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I have found that you still get a slight smell of things frying but not like you do from a normal deep fat fryer Hope this helps
16 Nov 2013 by susan sandall
Hi brenda, I always cook with the lid on. Less mess, and less chance of spitting back when you drop your food in. I always raise the basket out of the oil, when putting foid in. Add food, place lid on top of the basket, then lower basket into the oil.... hope it helps you out
27 Apr 2014 by chris anstie
Vegtable oil
18 Mar 2014 by susan sandall
They can except for the heater. However I got rid of this because it was not deep enough and kept overflowing hot oil.
3 Apr 2014 by Revd S. Waters
No it would be very suitable for a single person. but do not over fill or it will overflow
16 Feb 2014 by Revd S. Waters
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