripod.

A must have
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on 10 February 2010
Very satisfied with the tripod - light as a feather, very small in folded condition and, as far as I can tell, made from good quality aluminium, not a cheap plastic. Having d40 with 200mm on it. Recommend for those who look for light tripod for basic level dslr. Note that it has ball head, maybe you won't like it.
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on 11 July 2013
I have been looking for a tripod that can get my camera low to the ground but is still small enough and light enough to hike with easily but also wouldn't be easily blown over.

I decided to give this tripod a go and I'm very impressed! The quality of build is very good, all moving parts operate smoothly, the tripod can go very low and indeed also quite high. It's quick and easy to use and certainly will hold a large DSLR with a moderately heavy lens.

I've used a D7000 with grip and a 70-200 F/2.8 which it held but wasn't great in wind. Without the grip and using my 17-55 F/2.8 it was excellent.

Overall exceeded my expectations and is well priced, I can highly recommend. You won't find better at this price and you're likely to be paying more than double for anything better.
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on 1 July 2013
With any lightweight tripod you are going to get some movement and the same is true for this tripod too. That said, as long as you don't try to overextend it in adverse conditions, it is grand. I have had my Nikon 7000 and telephoto lens on it without any bother.
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The first tripod I ever bought was a Slik Gazelle, which I picked up while stationed in Japan in 1983. I used it regularly until last month, when a plastic part in the mounting head snapped. 30 years of service...not too shabby.

This is the standard for Slik has set up with its made-in-Japan craftsmanship. This tripod is slightly larger and heavier than the Gazelle and adds enough extra features to make the extra weight a good trade off.

It has a quick-release plate, and adjustable leg angle locks.

Overall, steady movement and a stable platform for all but the heaviest lenses and highest wind conditions.
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on 14 May 2014
I bought this as a gift, having been told exactly what model to buy (so it wasn't a surprise)! However, I have seen it being used almost daily and the recipient has confirmed she is absolutely delighted with it. I don't know too much about the detail of what makes it good, but I see it being moved around, adjusted and fiddled with, and so far I've not heard a cross word being muttered. Brownie points for me!
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