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Sennheiser MM 30i Ear-Canal Headset
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on 8 October 2014
Prompt,arrived on time,good start then.

Sennheiser MM30G In-Ear Headset for Samsung Galaxy - Black:
Now,I don`t usually review a item I haven`t tried yet but,I have been
using the "I" version of these since this year Jan & there suppose to
be the same soooo,I think I can safely make a comment/do a reivew.

Here goes,"These are the best in-ear headphones that I`ve had the
musical privilege to use to date"...ok I`ll try & add a bit more.
I`ve bought many a in-ear headphone in my time,there`s a set of JVC`s
on here that I`ve reviewed that were my top performers,not anymore.
The MM30G/I truly are great earphones & beat the JVC`s hands down on
everything from;tops which are crystal,mids which are clear & lows which
are full bodied,all this & more musicality than you can shake a stick at.
If you`re looking to hear the different layers in your mp3`s,you`ll get
that with the MM30`s,if you want hours of comfortable listing,you`ll have
that too along with,3 different bud sizes.

All the above qualities are evident when listening in or outdoors,more so
indoors as,there`s usually less back ground noise.
I use one of two mp3 players that are/seem to be dedicated to musicality
1st & more so,these are;NexMusic & Noozy(dogsbark).Neither of these mp3
players go particularly loud on my phone(could be phone though,but loud
enough it is from 2012!)but,I find I DON`T need to turn my phone up to get
any of the benefits I mentioned which,is better for the long term health
of my ears.
The real acid test for any ear/headphones when using a smartphone has to be
through a radio app,you will probably get the best(most consistent)sound quality
from a good radio app.My radio app of choice is "Tunein Radio",via wifi the signal
is clear & strong giving the listener "almost" audio file reproduction,these MM30`s
excel even further via radio;transparency,separation & depth....just wonderful.
I should also mention that these earphones may not sound the best strait out of
their packaging but,give them a hour or two or,blast them on 90% volume for about
30mins,(don`t put them in your ears though).Speaking of packaging,these are REALLY
difficult to unpack,they come in that tight see through plastic & card jobby so,be

"So how robust are they?",I here you say well,my MM30I`s are still going
strong(from Jan14)& I`m not the most careful of users I`ve accidentally pulled
the wires out more than I care to remember in fact,they have survived a "full"
dark wash cycle @ 40 degrees & still sound superb...
..amazing really!

Want hifi quality in-ear headphones for a bargain price,get the MM30G/I.
Sorry I didn`t mention the controls,using a Sony Xperia S smartphone the
MM30I controls don`t work,as I said I haven`t tried the MM30G yet when I
do,I`ll up-date this review concerning the controls with my smartphone.
For anyone wondering,the controls are mounted on the left hand side,a bit
awkward for this "right hander" I`m afraid but,this is minor as the whole
point of my review is the "hifi sound" for a bargain price!

Highly Recommended Five Easy Stars,thank you for reading &,happy listening.

My MM30i`s have finally given up the ghost,I recently caught them on the metal
part of a door frame,it cut right through the rubber outer covering exposing
the internal wires,believe it or not they still worked perfectly fine until I
snagged & pulled them in my pocket while sitting down bending the plug(which
didn`t have it`s rubber sleeve for a good while)resulting in one speaker not
working so on to the MM30G`s,this is the version for Android Phones & the big
questions;do the buttons work as advertised &,are the audio & hands free up to
the same standard.Can`t say for hands free yet(no calls made or received)but
the buttons DO all work as advertised & as for audio,no change there too still
out standing for the price,need to buy another spare set now!!
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on 3 September 2012
I had been a happy owner of a pair of Sennheiser CX-300's for over 2 years until I stood on them and snapped off an ear piece, since then i've been using the bundled Apple iPhone earphones. Although the sound quality has dropped and they constantly fall out of my ears i've found the inline volume and control buttons as well as the microphone to be really very handy.

As i've just started a gym membership I wanted to upgrade to something that would stay in my ears while exercising, block out the other sounds and have high quality sound. I was about to purchase another pair of CX-300's as they are exactly that but thought: "Is there a way to combine the features of the CX-300's with the Apple earphones?" I tried putting both earphones in a tank together to see if they would mate but alas! there was no need...

The answer is yes and they come in the form of the MM 30i's.

There's an obvious price difference between the CX-300's and the MM 30i's but it is well worth it in my opinion. The controls work on my iPhone, iPad and the iPod Nano I wear as a watch. There are up and down volume controls as well as a centre button which can Play (one click), Pause (one click), Skip track (two clicks), Skip back one track (three clicks), Answer Calls (one click), and End Calls (one click). The only thing I would change is that the controls are placed on the left hand wire (good for lefties?) instead of the right like the Apple earphones, it's no biggie though.

