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4.3 out of 5 stars40
4.3 out of 5 stars
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I think there was no way that Sharon was ever going to pull something out the bag the second time around that lived up to Extreme. Maybe it's because I really didn't know that much about her early life that I found Extreme so compelling, and because so much of what is in this book is in the newspapers and has been well documented on television I wasn't as gripped this time around.

Having said that, it is still vintage Sharon, loud, often vituperative and searingly honest. What makes her slamming of other celebrities so acceptable is the fact that she is just as critical of her own mistakes and actions. As such you feel that what she is saying is weirdly o.k. I did think at times though this book read like more of a hit list of people she wanted to get even with rather than a continuation of her life story. I still enjoyed it though.
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VINE VOICEon 9 October 2007
To sum up this widely trailed (and attacked) book is actually quite easy. She got the titles mixed up.
The first of her autobiographies should have been called "Survivor", and this one "Extreme"!!!

In her first book, Sharon could possibly have painted herself as a survivor of abuse from her family and husband Ozzy. This book blows that image away completely and comprehensively; detailing the life of the Sharon we 'know' for the past few years. Very much a portrait of a fiery, no nonsense and wonderfully flawed individual who deals with the ups and downs of fame together with the loss of her father.

Sharon Osbourne is now in her fifties and talks at length about her health and cosmetic issues, and how she is relaxing into her middle aged years. Her comfortable, gossipy style makes for an engaging read together with her side of many of the red-top newspaper stories that have been part of her life since she became a television megastar. Well worth reading and essential if you have already read her first book, as it complements and expands on that record-smashing autobiography.
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As this is a review about the audio version I need to focus of Paula Wilcox' reading of Sharon Osbourne's autobiography.

In her first book Sharon read the 3 CD abridged version. This gave extra gravitas and relevance to the fact that it was an autobiography.
Sharon Osbourne Extreme: My Autobiography: Extreme - Read by the Author

This one is different in two respects- firstly it is read by an actress - Paula Wilcox and second the abridged book is just 2 Cds long and not the 3 of her first.

When I first started to listen to the reading my first thoughts were oh no it's Paula Wilcox reading in a Sharon Osbourne type voice- 'put on' as we used to say.

(I am reminded of Frank Skinner's excellent reading of Ozzy Osbourne's autobiography- excellent to by the way.)

Whilst I accept why Frank read Ozzy's I am puzzled why Sharon did not read her's after she made such a brilliant job of the first.
I Am Ozzy

Paul is excellent with her 'Sharon voice'
BUT after the first few chapters you get used to it and actually it makes the reading all the more believable.
In a nutshell we accept Paula's voice as the voice of Sharon- F swear words and all.

I should add a warning hear that Sharon- or rather Paula swears like docker.

I myself have no problem with swear words but some do.

You have been warned.

Paula gives a brilliant take on Sharon's voice and as a trained and talented actress she delivers the reading really well excellent in fact. I would have preferred Sharon to narrate it but Paula does a really good job.

Where the books falls down for me is that at just 2 CDs and not the 3 of the original it is too short.
I wanted to hear more for Sharon's story is a really good one.

This is a compliment as to just how entertaining the book is..

In her first book Sharon Osbourne concentrated on her life as Sharon Arden and her terrible parents.

In my review of that I described it as a love story to Ozzy.

This one is an acceptance of her father Don.
Sharon told us of the morals or rather lack of morals her notorious businessman father Don Arden and how their relationship broke down.
The first was a love letter to her husband Ozzy. We learned how she reveals he (Ozzy) had saved her.

This second volume continues the story but the strange thing to those who read and loved her first book is that she has saved Don Arden and paid for all his medication and care. Don has Alzheimer's.

Each chapter Sharon comes back to her dilemma with Don.

In this book we get to know all the ins and outs of Sharon's cosmetic surgery and her views on dieting and life.

Whilst this is really interesting and revealing I think she skirted over her Cancer too lightly.
I am not maudlin but I would have loved for Sharon to tell us more about her experiences.

This is simply because Sharon always tells it like it is and her honesty is refreshing.
Her experiences on Cancer would have been really helpful to sufferers or rather family and friends of sufferers.

