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on 12 January 2011
This is book 3 in the Kara Gillian series following Mark of the Demon book 1 & Blood of the Demon (Kara Gillian, Book 2), both excellent & both I enjoyed thoroughly.
First off I love Diana Rowlands premise for the book, a world where magic & demons are unacknowledged, those gifted with the 'Arcane' can summon demons, who in turn have to follow a very strict code of honour but that does mean they cannot manipulate the summoner for their own plans but once a deal is made both sides have to forfill the contracts. I got a full feel for of Kara's character now, her role with her aunt has now totally reversed, Zack & Ryan are hiding huge secrets and not forgetting one very edible demon who has an agenda of his own may have painted a very large target on Kara's back.

Throughout the book she is chasing her tail, trying to solve a series of murders that leave a muddy & puzzling trail.
There are also demon politic machinisations stewing in the backround that continue to harangue & worry Kara & more questions spring up than answered.
Because the author has done a very good job on her sub-plots & characterisations I found I did not care at all whether the murders where solved or not, I found I was more interested with the mini dramas that went on around her.... I think Miss Rowland has eeked the suspense out & stretched the main plot, so personally even though it is written well, I did not enjoy it as much as the previous two books. Left me howling in frustration....

Will I buy the next book, yes of course, she's a talented writer. I'm just seeing this book as a filler in & platform for book 4, because with all the questions left unanswered & the multitude of ways it can go, she has enough material for another 3 books at least !
3.5 STARS because I wanted more main plot expansion as well as character expansion (which she does deliver on.)must admit though for all my grumbles you won't want to miss the ending - it's pretty masterful...
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on 7 April 2011
I love it when I find a series like this!

This book is definately the best in the series so far for me, it had the perfect amound if everything, mystery, thriller, suspense and flirting/love in that order!

I tend to prefer storyline with love stuff thrown in here and there, rather than the other way around, I'm a huge fan of Ilhona Andrews and the Mercy Thompson series so if you like those you must give this a try!
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on 24 January 2011
....Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the book and thoroughly recommend it, but I found myself a little disappointed that we did not see more of the demons, most especially my favourite Demonic Lord.

*** Warning: slightly spoilery if you haven't read the previous books ***

In this book, Kara learns that her position as Rhyzkahl's summoner has put her at risk and she starts to seriously wonder about his hidden agenda. The bulk of the book is devoted to Kara's police work and the solving of murders with a decidedly Arcane signature. Personally, I thought the book weighed too heavily on the case in hand at the expense of the over-arching story, but that's JMO.

Sadly, there is not much progression in this book with regard to what Rhyzkahl is up to, Kara/Rhyzkahl or Kara/Ryan which led to the book feeling slightly like filler at times (hence the overall 4 stars). That being said, the quality of Diana's writing is superb (5 stars for quality) and it almost seems as though Rhyzkahl is displaying affection towards Kara at times, which makes me wonder what would happen if she eventually gets together with Ryan, being committed as she is, to summon the Demonic Lord once a month... We do learn a little more about Zack and Ryan and this surprising revelation has me itching for the next book.

Please write faster Diana!
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on 22 March 2011
I love love loved the last 2 books. Mainly because the protagonist wasn't weak like in most that I've read and because Ryhzkahl(sp?) is such an enigmatic hottie. Unfortunately in this book, besides an opening that greeted you with a BAM (hint: Rhyzkahl) the rest of it was mainly on the new case Kara had.

There was more on Ryan and of Kara questioning her relationship with him - stuff that I didn't enjoy reading because I was pro Kara-Rhyzkahl. However, you'd also get to know more on Ryan & his side-kick (forgot his name) which then leads to a major revelation at the end of this book.

What I dislike about Kara in this book is that she sometimes was a bit indecisive about her relationship with Rhyzkahl and confusing it with her relationship with Ryan. If only Rhyzkahl would stop being mysterious ... then we'd all know who truly is and what he wants to do with Kara but noooo, it's suspense all the way. Oh well.
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on 18 February 2013
love this series but want it on kindle. it is really disappointing to start a series then not be able to finish it in the same format
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on 11 January 2011
I loved the first two books of this Kara Gillian series so of course I was super excited for Secrets of the Demon to be out. I love the blend of crime procedural with the paranormal side of demons and summoning. I also find Kara very refreshing with her down to earth, slightly jaded nature, her sense of humor and hidden vulnerability also help make her very likable and easy to relate to. All of that greatness is carried on and developed in this third book.

Secrets of the Demon gets off to a strong start with Kara, Ryan and Zach tasked with protecting a young new star singer after she received death threats which had a demonic theme. All fairly simple, straight forward, in theory. Except, Kara has never seen or heard of the creature that attacks the girl. And things only get stranger and more twisted after a body is found.