The earphones come in a see-through plastic box and contain the earphones, instructions and a set of 3 various sized earpieces to guarantee a good fit in your ear. As with all Sennheiser products I have used the MM 30i's are built to a high standard and sound fantastic.

All in all, if you're looking to upgrade from the standard Apple earphones or want extra functionality than your CX-300's you can't go wrong with choosing the MM 30i's.
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on 8 May 2014
Reason for purchase: I primarily use these while travelling (driving/National Rail/TFL [Tube]) and wanted something that would allow voice and music player control in the remote so I don't have to faff about with my phone in public. Given the dearth of choices for headphones with android remote functionality I picked these based on price and previous experiences with the Sennheiser brand (good) and didn't want an 'inline' (one-button) remote.

Device: Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini (GT-I9195)
Android: 4.2.2
Music Player: Poweramp (2.0.9-build-554-play (full version))
User: male, 30's, finance professional.
Price paid: £45.34 (Sold by Amazon EU S.a.r.L.) the white version is more expensive than the black ones for some reason.

(a). Sound Quality: Seems good, no worse than some, more expensive, headphones I have tried for home use. Headphones are always tested by me using Part I of Stravinksy's The Rite of Spring at a medium to high i.e. loud, but comfortable, volume. I don't pay much heed to technical numbers with headphones anymore (I learnt that sometimes they list frequency responses humans can't even hear after a certain age!)
(b). Functionality (Calls): Plus/minus adjust the volume and the middle button takes and hangs up calls. Haven't attempted anything else in a call. Mic quality seems good; though I haven't used it in a very loud/busy environment.
(c). Functionality (Music Player): Unbeknown to me initially the functionality seems to vary by music player (app). My app of choice is Poweramp with alternative being Google Play Music.
Plus/minus - volume controls
Single-click - play/pause (and pickup/hangup call if received while player is on)
Double-click - skip forward one track
Triple-click - skip back to beginning of track/skip back one track (if already at the beginning of the track). N.B. the triple-click does nothing in Google Play Music (you go forward a track).
Poweramp - when pressing the middle button you get audible beeps so you know how many times you pressed. N.B. not applicable in Google Play Music. The Google Play Music differences might be something to do with the app settings, I never checked.

Build/Quality: good, what you'd expect. With sensible use and care they should last a while (see caveat below), my previous Sennheiser in-ear headphones are still going (if only the had a remote!). These look decent too, the white headphones go with my white S4 Mini.

Areas to Improve ("Negatives")

1. No case/pouch: a carry pouch would have been useful. I've used the pouch from my previous pair of Sennheiser's but without a case/pouch the headphones durability/longevity will, likely, be lower.
2. No clip: a (removable) clip near or at the remote would be handy so I could fasten it to my collar/suit.

For reasons 1 and 2 I could not give it 5 stars.


User experience may deviate from mine by Android version / phone manufacturer. This seems to be more an issue with android than with headphone manufactures though. If you've got a Galaxy phone and an Android version the same (or better) than mine then your experience will likely be the same.

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on 13 November 2011
I've had these earphones for around 3 months so thought it was about time to write a review.

First Impressions - nice box, fairly good instructions, 3 different sized buds going from really quite small to fairly large so these should fit most people comfortably.

Sound Quality - Initially coming from the standard Apple Earphones I wasn't blown away - yes they were better (more clarity, crisper and louder) but for the price...I wasn't sure. I was tempted to return them but figured I persevere and I'm glad I did. Once properly bedded in (I'd say at least 50 hours of use) these really did come in to their own. Sound became clearer, bass improved dramatically and the whole range got better and better.

Construction - Seem well built, mine still look like new - no exposed wires/scratches. The buds are well secured as well which hopefully should prevent them getting stuck in your ear (it does happen).

Criticism - The remote is too close to your face, I struggle to adjust the volume as I can't see what I'm doing. It needs to be a further down/separate from the microphone. They tangle very easily - more so than the Apple ones.

Conclusion - Give them a chance to bed in and you won't be disappointed. Nice earphones and good value for money.
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on 21 November 2014
Although I gave this product 5 stars I very nearly sent these headphones back... got them at an amazing price (£19.99) in a lightning deal, but was so disappointed when I received them. There was no life on the sound AT ALL!... Got someone else to test them... same thing.

I was about ready to return the headphones when I decided to try the slightly larger earbuds (that come with the headphones), even though the medium ones that came on the headphones were very comfortable... OMG what a difference!!

