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on 28 August 2011
I've used the slendertone abs and shorts versions before and found limited but noticeable results from them so thought I'd give the face one a try - and it's now the one beauty product I would totally never be without! It takes a few weeks to see the more dramatic results, though I found my complexion improved from the first week, and also you need to use it consistently (I managed at least 3-4 times a week, and often use it every day for a few days a week) but I certainly found huge improvements to sagging skin and drooping jowels!

My face shape had changed significantly after being on corticosteroids during chemo, when I got the 'moon face' side effect (your face gets round and fat!) and afterwards although it had improved, I still found my face was a totally different shape to before - and I had saggy jowels as well as no cheekbones. After all I'd gone through with chemo this was hard to take, but within a month or two of using the slendertone face, my cheekbones were coming back! And now, after about 6 months (NOT using it every day and having periods where I forget completely) my face is back to it's pre-chemo shape, and when I see photos of myself, it looks like me again! This gadget has given me so much confidence back, and I would wholeheartedly recommend it if you are prepared to use it properly and regularly - and find your cheekbones again!!! It may not work for everyone, but it did for me.

And by the way, it DOES grip your face pretty strongly, but if you position it properly it doesn't pull the face down, although I find I get the best results by varying the position slightly, so when I have it lower on my face, I tend to wedge a flannel under the bar at the back of my neck to stop it from pulling down - that seems to fix it!
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on 28 November 2011
Im in my mid 40's,have just lost 12 kilos, and I have been using this slendertone face for only 2 weeks, but can already see amazing results, my jawline is so much tighter,the jowells have almost gone, the heavy lines less prominent, and i can see my lips have started to gain more shape, fuller, its kind of wierd, when i smile now it feels tighter when i do so, i would say i have already knocked 5 years off my age.which makes me want to use it every day as i can SEE its working.
The only slightly negative thing i can say is that its kind of hard to figure out where to place it on your face, because the instructions tell you not to put it on your cheekbones,(or your vision gets wobbly) to put it underneath your cheekbones, but if you look at the image shown of the woman using it, it looks like it is sitting way high on her cheekbones,the top of it is more inline with her eye socket, so thats a little bit confusing, maybe thats me being a bit daft,or i just have a funny shaped face! but you can pause the programme and reposition it if it doesnt feel right.It will probably take one or two goes to get used to it. If you have the setting too high, it actually makes your jaws ache,I can actually feel my nose moving a tiny bit too, and my mouth opens and closes ever so slightly and i can't talk clearly when its on. Yes, the machine is expensive, but if you watch the slendertone face video and read information about it on their website, you will understand more about the structure of your face and muscles, it might make you realise all these expensive face creams cant do for you what this machine can.......
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on 18 August 2014
I bought this for my wife as she's wanted one for ages very cheap off here to bye much more pricey in shops I've commented on how my wife's skin looks refreshed lifted and like porcelain very good product would recommend this product
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I had mixed feelings about this which is why it's taken me four months to review it.

Slendertone Face works by stimulating the facial muscles while wearing a rechargeable device vaguely resembling headphones but fitting onto the cheekbones rather than ears. The device needs to be charged for 3 hours before use then worn for 20 minutes for 5 days each week over a period of 12 weeks.

On the first few uses especially, it feels quite strange as the electronic impulses stimulate the facial nerve and this can lead to some facial twinges, a slight headache and, in my case, sensitive teeth. I wasn't keen on the sensation and gave up after a few goes. However, this is an expensive product and needs to be given a fair chance so, after a few more false starts, I gave it another try and I'm glad I did.

Yes, it takes a while to get used to the sensation, to adjust the sensitivity to suit yourself (there are 99 sensitivity levels to choose from) and to develop the discipline to use it as required. In practice however, it doesn't really require too much dedication - wear it while doing something else such as the ironing, washing up or, because it's an independent rechargeable unit, wear it while gardening or pursuing another hobby. If you have unexpected visitors, they'll simply assume the headset is a pair of mis-placed headphones.

Once I adopted the discipline needed and found the optimum settings, suddenly it was no longer a chore and I grew to like Slendertone Face and now, having successfully completed my 12 week program, I can actually see the difference. I should have taken before and after photos but, without a doubt, my face has a better tone and my eyebags are reduced.