What I love is that while these books don't always have the fastest pace, they're flipping hard to put down. It builds form a steady, but not slow start, twisting and turning always gaining intensity before reaching a high at the end. You think you've got it worked out, or parts of it at least, and then SMACK! Something completely unexpected happens/is revealed and you're left gaping and trying to fit it all together again. Also, Diana has a way of dropping these little teasing sentences in just so, no preamble, no explanation, but they make me do a double take and wish like hell I could flip through pages to find out exactly what those statements are about. It's frustrating, brilliant and I can't seem to get enough of it. I am such a glutton for punishment...

Secrets of the Demon builds on books 1 and 2 very nicely as well as being a great book in it's own right. Crime plot wise, it stands alone, character wise it doesn't. Well, it probably could be read as a standalone as the important parts are refreshed, but I'd recommend reading them all in order. There is some great character development through out the book, particularly with Kara's relationships with, well, actually with pretty much everyone around her. All very different and all equally as important as the next and I love seeing where some of these friendships and otherwise are heading. There have been a few little things throughout books 1 and 2 which have left questions and there are a few answers here in Secrets. But hell if there aren't more questions in the end! And it's a hell of an ending. It's one of those EVIL cliff hangers that I seem to love and loathe equally. Because it's perfectly done, it's not over built, it's just there. Another big smack in the face. My copy of the book was very lucky not to get thrown at the wall! Suffice to say, bring on book 4! Adored Secrets of the Demon, halfway consider the author evil, but I want more so it can't be a bad thing right? ;) Love this series, it is unquestioningly one of my favourite adult series around, and one of the best written I think as well. If you've not tried them yet, go do so, starting with book 1, Mark of the Demon.
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on 9 June 2012
I read the other two books in this series and couldn't wait to read this one.

It really was excellent. While it does not feature high on the magical fantasy aspects that many urban fantasy books include, the quality of the plot is excellent and the quality of the writing is perfect (Unlike many UF books, where plot, dialogue and writing quality come second to super powers, and poorly thought out werewolf hierarchy). I would also mention that there are plenty of demons, magical murders and other interesting fantasy aspects, but they are more subtle in nature that other, lesser UF books.

This series really is excellent, I found the crime thriller aspect to be quite refreshing. I have never read a standard who-dunnit novel, but I might have to pick one up because the constant murders, attacks and fights creates a fast paced, action packed and engaging story. Perhaps I should diversify my reading.

Some readers criticized the demon-lord side plot in the previous novels, needless to say that that side plot becomes crucial to the plot and makes things very interesting. As for the sex scenes, I think they are very well done. Not too over the top in a gross way, but definitely graphic. My wife has given them her stamp of approval.

Although theses are supposed to be stand alone books, just read them in sequence. It will be more enjoyable and make more sense.

In summary, these books are fantastic. I loved them, the action is fast paced. The story is highly engaging. The main character is believable and likeable, and a lot of the time quite witty. The magic does not take over everything and the main characters are still down to earth, which makes the fight scenes cool. I got into this series after finishing the awesome Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews, and still managed to enjoy the series. Ilona ruined most current UF books for me, by setting the bar too high. But Diana Rowland has at least matched the quality of the story, and is therefore well worth five stars.

Other books of interest -
Obviously Kate Daniels Series by Ilona Andrews. (Excellent!)
The Black Jewels trilogy by Anne Bishop
Daughter of the empire by Raymond Fiest and Janny wurts.
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on 26 September 2014
This is the first of Diana Rowland's books I've checked out, but it certainly won't be the last. Great pacing, well-defined characters, a twisty plot and plenty of supernatural shenanigans. Secrets of the Demon is a heck of a lot of fun, and I'll be snapping up the rest of the series. Fantastic.
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on 19 January 2011
Being a huge fan of Briggs and Andrews I'm finding it hard to find other authors that can stand up to their quality of storytelling and character building. I think that diana Rowland is up there with the best, her characters are interesting and unpredictable abd you learn a little more about them with each book. The development of the characters and their actions are often unpredictable and I am genuinely unsure of what will happen in the next book. The storyline of each boook focuses on a set of murders and I rarely figure out who it is until the end - if your a fan of murder mystery books (which im not) these are probably not for you as the books dont go into great depth on this and focus far more on the characters than the murders. I recommend trying Rowland if your a fan of urban fantsasy (especially authors like briggs) and are fed up of reading mediocare authors with dull characters and predictable storylines.
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on 18 January 2011
Love the story - good suspense. Definitely love the characters. Entertaining read. Great murder/whodunnit and quite a few surprise twists along the way. Highly recommended
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