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4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 12 December 2003
Microsoft Press have really pulled out the stops with this one. I've purchased many of Microsoft's Self Paced training kits in the passed, but they've all been resigned to the shelf after I got thoroughly bored trying to get through them. This one is different, it appears that some serious thought has gone into the way the book is laid out with plenty of chances to get your hands dirty including practicals, case studies and a huge readiness review section. I actually enjoyed working my way through this one and feel much more comfortable with the OS thanks to the practical exercises. Having said that, this book DOES NOT contain everything you need to get through the exam, but then this is a book intended for 'time served' IT professionals and it does come pretty close.
Well done MS Press, let's see more like it!
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on 24 January 2004
I have to agree with GarethNorthYorks on this. This book is very readable and a pleasure to work through. If you are upgrading your certification this is a great book. The CD includes a 180 trial version of Enterprise edition. You have 14 days to register when you install your server, it is painless and you can do it on the phone. But don't do it too quickly. I registered my servers straight away. Then decided to rebuild them and had to register again.
A great book, you need more for the exams, as always, but well done Microsoft. May all the future books be up to this standard.
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on 3 November 2004
Having just passed my MCSE in 2000 i was looking to upgrade to server 2003. Since i had used the Microsoft Press books for other exams i figured i would stick with them for the upgrade.
With this book i found myself covering a lot of stuff i already knew, yes there is details of the changes in 2003, but as another reviewer mentioned, those changes could have been outlined i a fraction of the pages in this book. As far as MS Press books go this is by far the clearest and well set out i have read.
This book is more of a complete overview of Server 2003, rather than whats changed since 2000 Server.
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on 11 June 2004
I read the previous reviews with regards to this book and thought I'd purchase it. What the reviewers ommited to tell us is the following. This book covers a large amount of what I learnt in windows 2000, from the whole book this is what i learnt - shadow copying, few DNS changes, few AD changes, Terminal service changes, SUS and few other things. My point is the if you know windows 2000 this book overlaps alot, if you know XP aswell then you knows certain features of 2003 already. This book is a exam book but is well written and has good pratice sections. I was looking for a book with just the updates in it. I could have learnt all I needed if the book was a quarter of it's size. Half the book is focused on exam prep. This may be the book for some people but for those whom have the qualiications and experience maybe not ? is there anything better out there ?
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on 30 May 2005
I think this book is a one of a kind. I have previously read all the MCSE 2000 books and was disappointed to find the same topics come up book after book (i.e. for 70-216 exam you had to read over all the stuff about user accounts that you were taught in the 70-215 book, in order to pick out a few gems that would make the difference in for the exam).
I think the way this book is written is rather useful, i find the hands on exercises throughout the chapters very useful, and would advise anybody to grab a hold of VMWare or Virtual PC (and a gig of ram if you dont have one). Set up a few difference DC's in different forests and such and have a play around with your domain and forest trusts. I find the VM's were very useful for disk management (where you can emulate a machine with up to 8 drives and create all types of partitions and volumes) and would recommend its use for any kind of study requiring multiple machine.
A useful way to get around the activation is to install a server on the VM and take a snapshot immediately, you can then clone this machine for any future domain controllers/member servers etc that you wish to create. You can then revert the initial server to the snapshot when the activation nears expiration and now you have a full 30 days or whatever to make new clones of.
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on 29 March 2005
YEP ... this does the trick ... good to follow, tips n pointers ... expect to require further reading on certain chapters before you move on to the next ... this book wont let you skim through ... its what you need for yr MCSE 2003
Get onlne n download the evaluation of server2003 yr on to a winner.
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on 9 July 2005
Having studied MCSE 2000 I used mostly Sybex but was impressed with the one Microsoft book I did buy so I plumped for Microsoft for this exam and I am glad I did. I have gone through the whole book; it is excellently written with clear explanations and diagrams and is not confusing in the slightest. I have not even got to the CD yet but even without it I am sure I will pass my exam easily!
Thoroughly recommend this book to anyone who maybe is not 100% clued up and so just needs that little bit extra detail in the explanation to get through. Perhaps if you are already an expert you would not want such a voluminous book but would want a more concise version just to focus on the changes from 2000 only. But all in all a worthwhile and (dare I say it) enjoyable read and study!
Questions and Answers are very clear also.
Happy Studying!!!
Philip Anderson
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on 28 February 2014
We got this book whilst studying for the accompanying exam. The book is well laid out and we spent many hours pouring over its pages. We passed the exams due in part to its good layout and lab exercises.
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on 21 November 2010
This was bought a while back to be used within our office. It is an excellent resource for anyone working within IT, and will help you build your skills, get your certification, and make you more able and confident to do your job.

We actually have several of thes eboxed sets, and they get usd on a regular basis. Yes, we still do use other reesources as well, but sometimes having the books there just makes sense.
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