So, would I recommend this? At first my response would have been negative but now, having given it a chance, I am converted. I think it's important that users understand they need to be committed to using it as required to see beneficial results and it's also important to find the correct setting to suit you so that you see the benefits but without having to tolerate headaches, sensitive teeth and facial twinges to do so.

Be patient, and be reassured that it does work!
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on 18 June 2013
Having owned a competitors system for several years and totally fed up with attaching 6 electrodes!! This is such a simple device and feels so much more comfortable. Due to the simplicity of use I am using it far more than the 'other one'.

Have used for about 4 weeks and YES I do see an improvement in tone etc.
I would highly recommend this to anyone contemplating buying this system.

Just for the record I am a 60+ female.
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on 24 September 2014
Slendertone Face is really great, much better than fillers because the result is all natural firm looking skin, I would not look the same without it and plan to continue using it forever.
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on 28 December 2012
I have a large arsenal of age defying gadgets, and this is my newest. My boyfriend bought it for me for Christmas and I've used it every day. In the four days I've used it, I've noticed a difference already. I have spent a lot of money on CACI facials, which are hailed as non-surgical facelifts, and I can see that this product produces the same effect. It's much easier as it's less time consuming. I was running late for my last appointment at the salon and got my first speeding ticket. It made me realise that it's not just a financial investment, but an investment of your spare time, which is in short supply, so 20 minutes a day for five days a week in the comfort of your own home is much easier than an hour and a half three times a week at a salon (although I admit it goes down to once a month once you achieve the desired effect). I appreciate that I've only used it for a few days, but in the last four or five months, in which I have invested in age defying products and gadgets, I've received many comments about how youthful I look. I'm 44 and used to be mistaken for someone in their 30s, so I had good skin to start with, but now people think I'm in my 20s. You do have to be patient to see these results, but they're worth it.

UPDATE: After using the Slendertone for the 12 weeks I would most definitely say that it reduced wrinkles, crow's feet and made my jawline became more defined.

I would add also that I got married in June and I used the radiance setting on the day and everyone commented on how radiant I looked.

