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3.9 out of 5 stars39
3.9 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 27 April 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Cheesyness alert... This CD is strictly for the sci-fi buff, or simply for the nostalgic amongst you. If you're into this sort of thing you'll really get a kick out of the sound effects and I love the vinyl album effect on the CD, it really gives it a stylish vintage look.

This CD consists of 81 tracks broken down into 4 series, as no one else has given a track list here you go...

Hitchikers Guide To The Galaxy (Radio Dramatisation)
The Books activating code, Startibarfast's aircar - takeoff, Startibarfast's aircar - constant run, , Startibarfast's aircar - lands, Magrathea Alarm, Magrathea Police guns, Space car park outside the Restaurant at the End of the Universe, The End of the Universe, Black spaceship oscillates, Bugblatter Beast of Traal: Roars, Bugblatter Beast of Traal:Eats, , Bugblatter Beast of Traal:Walks, Penargilon kangaroo relocation drive engaged, Penargilon kangaroo relocation drive arrives, Golgafrincham Ark Fleet Sheip 'E' bridge background.

Doctor Who (1980s series)
Earth Shuttle arriving on Argolis, Planet exterior atmosphere on Argolis, Flock of Bats, Laboratory descends, Gaztok spaceship takes off, Dodecahedron energy beams, Marshmen, Respirator room background in spaceship, Time winds, Alarm, Electric Storm, Cloister bell in the Tardis, The Master's Tardis lands, The Master's Tardis takes off, Tardis 'out of time slip', Tardis 'into time slip'

Blakes Seven (1981 series, and first 3 series)
Dawn of Emptiness, Space bells for ceremonial room, Scorpio spaceship lands, Dematerialisation, Rematerialisation, Scorpio Gun (2 blasts), Orac Switch on, Orac working, Orac Switch off, Liberator computer malfunction, liberator plasma bolt explosion, Liberator laser, Federation ship laser explosion, Liberator life capsule ready to be launched, liberator ship background, Liberator guns x3, Avon's communicator bracelet, Transportation sounds: Disapearance, Transportation sounds: Reappearance, Mysterious 'being' disapears in flame, Alien gun, Appearance of the Ovoid, Heavy voltage force, Grlow from mysterious ghost who haunts the Liberator, The Core, Interior of Federation patrol ship, Going through a Black Hole in the Liberator, Space centre medical unit hum, Machine monster with a black sence of humour, Break down of machine monster, Extra terrestrial heavenly choir

Earthsearch (1980 radio drama)
UFO landing, Computer touch panel bleeps, Warbles, Alarm, Meteorite alert station, Rumbling gurgle, Hand held ray guns, Space bombs, Space police, Outer airlock open and close, Inner airlock open and close, Plasma discharge weapons, Underworld animation chamber, Bleeps for suspended animation chamber, Electric warning gong, Three harmonic stings followed by explosion, Sharp hum with trail out, Rapid fire laser guns, Space hurricane, Spacecraft crash into sea.

Enjoy reliving some of those favourite sci-fi moments through sound.
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VINE VOICEon 30 April 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I suspect that the audience for this CD is small, but dedicated. This is a classic album of 70s and 80s BBC sci-fi sound effects, remastered for the 21st Century with original notes and artwork. The CD itself is primed for maximum nostalgia, with a print that mimics the look of the vinyl on one side. The notes and artwork are replicated from the original, but due to the shift in size from vinyl to CD they are squashed and hard to read in the original format. Thankfully the text is printed in a larger and more readable font inside the booklet.

The quality of the remastering is high. I can't imagine sitting and listening to this CD all the way though. Despite being a big fan of Doctor Who (in 1980) and Blake's 7 (in general), I didn't enjoy the Proustian rush that I'd hoped for. On the other hand, I have added the 'Cloister bell in the TARDIS' sound effect to my phone, which will give me years of pleasure when someone texts me. I'd describe this CD as for fans of the series featured, or sound effects of the late80s/early 80s. It's a high quality product with a specialised market, but there's nothing wrong with that.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This CD is squarely aimed at folk like me where "geek" is a label to be proud of rather than any kind of insult. The BBC know that, and making the CD look like a mini vinyl record is a nice touch which made me smile when I opened the CD case. The artwork on the cover looks quite low-grade, almost like a pirated CD but I'd like to think that this is purposefully done to reflect the fact that a lot of the BBC Sci-Fi TV shows were low budget and relied on great storytelling rather than cutting-edge visuals (bubble-wrap monsters in Doctor Who being a prime example).