I cannot stress enough to try ALL the earbud sizes, not only for comfort, but for sound quality too... it makes a huge difference! Incidentally, not only did the larger earbuds improve the sound quality, but they were even more comfortable that the medium ones!

Anyway, all that said... the best in-ear headphones that I have ever bought! Thank you Amazon for your lightning deals!!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 28 April 2011
Style Name: Apple iPhoneColour Name: BlackVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
As you would expect from Sennheiser headphones the quality of the sound is superb as the earplugs fit comfortably in the ear. It's brilliant that I now have a decent pair of headphones to replace the white ones you get with the iphone which consitently fail to sit in the ear properly (as well as have bad quality sound for music). These work with my iphone and ipad very nicely. The control on the cord will allow you to raise/lower the volume of music or your call, pick up calls, use your voice to control calling as well as selecting music playlists or albums. The only think I would say is there wasn't a clip to hold the mic/remote in place for calls.
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on 5 December 2014
Having used this item for about a week now I guess I am satisfied.

The sound quality is not as great as the brand promises, I've had to play around with equalizer settings... After setting those the sound is acceptable, it still took me a while to get used to coming from an old pair. Heavy bass in these cause rattling, so be careful listening to heavy-bass and high-bpm titles with these headphones since this can cause hearing problems.

They also seem to lack noise filtering, meaning that badly grounded devices produce white noise. This makes them entirely unsuitable for most mobile appliances. They do luckily work properly with the mobile phone they are marketed with, on most other devices I've tried they produce a monotone hiss or respond to hardware states. While I understand that this might be a design choice, it is very common for this to happen and portable headphones should feature some form of suppression to handle frequent device change. As a solution I could of course add a ground loop isolator myself, but this makes the device less portable. I also don't believe every customer would understand what is happening and just be annoyed by their terrible music quality forever.

Those points set aside, the "remote" works great. It appears to send proper keyboard interrupts, meaning the volume buttons will work on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and probably iOS, run on all devices you can imagine. The middle button might also have a function on non-Android devices, I haven't tried figuring out what interrupts it sends yet. This is a huge plus in my books since very few headphones in general feature cross-device 3-button support.

The noise cancellation is great. The earplugs seem to fit tightly (positively tight, there are different sizes in case you prefer a different fit) and produce a slight vacuum in my ears, which makes them a bit uncomfortable to take out, but this also means they nearly completely block out all outside noise. If it weren't for the ground loop I could probably use them to block out noise even with very quiet background music.

The microphone is a bit badly positioned as it faces away from my face, but turning the cable is enough to make my voice clear.

All in all, I believe I got what I payed for. Being able to set my music volume on all devices without fiddling with one-button settings is great. Do not buy them for the full retail price, however, there are much better pairs out there for that price. If you consider them you will probably have to throw another 20 bucks at a ground loop isolator anyways.
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on 4 November 2014
The sound quality on these is absolutely stunning.
I don't consider myself to be a huge music fan but have always had what I considered to be medium to high quality earphones due to the fact that I end up needing to use them quite frequently.

After destroying my previous pair (yet another) I decided to do some research and ran into these, all I can say is the difference is massive, these put to shame any of my previous pairs by such a difference that they made me rethink all of the previous pairs I've had.

Definitely would recommend.
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on 18 January 2015
i have had these headphone for a while now and they are very good.This headphone was purchased specifically to be used with a S4 mini and it works really well. The remote control allows me to change the volume and skip forward tracks when i am listening to music on my S4 mini. To pause you have to click the button in the middle once and to skip forward you have to push the middle button twice. this can be a bit hit and miss at time but overall its a great set of headphone for use on the S4 mini.

The sound quality is really good and the fit is almost perfect for my ears. These headphones get used daily during long commutes and in the gym so they get a fair amount of abuse but they haven't let me down.

in addition these headphones also act as a hands free kit so you can answer a call without getting the entire phone out of your pocket. this is especially good when your out walking in the cold and don't want to take your gloves off to answer a call.

in conclusion i would recommend these headphones for any samsung s4 mini user ( i think they might work with other samsung phones but havent tried so cannot say for sure)
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 10 October 2014
For the price these headphones are great nice and comfortable, and the small tips fit well for me, theyre light too so once you get them in they dont shake themselfs loose.

The only one issue ive had is that the controll button on the right earpeice adds some impedance to that ear and it sounds slightly quieter but these are for running and not a pair i use just to enjoy music.
So for the price theyre great quality and id reccomend them to anyone else who wants a good pair for sports/ excercise
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