After nine month's of regular usage it stopped working. My fiance (now husband) bought it for me, and he didn't retain any proof of purchase. It took a several phone calls and a letter to negotiate a replacement from Slendertone but in the end they admitted that the serial number was correct and it was a genuine product (which I never doubted due to the fact that it did what it was supposed to do). Eventually I did receive a brand new replacement from them.
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on 28 January 2012
I had been considering cosmetic surgery for a few years. Then I came across Slendertone face, and thought this would be the answer. Even though very expensive, reading the reviews I was very hopeful it would work for me.
Unfortunately having used this piece of equipment for 6 months now I can honestly say I do not look any different at all.
It may work on someone age 35, but not for me at 52.
Very disappointed.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Slendertone Women's Face Female - White/Silver is an excellent product for women who like to make the most of their appearance. I actually think this is an excellent investment and it will save me money as I was paying money to a beautician for their use of a machine which promises similar results.
Slendertone actually recommends a rejuvenation programme of 20 minutes a day, five times a week for 12 weeks. I actually did start noticing a difference to my skin after two weeks and now it is coming up nearly six weeks I have noticed a slight lift to my facial skin but now it is slight. I now have to use it for another six weeks for to get the full benefit, so far I am happy with the results and if I do continue with the same results I do believe I will be very content with the results. It is recommended you have to use it two to three times per week every week to keep the results you have received after using it continous for the first 12 weeks with the two days rest between each new week, judging by what is written I will be able to maintain what results I have received after 12 weeks rather than noticing a further difference to my face. Slendertone do not promise miracles, but it does promise that like all muscles they have to be used or you will lose the tone. Slendertone also says that is only works on the muscles which control the aging process as the muscles which control your eating etc are separate so therefore chewing gum will not help the muscles which Slendertone work on. It also states if you have used Botox injections these muscles are paralysed by the Botox so Slendertone will not be able to work on these muscles but the muscles which have not been affected by the Botox will be exercised.
The machine is comfortable to use only if you do not turn the actual control pad up too far. The pad allows you to start at 0 and go further up to 99 which after six weeks I have not even ventured to go too I have got as far as 50 and that is strong enough for me. I must warn other purchasers it is important where you actually position the actual pads which at times is rather hard to do as there is not much of a stretch in the part which goes around your head, I actually found it most comfortable at the back of my head near the neck and then put the actual pads in the front of my ears. I made a mistake and put it on a nerve and I can honestly say my lip was turning up I swore I was aiming for a personation of Elvis when I moved the pads near my eyes I was winking so much if I did it in public I would be getting some strange looks. Though with changing positions of the pads this did ease but not totally go away. When I looked into the product further this was caused by the machine actually using small electric shocks using EMS technology which uses the gel pads as the conductor or carrier of the current which reacts on the muscles under the skin. As I said this can be corrected by moving the pads but some people will continue to suffer with this reaction, Slendertone recommend closing your eyes and mouth to minimise the effect which I did, the only other thing about the pads when the actual pads were on my skin and the actual machine was working I felt as if the pads were slipping but it was only a sensation caused by the pads being activated by the machine. It actually felt if a lot of small pin heads were touching my skin but I was able to control this by turning the machine power down a small degree.
I will have to say I did suffer from headaches after using this which felt like tension headaches I presumed it was because of the machine actually working on the muscles under the eyes and around the mouth caused this. Though after a short rest after using the machine these headaches did ease without having to take any form of medication.
The actual machine which powers the pads takes just over three hours to fully charge and you are provided with a plug with a couple of different small adapters which will either plug into a shaver plug or an ordinary socket.
There is certain medical ailments which if women are suffering from it is recommended they do not use the machine these are if you suffer from cancer or epilepsy and there is also other ailments recommended you must ask your doctor which are muscle or joint problems or diseases such as tendency to bleed internally. (If you want to know anything else about this please email me and I will try my best to help you) This is a product I would recommend to those in their thirties or forties, it does work but you must want to put the constant continuous time into it plus the fact buy the pads for it which at present time are priced at roughly £25. SLENDERTONE REPLACEMENT PADS - FACE There are twelve packets of pads included with the machine and Slendertone does say one packet will last one week which is what I have found, therefore the pads will last for the first twelve weeks treatments.
I therefore do recommend Slendertone Women's Face Female - White/Silver if you are willing to put the time into it plus extra money for the pads but I do believe you will like the end results and anything which erases those tell-tale lines which shows your age is worth any time spent on them. Though there are a few side effects which do ease after a longer period of usage.
I will edit my review in August when I have completed my full twelve weeks recommended.
This is an edited review of my first review as I have been using it for a longer period and I have done further research of the machine which I felt other customers would be interested in.
29th September 2012 as promised I said I would update my review after the initial 12 weeks had passed using the Slendertone Facial Toner, to be honest I actually waited an extra four weeks as I felt there was not a huge change from I had first written my review. It is now recommended after using the machine five times per week for the twelve week period you should reduce this down to two to three sessions per week to keep the results. I did notice with using it now only 2-3 times per week for the 20 minutes stated I have to say I have kept the clarity and firmness which I reported at the initial period of six weeks has been kept up plus the clarity of my skin has improved as I feel with the muscles being worked over this period of time has given my skin a better foundation and people have commented that I look `less tired' and my skin is looking great which I have to say the only different thing I have used over this period of time is the machine. Therefore I will say I believe this machine works but you must be able to put the time into using it regularly plus `keep up' the regular sessions which I do find very relaxing as I use the time allocated just for me with no distractions which at times is a blessing in itself.
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on 7 February 2015
I am 52 years old and this is the 4th electronic facial toner I've purchased. The first was the CLEO about 15 years ago.This is the only device that I know already I will continue to use because it's no hassle. The other gadgets involved 4 sticky pads that needed to be repositioned on different parts of the face and multiple leads. The Slendertone Face is so user friendly, easy and quick to use-20 mins at the most.
I read reviews about the headset breaking or the sticky pads being difficult to use but honestly if you just follow the instructions this is not a problem. If you put the headset on from the back of the neck up rather than from the head down you won't overstretch or break the headset. Yes the pads are sticky- they have to be to keep it in place -but if applied as instructed they aren't a problem to attach and you don't have to touch them for a week.
I've only used the device for two weeks so too early to tell if it makes a difference yet. I will know if it's effective as menopause and weight loss have affected my skin and I have serious jowls. I'm hoping that my face will no longer look like its melting!
I have taken photos and I will post again at the end of the 12 week period.
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