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on 17 March 2008
I have enjoyed a lot of Drunvalo's past work - especially Living in the Heart.

I found this book intriguing and interesting... but.... I also found it a little contradictory to his other works. In one of his other books he talks about connecting with someone who, from a past life experience, recognised Drunvalo as being someone present at the death of Jesus. However, in this book he tells how he is a walk in and had only one other life on earth in the 1800s... that just doesn't tally for me.

I also found bits of the book a little too superior and condescending. A tone of "I'll tell you a little bit about what you need to know, but not all of it" We're all doing our bit for the ascension and evolution of the planet and I don't really believe that one person is going to be the all important person to complete what's necessary. Perhaps I misunderstood but this book does smack to me as if Drunvalo is saying that it's through his work that the planet will be able to ascend....

Worth reading - but keep yourself centred is my view. Everyone has a part to play to get ready for 2012 and we are all necessary keys.
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on 27 January 2008
I really could not put this book down. I've read all of Drunvalos previous books, the others being of a more informative, intructive nature. This book describes a much more personal story over several years, and it does seem to follow in the same footsteps as 'living in the heart'. In this way this book is much more of a 'heartfelt' bio, portraying a series of most important ceremonies in the planet's most important sacred sites over recent years, so in several ways it has the feel of an epic. It was so lovely to read a more emotional and inspirational Drunvalo. It also felt so grand because you quickly realize there are many, many more people involved in this than just himself.

It seems to become successively more significant, and many times i found myself asking why do more people not know about this? Why is this stuff not on the news!? I was aware of the Earth's kundalini, but i didnt quite grasp that it was THIS important. It really wakes you up to what all the indigenous people of the world have been doing, and are still doing, to secure the ascension of the species (you and me). 2012- bring it on! I believe that if you are the kinda person to want to buy this book, it will deeply affect you on many levels, as it has me.
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on 5 September 2008
Absolutely brilliant book, beautifully written. He filled in a lot of the missing gaps that I didnt know about. Its the first of his books that I have read, I've only learnt of him through reading Bob Frissells books in the past. Now today I have ordered his first book The Flower of Life. I'm quite captivated by his work, its so sensitive. Thank you very much Drunvalo for sharing so much of your knowledge with us.
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VINE VOICEon 22 March 2011
I wanted to find out a little more about "2012". Having tried some other 2012 books, which were not that easy for a lay person to understand, I was recommended this.

The book is essentially a tale of how the Kundalini energy winds its way from Tibet to Peru, moving from masculine to feminine energy and how that fits with the end of the 13,000 year Mayan cycle on 21 Dec 2012. Yet it is so much more than is a beautiful tale in itself. It involves Drumvalo's experience of healing the ancient cultures, taking part in shamanic ceremonies and is at times deeply spiritual and awe inspiring. Some of this may be a little above the average person's understanding of our world but you can read it at your own level and still really enjoy it. You may even recognise the Mayan Crystals Skulls borrowed in Indiana Jones's latest film!

The only thing that irritated me was the constant reference to his other books, which seemed like a shameless sales plug...but I soon got used to skipping over them!
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on 12 May 2014
In all honesty I had mixed feelings about this book and can see where several reviewers are coming from with their differing points of view. Initially, Like another reviewer has commented I couldn't put the book down and was quickly working my way through the pages excited to see what was going to happen next. But unfortunetly the book does tend to drift off a bit in the middle, and I did find myself getting a little bored with it although I did choose to persevere as I felt it was a worth while story. I think the main reason for this is that it all becomes a little repetitive, and mainly consists of Drunvalo chasing around the country completing a ceremony, before promply going off somewhere else to complete yet another ceromony....

I think when I started the book I was hoping to gain a little more knowledge about the Earth's Kundalini and the rise and fall of Lemuria and Atlantis, but although there is some information about these subjects it is very limited, so perhaps I was just expecting too much from this particular book. All in all though I would recommend the book, it is definitely worth a read if a little slow in places. As to the authenticity of the story I would like to think that Drunvalo has given an honest and accuate account of events he experienced if at times things seemed a little far fetched, but I have experienced some pretty strange events in my time myself so who am I to judge!
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on 15 November 2009
I really enjoyed reading this book. A must for anyone who is interested in the energies of the earth and how we all have a part in our changing future.
For people who have not read books of this ilk an open mind is a must or perhaps starting with Drunvalos earlier work would make it easier to take on board.
Beautifully written and totally mesmerizing I couldn't put this book down.
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on 27 April 2010
Drunvelo Melchizedeck is a very special person. His work for the planet and his spiritual openess make great reading. This is not a book for the sceptic, but for thjose who can identify with Drunvelo`s experiences and conect with them. Drunvelo brings the importance of indigenous peoples to the fore front and illustrates thier relevance to the development of this planet. He is a man of western origins and can therefore take us on his journeys in a way we will undersatnd. You don`t have to be a shaman to relate to these books, they are fully digestable. This book is one that I miss (now I`ve read it ) like an old friend! Above all, read with an open heart!
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on 10 October 2012
The writer seemed very authentic, but I found the book rather boring although I feel a bit guilty for saying that because he is an earth healer and was supposedly healing the serpent energies or ley lines of the Planet in order for the serpent flow to travel to a new place ready for the next faze in the Planet's evolution. It was all about channelled messages telling him which places to go to for healing those power points. What was interesting was that other people were drawn to the same places too, without knowing who or what they would find there.
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on 26 October 2009
This book is a 'must read' for anyone who is remotely interested in Energy work, it is got a great theme of understanding running all through the book, a great journey for all to have, many like us may have had experiences like this before when travelling, but the author has actually recorded the amazing events.
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on 25 January 2010
This book gives a loving testimony of preparations that are being made for the things to come.
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