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Terry Pratchett
Equal Rites:
Terry Pratchett
Terry Pratchett

Major Strands in the Discworld Series

Terry Pratchett’s Discworld is populated by a wide diversity of characters, themes and places, which run throughout the series. Some of the novels can be organised into rough groupings as detailed here, but this should not be taken to mean that these elements feature exclusively in those novels.


The Colour of Magic
Rincewind, the hapless wizard, features large in the first two novels in the Discworld series, accompanied by The Luggage. He has a penchant for running away, and takes being an anti-hero so far to the edge that he falls off. He is definitely Unseen University’s most unsuccessful wizard, and he plays a significant role in the following novels:

The Colour of Magic, The Light Fantastic, Sourcery, Eric, Interesting Times, The Last Continent, The Science of Discworld (I, II and III), The Last Hero, Unseen Academicals

City Watch

Guards! Guards!
Novels centred on the Ankh-Morpok police force, the City Watch, headed up by the ever stoical Commander Sam Vines. It consists of a motley assortment of representatives from the city’s diverse ethnic groups, including werewolves, dwarves, trolls, golems and vampires.

Guards! Guards!, Men at Arms, Feet of Clay, Jingo, The Fifth Elephant, Night Watch, Thud!, Where's My Cow?Snuff


A group of novels that features Death, an anthropomorphic personification of the Grim Reaper, and his eternal struggle to understand human behaviour. In his travels around the Discworld, Death can become a pawn in others’ games. He is frequently joined by his granddaughter Susan Sto Helit, and accompanied by his sidekick, the Death of Rats.

Mort, Reaper Man, Soul Music, Hogfather, Thief of Time

Moist Von Lipwig

Going Postal
Two of Terry Pratchett’s recent Discworld novels set in Ankh-Morpork feature Moist von Lipwig, formerly known as Albert Spangler, conman, swindler and fraud. Moist has a tricky relationship with Lord Vetinari, the Patrician of Ankh-Morpork, which is based on threats, subterfuge and grudging respect.

Going Postal, Making Money


Equal Rites
Lancre witches Nanny Ogg, Granny Weatherwax, Magrat Garlick and Agnes Nitt play a central role in the novels listed below. Lancre is situated in the mountain region of the Ramtops and is saturated with magic. Consequently elves (a nasty bunch), headless horsemen and transfiguring cats can all be found here.

Equal Rites, Wyrd Sisters, Witches Abroad, Lords and Ladies, Maskerade, Carpe Jugulum

Tiffany Aching

The Wee Free Men
Written for younger readers, these novels are related to the Witches series, as they all feature the young apprentice witch Tiffany Aching, whose power is drawn from the chalk landscape where she was brought up. A natural witch, she is aided by the toughest clan of fairies, the Nac Mac Feegles.

The Wee Free Men, A Hat Full of Sky, WintersmithI Shall Wear Midnight

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