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Good question - I would suppose that it would as the system is generic and not specific, as on a cars alarm. Taking that query to it's ultimate scenario - should you be sat next to another bike/mobility scooter with the same system, you could start their indicator off as well!!
21 May 2014 by Worldpix
don't know best to ask the dealer they are not to good after a while come on with bumbs in road.
22 Apr 2014 by mr wa williams
I would suggest, not trying to deactivate the siren. How many times have you been out on the road and thought the car driver in front that hasn't cancelled his/her indicator is an idiot, this could be said of you if you were to leave the indicator on or you could find that a car pull out and have you off your bike, because he/she thought you were turning. So in all truth I would say, just leave as is, you being safe on the road is more important than a little annoying siren sounding. Happy cycling.
12 Jun 2014 by dean
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