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4.3 out of 5 stars138
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 29 July 2013
Enjoyed this story in as much as wanted to know what happened next, and how it was going to end... I guessed the 'baddie' almost straight away but, as another reviewer has mentioned, the motives were shaky and not convincing enough to warrant the actions thereafter... I liked Wardsley although you get the sense that everyone on the liner, including him, has a dark secret in their past of something controversial and I wondered if this was their karma...
Great idea for a different take on the zombie genre, and most of the story had me gripped enough to keep reading beyond lights out.. That said, we don't find enough out about the virus and what caused/created/released it, or why, only assumptions. I figured out how the story was going to have to end, although I was secretly hoping for a different way, but didn't really like the pathwalker/candle aspect - I'm not sure why, it just felt too far-fetched and too 'cheesy' for the book, think it could have been the witchcraft element, and, as a novel of suspense and horror, I'm not sure this fit.
A few grammatical and spelling errors, and the last few chapters could certainly do with being re-edited - there is no plural 'women' in the book - each time it says 'woman' and this gets irritating. The author is the same age as me so I shouldn't be too critical - I'm sure it's a damn sight better than a story I could have written! I did enjoy the book overall and would recommend, my mum has read 'Asbo' and gave a 5-star review - she put her little neons on and raved about that one, so I'll give that a go next... I've also got a few other of Iain Rob Wright's books and liked his writing style so will definitely read more of his work.
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on 14 September 2012
Having waited a long time for the next offering from one of my favourite writers, I was excited when Sea Sick was released. I have read and enjoyed everything Iain Rob Wright has written and this latest offering just shows how much his writing has matured and evolved. I truly believe that Wright has pushed the benchmark a little higher with this novel.

We are introduced to Jack, who has a background story which sounds quite familiar...! Jack is grudgingly boarding a cruise ship, intending to spend some time relaxing. However, this doesn't really go to plan as he is thrust into what I can only describe as a warped, gruesome version of Groundhog Day crossed with 28 Days Later. And all of this takes place on board a ship. Wright creates a claustrophobic, tension-filled atmosphere as Jack tries to figure out his confusing and terrifying day. The futility of the situation is apparent and it isn't very obvious how this story will play out.

There's all the classic ingredients of a terrific horror novel; we have copious amounts of blood-shed in gory, living colour and colourful, complex characters who never turn out to be quite what they seem and a fantastic ending which the reader will never see coming.

All of this is told in the laid-back, casual narrative that Iain Rob Wright's fans will be familiar with. This contrasts greatly with the horror he is describing.

I particularly enjoyed the last couple of chapters offering some background to some of the characters we have encountered during the bulk of the story. It wasn't necessary but gives the reader more of an insight into the behaviour and motives of these particular characters

I really enjoyed this book and the only disappointing thing is that I have finished it. The wait for the next novel begins again...!
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on 30 September 2012
Great read, kept me going right up until the end, despite me getting a bit confused with the time thing. But then time travel and anything related to going back/forward/sideways is a no-no for me, so kudos for making it easy for me to understand. Interesting mixture of zombies, diseases, dark powers, time travel and suspense. Really felt for Jack, for being caught in this "trap". And funnily enough, as a reader, you kind of feel the same as you go through the days, you're hoping that it will get to end as well, and you're looking forward to it too! I thought the end would be what it is, but couldn't help reading to see if there would be another way. Liked the little twist though :)
I'd definitely read more from this writer. I think I may have Sam somewhere in my TBR... Might give it a bump...
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on 8 March 2013
I managed to get this for free several months ago and kind of forgot it was on my kindle. I read this book two days ago and literally read it in one sitting, as this book was absolutely fantastic. I'm not going to give any of the plot details away as I think you should read it for yourself but for any fans of the current tv series The Walking Dead this is a must. The story has the same sort of being alone creepy atmosphere as the show. It is very easy reading but on a down side it doesn't have the complex plots that the likes of Stephen King write. I felt that I read the book too quickly and I would love to read a longer more intricate novel. However I can say that I totaly loved this book and as a horror fan I will definitely be buying more of Iain Rob Wright's work.
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on 8 December 2012
Lets be honest, most of the free books or `special priced` books on amazon are never going to be litery works of art. But if you are looking for good page turning brain out fun then you cant go wrong with Iain Rob Wright.
I did find the connection between this and Asbo (another of his novels) distracting....i wanted more answers quickly not a recap of a previous novel, but having said that he did keep me up all night trying to finish the book.
So in conclusion well worth a read and worth the lower priced Amazon books,if horror is what you want then thats what you`ll get. I find some of the poor reviews on here laughable
If you want more substantial stories then pay £10-£15 quid for Stephen King!
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on 18 June 2013
On reading the first chapter i thought it was going to be a so so zombie tale and placed into davey jones locker, how wrong i was by the end of chapter two i was reading along on the crest of a wave.
An enthralling read, scribed by a fellow west midlander.
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on 13 March 2013
I was expecting this to be a generic, fast-read, zombie survival novel but it turned out to be much more.


