Sherlock Holmes 2009

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Explosive action, baffling mystery and intrigue are the hallmarks of this new version of Sherlock Holmes. Our hero and his ally Watson must solve a string of brutal murders and are plunged into a world of dark arts and new technology, where logic and a good right hook are the best weapons.

Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law
2 hours 8 minutes

Sherlock Holmes

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Genres Thriller, Action & Adventure, Crime, Comedy
Director Guy Ritchie
Starring Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law
Supporting actors Rachel McAdams, Mark Strong, Eddie Marsan, Kelly Reilly, William Hope, Michael Robert Johnson, Anthony Peckham, Simon Kinberg, Lionel Wigram
Studio Warner Bros.
BBFC rating Suitable for 12 years and over
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4.0 out of 5 stars Not your Dad's Sherlock ... 12 April 2010
This is really a review for the die-hard Sherlock Holmes fans amongst you: I'm afraid I'm a rampaging Sherlock Holmes purist and a devout worshipper of Jeremy Brett's (definitive?) Holmes. So when I heard Guy Ritchie was tackling Holmes, I wasn't too optimistic at first. However, my fears were misplaced and I ended up enjoying this very stylised, rather cheeky take on Holmes and Watson very much indeed. While it sags a little bit around the middle, Ritchie's film plays for most of its running-time like a Conan Doyle story delivered at very high speed, and it really works. Robert Downey Jr. is maybe not the Holmes you expect but almost everything he does and says comes straight from the original stories, and he does a terrific job of inhabiting the mannerisms and foibles of the greatest fictional detective there has ever been. We get a deeply eccentric and moody but nonetheless commanding and heroic Holmes. As other reviewers note, Jude Law does an excellent job. Too many Holmes adaptations go for laughs and make Watson a stooge, but Jude Law gives us a capable and resourceful Watson who's much more than a sidekick or a buffoon. References to a shadowy criminal mastermind hint at a sequel and I for one can't wait. More like this, please.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Sherlock Holmes...its elementary my dear Watson! 28 Jun 2010
By Tasneem
Though this well known phrase is not actually used in the film, Sherlock Holmes continues to be one of the best purchases I have ever made (right up there with the Kurt Geiger boots I bought on sale! Girls, you all know how highly this means I rate the item!) It was an absolutely fantastic DVD and though I have not read any of Arthur Conan Doyle's books, you didn't need to be an afficiando to thoroughly enjoy the storyline. It was gripping, action packed, and above all hilarious. Robert Downey Jnr perfectly delivers an English accent as the detective marvel who uses unconventional methods to uncover and foil the plot of Lord Blackwood, played by a sinsterly excellent Mark Strong. And the romance in the story line? I'm not talking about Holmes' love interest, Irene Adler, but the beautiful 'bromance' between the detective and his refreshingly normal Doctor, played by the fantastic Jude Law. If this film doesn't appear to be your cup of tea, then the line "Would you like to go to Don Giovanni tonight?" Punches him on the nose. "So its a no to the opera then?!" never fails to amuse me!
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4.0 out of 5 stars Steampunk Sherlock 24 Feb 2014
Like everyone else in the world, I instantly went cross-eyed at the idea of Guy Ritchie making a Sherlock Holmes movie.

Sure enough, this is not your dad's Sherlock. Or your grandpa's either. "Sherlock Holmes" is a thoroughly eccentric take on the legendary detective -- energetic, action-packed and clever, with more than a hint of steampunk and black magic. It gets kind of silly at times, but Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law keep the story going strong.

As the story opens, a young woman is about to be sacrificed in a black magic ritual by the evil Lord Blackwood (Mark Strong). However, Sherlock Holmes (Downey) and Watson (Law) thwart him just in time for the police to arrive. Three months later, Blackwood is executed -- but not before he tells Holmes that three more people will die, and the world will change.

But then his tomb is broken open... from the inside. And at the same time, Irene Adler (Rachel McAdams) tries to hire Holmes to track down a man who is then found dead in Blackwood's tomb. As Holmes tries to unravel this case, he discovers the existence of a strange upper-crust magical cult, who are slowly being killed off by Blackwood's mysterious powers. Has Sherlock Holmes run up against supernatural forces he cannot explain or fight?

This is not an adaptation of one of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's stories -- this is more a movie that takes the IDEA of Sherlock Holmes and applies it to a big, bombastic, quirky action movie. Ritchie directs the movie with a sharp, kinetic style, and he keeps things from getting too stuffy with lots of fight scenes (including Holmes mapping out every fight in his head before throwing a punch).
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5.0 out of 5 stars Holmes reinvented, Ritchie re-established 8 July 2010
Can we hear it for the under-rated Guy Ritchie? Rather like ABBA in the 1970's, it's been embarrassing and pretty 'uncool' for 'serious' film fans to admit that Ritchie is a hugely skilled and witty movie maker. Ritchie, London, Sherlock Holmes, Robert Downey Jr + a big Hollywood budget - what's not to like? Cheer yourself up and see this film. Modern, sharp, witty, fast moving - Victorian London meets James Bond. Superb set design; incredible photography, great script and fab central performances; unpretentious too. Everyone obviously had a complete gas making it and it shows. Good old fashioned movie entertainment. Ritchie is re-established and Holmes reinvented as a terrific modern anti-hero.
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5.0 out of 5 stars My mind rebels at stagnation 11 Jun 2010
After watching the trailer for Sherlock Holmes I expected to hate this film. The trailer does not do this film justice at all - it just makes the film come across as trashy and a bit stupid. However, I saw this at the cinema and was completely bowled over! In short it was brilliant. I agree with another reviewer who states that this film suffers when viewed on DVD as you really needed to see it on the big screen to fully appreciate the SFX and the soundtrack doesn't have the same impact when listened to through TV speakers.

I think I was put off the film because the trailer showed a Sherlock Holmes that seemed intolerable. Thanks to all the TV adaptations of Doyle I thought that Holmes (Downey Jr) should be portrayed as a dry, conservative, refined individual, the perfect gentleman. The trailer makes it seem as though the film is pandering to immature teenagers who want to see lots of fight scenes and bravado. Then I realised that I haven't read any Doyle so how did I know how the character is depicted in the books? Anyway Guy Ritchie is more than entitled to play around with the character of Holmes (Watson too) in the name of artistic licence. It seems to me that Ritchie has really provoked and surprised many people with what appears to be an unconventional interpretation of Sherlock Holmes which is good as it might encourage people to read some of the novels and it has shown that he can think outside of the gangster genre.

This film reminds me a bit of the Young Sherlock Holmes because they are both jolly good fun! That's what I love about this adaptation, it just grabs hold of you as soon as it starts and continues to thrill until the closing scene. The opening scene is first class in my opinion. The film just launches straight into the story, no time wasted.
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