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it is made out of a polystyrene type material but it is quite tough.... what I found with mine is that the steering is not very sharp at all, and it got easily carried away when there was pretty much no wind at all. To be fair it probably was partly my disability to pilot the thing but I am 14 and for a ten year old, I think this plane will be quite tricky to fly. You could let him try it out though. I think I may have bought mine off another company but they easily refunded me... when the nose cap blew off and the plane was blown into a tree and crashed into the ground the nose nearly ripped-off! If he is well experienced with flying very light remote controlled planes then this is definitely a goer!
20 Nov 2014 by betie
For me, the range was about 12 feet - until it crashed into the ground, because it came with non-functional, dive-inducing elevators out of the box. I got a refund on mine, and now, for a similar sort of price, you can get the Hubsan 107 quad-copter; I'd suggest something like this is a vastly superior flying toy. It's proper, this is... sort of not I'm afraid to say.
17 Jul 2014 by Badben
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