We do get to hear about Sharon's experiences with Simon Cowel and the X factor and American Idol

Again I was left wanting to hear more.
That part of her life is fascinating for British Readers.

Don't get me wrong this is a wonderful book and is well read.

It is just that I wanted more. 3 Cds and more would have been so much better.
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An entertaining book written in Sharon Osbourne's unique style - you can almost hear her voice as you read. 'Survivor' is the squeal to her far more interesting and superior best-seller 'Extreme', but it is nevertheless still a good read.

Here (among other things like the recent death of her father and her plastic surgery operations), Sharon talks about the feuds she has had with high profile people and how she dealt with them. She doesn't hold any punches in what she says but you just can't help but like her. Particularly interesting at the back of this, is where Sharon invited various celebrities to write something, totally honest, about how they feel about her.

Whilst this book one deals with just two years in Sharon's life, and I think that Mrs. O has seen the dollar signs in writing these memoirs, so I wouldn't be surprised if a third volume hits the shelves in a few years.

PS: I don't *think* that Sharon likes TV presenter Chris Tarrant, not too sure, but I might be right! ;)
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I really enjoyed Sharon Osbourne's first autobiography "Extreme", it was a hair raising true story and a juicy read to boot. However, this sequel is more or less a list of arguments and feuds she has had with various people. It depicts how someone treated her, what she thinks of them, and what she said to them. Its a bit one sided and she more or less has the same arguments and the same reactions to a host of different people, almost all of them famous. I can't say I agree with her behaviour, she is very rarely sorry, and I can't help feeling a bit uncomfortable with how she talks to people sometimes (I think she grossly overdid her dressings down of Chris Tarrant and Piers Morgan). I also thought it a bit odd that the book is dedicated to her dog Minnie. However, Sharon is undoubtedly her family's champion and will protect them fearlessly, even if the slight is perceived rather than true. She certainly sings Ozzy's praises which is only right, being his wife. However, I did balk a little at her boasts of how he has been famous for forty years and changed the face of both rock music and television. Lovable as he comes across, that does sound a little tall for a man who is a good heavy metal singer and songwriter.
There are also anecdotes where Sharon has obviously been a dreadful show off, stealing limelight, the thunder and the show whenever possible and I am sure that would grate on the nerves of many. Still, she really knows what she's talking about when she is managing Ozzy's career and their business affairs and she openly admits her talk show was a turkey. Having said all this, I can't deny its a cracking read, and I also can't deny that much as I want to, I just can't seem to dislike her, annoying as she can be.
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on 17 June 2015
I know she has had her problems - who doesn't know? - but what a vile, nasty, bitter woman she is. And this "book" (sic) only serves to further her "reputation" (sic) as a loathsome individual.
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on 16 April 2010
I haven't read the previous book, but I thought I would give this one a go. I really enjoyed it and read it in one day. Sharon is so blunt and says it how it is - it's brilliant. She doesn't hold back when giving opinions on other celebs. It also deals with Sharon's struggle with her father's illness and his death, which is really moving. The only bits I found slightly dull when she talks a lot about Ozzfest. But other than that it's a good book and I even laughed out loud at some of the things she says.
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on 1 January 2008
I really wish I could give this 5 stars but it would be misleading to do so. The book is good read but unfortunately at times it reads like a tick list of all the people she wants to name and shame and it is not, in my opinion, as good as the first one. If you are a fan you will enjoy the book.
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on 4 October 2007
I have just finished this book and i can just say WOW!!! just as good as extreme, survivor is full of sharon's wit and humour and had me laughing at some parts and crying at others. It's unbelieveable how much sharon has been through in just two years and i wish her all the best. just a great book.
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on 13 May 2012
Really enjoyed this book, I did not read her first one but that does not matter at all when it comes to this book. I liked this book as it did not go back to when she was born and her school life and so on like most do (but that is all probably in the first one!). I liked this book as it showed how much work her and Ozzy do like Ozzfest. Also liked about when that went to Russia the first time then going back years later and how much it had changed.
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