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I'm not familiar with any TV that has build in Bluetooth transmitter for audio out, but Yes, with helps of converter here and there you can listen to your TV from your MM500X. However MM500X made especially for music listening and it has built in microphone so it can be used with tablet/smartphone for calling.
6 days ago by Grandy Ko
yeah it's able to be used with any tablet having bluetooth
1 Jan 2014 by Owen
I do not believe that you will have a problem, they work just fine now with my IPad mini, however with the Samsung phone it's a different story.
8 days ago by george xanthomallis
As many headphones say that they have noise cancellation technology these implement a poor version of it. Compared to headphones such as the Bose it is not that good, but these are great headphones for the price and I do recommend
11 Jun 2014 by Mohammed
I do not know what CTIA standard is. What I can say is that I use this Bluetooth headset with my Acer laptop to listen to music from the music database on my NAS server and it sounds beautiful. Incidentally I had to use the Sennheiser BTD 500 USB plugin unit on the laptop to make it work.
9 Mar 2014 by D. F. Downie
Yes, they have a normal jack connector if you do not want to use as cable free.
18 Feb 2014 by Bob
I'm not sure about the connecting to a PS3 part. But it has a built in microphone so I'm sure you can.
13 Feb 2014 by Krishan
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