The fact that the events keep repeating themselves for the main character as he tries to get to the bottom of the zombie attack and illness are what makes this book work. It's a nice little twist on a tired, overdone genre. There are some nice little twists and turns in the book too to keep you guessing although, it misses out on 5 stars because the main "villains" motives are a little shaky and in parts some of the writing seems a bit rushed.

It is still worth picking up though.
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on 7 December 2014
This is the third book Ive read from Iain Rob Wright and his fast becoming one of my favorite authors.

Sergeant Jack Wardsley was sent on a cruise on the Kirkpatrick to relax and recuperate after not coping with the death of his partner & girlfriend; but the cruise isn't what it seems in so many ways.

When I first read the blurb I wasn't sure if a groundhog day storyline would work for me? I just couldn't see how it could be written to sound like a believable read and could seem too corny. But I needn't have worried as I was completely hooked from the first till the very last page.

Jack is your typical drinking revengeful bad tempered copper with a chequered history and family love loss which I've read a hundred times in other books...BUT...NOT...with the day resetting time at the same time everyday. He has to find whose responsible and why?

It's Walking dead, Stephen King cross Agatha Christie who did it; all rolled into one cruise ship with nowhere to go.

I thoroughly enjoyed this fast paced plot which I read in one sitting. Plus a unique twist on your zombie reads...believe me I've read a lot. Further into the book you get, the more the plot thickens and the more you get to know Jack.

Everyday Jack can start again and explore the ship, question the occupants and witness the zombie breakout and even die but then the day resets to begin it all again the very next day; where he is learning and gradually trying to discover whats going on and whose causing this.

Seasick is an incredibly involving read which is sooo creatively thought out.

Iain has done it again with yet another well written book with well developed likable characters and plenty of horror and gore for the zombie fans.

You are swept along "on a wave" (pun intended) on Jacks race against time to save the world and his own fight for survival as he discovers someone is trying to stop him anyway they can.

Does he just want to sit down and drink his sorrows away or will he fight? Enjoy a wonderful mix of horror, suspense, witchcraft, deceit, murder with a large dash of zombies.

*I was kindly sent this book in return for an honest review
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on 20 July 2013
I was expecting a lot from this book by Iain Rob Wright, having read most of his previous books and thoroughly enjoyed them. I have to say that I wasn't disappointed - 'Sea Sick' is intriguing, gruesome in places, and, most importantly for me, really made me think about the subject matter.
I loved the character of Jack, the troubled police officer sent off on a cruise for a rest - poor Jack didn't get a rest at all! The way his character was written made it really easy to picture him in my mind, which tends to make characters much more endearing to me.
The subject of the book made me consider what a catastrophe it would be should something like this happen for real. What a terrifying thought that was - the end of the world no less!
The scene and minor characters were written well, and the beginning of this fascinating and terrible story began to unfold. I loved this part of the book as I could tell it was going to be one that I could really get my teeth into.
In the middle of the book, when Jack was re-living his very own version of 'Groundhog Day', Iain described each day at first and then skipped days, before each days events would have been so similar as to be boring. I think that just the right amount of days were skipped, and this part held my interest well. The ending was a bit of a surprise, which was great. Predictable endings aren't my thing, so l was impressed with the ending to this book.
I'm a fan of Iain's work anyway, but I particularly loved this book - it has all the elements of a great novel, and kept me awake into the early hours of the morning as I literally could not put it down. Another fantastic book, congratulations Iain!
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on 8 March 2013
I couldn't put this book down - it is apparently one of Iain Rob Wright's fans least favourite. I've only read one other of his and this was equally as enjoyable. I feel comfortable to likening him to Dean Koontz who is a favourite of mine. If this is one of his less favoured books I look forward to reading the rest in his range.

My only nag was the editing could do with a touch up but I read this from Kindle so perhaps not quite the finished article. Good buy and definite one for the plane or holiday for thriller/horror fans.
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