The CD consists of 81 tracks, at first I thought these would be a wide range of sound effects but the effects are split into four distinct sections:

-Hitchchiker's Guide To The Galaxy
-Doctor Who (1980s)
-Blake's Seven
-Earthsearch (a BBC Radio series)

If you're an audiophile who likes to mess about with audio files (I'm so proud of that line!) then these are nice little sounds to add into your audio creations, and of course many of them can be ripped and used as alerts for your PC/Mobile phone, etc. The very first sound effect is The Guide from H2G2 and is my favourite one, it's mono as are many of the effects on here. The Hitchhiker's Guide effect along with Doctor Who will be the most recognisable with Earthsearch stirring some distant memory of a series long-since gone and only slightly remembered. This is definitely a CD with a narrow target market and would have more appeal if it had a wider range of sound effects including some more iconic sounds (more Doctor's TARDIS sounds and popular alien enemies would be great - though other CDs contain these).

In a nutshell: Three stars from me because this is an interesting CD but it could be awesome if more comprehensive. A near-definitive collection would be a must-have for fans of British Sci-Fi, whereas this CD contains a range of sounds from a pretty narrow field of interest.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Great fun! The eighty-odd "tracks" included here run to around three-quarters of an hour which is probably more than you will want to hear in one session. Good for nostalgia fans but some useful clips for those doing a bit of DJ-ing or wanting to add some atmosphere to a video for YouTube. The CD is presented as a mini vinyl album and appears to be a remastered version of a BBC LP entitled Science Fiction Sound Effects No. 26 with a catalogue number of REC 420. There is a facsimile of the original album sleeve - but it is almost impossible to read even with a magnifying glass! The tracks are a mix of mono and stereo and sound OK in this re-issued form.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Wow, this takes me back! I used to have an audio tape of BBC sci-fi sound effects as a child, although I do wonder now - after listening to 45 minutes of bleeps and gargles as an adult - just why I was so fascinated back then when listening to them out of context. The authentic sleeve notes are interesting to look at, especially as they show that this is the reproduction of record number 26 - which means that (a) releasing sound effects on vinyl must have been a profitable business for the Beeb back then and (b) some people must have amassed whole collections of these albums, which is a frightening thought in itself. Three of the four programmes featured are well known - Doctor Who (1980 series), Blake's Seven (1981 series), and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - whilst the fourth is called Earthsearch, and I may not be alone in not knowing it.

The best thing about this 81 track CD is definitely track 11, because who, who has even heard it once, could ever forget the eating noises of the Bugblatter Beast of Traal? And there are some TARDIS noises, which sound very different from the TARDIS of today, yet some strange part of me almost wants to listen to on repeat. There are various lasers, alarms and explosions which are skilfully made, but out of context maybe a bit less fun to listen to in one sitting.

I would have preferred a best of compilation, seeing as there were at least 26 records to pick from. This collection may hang off the headings of four specific series of four radio programmes but it's not really aimed at the general audience. It's hard to see who would want to buy it.

The main problem with this collection is that when the original records were out - and although they were not strictly supposed to do it - schools used to use sound effect compilations in drama lessons, and that was okay because it was only pupils copying them onto a bit of tape to use at the right point in a play or improvisation and no serious copyright breaches occurred. Nowadays there are so many ways in which you could possibly want to use sound effects - ringtones, YouTube videos, independent computer games, and so on - but these recordings remain under copyright, so you can't use them in this way.

I had a bit of nostalgic fun listening to this CD, and it's definitely something that has its place in cultural history, but I am really stuck in this review for finding any other good reason for recommending it as something anyone would want to spend money on. What this release perhaps SHOULD have been is a double CD with the best sound effects from all the sci-fi collections on one of the discs and a documentary about how they were made on the other. As it stands, this re-release is little more than a space oddity.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 29 April 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This CD is very nicely presented to look like the original vinyl album and it has that vintage feel throughout. There are over 80 tracks here - although most are very short and the vast majority under a minute.

I found the Blake Seven tracks to be the most entertaining and there were even tracks that worked as pieces of electronic music from Elizabeth Parker. These really brought back the atmosphere of that classic series - which is due for a re-boot by the Sci Fi channel.

The Hitch-Hiker's guide was really brought to life on the radio, by the wonderful sound effects and there is a lot to enjoy here.I found these less meaningful as they stand and you have to have heard the radio show to make any sense of them. The Dr Who is not from its best period, but there are some very nice Tardis samples - which give you the sound everybody now recognises.

I can see two ways of looking at this CD. On the one hand it is a "nice to have" nostalgia fest, for those who grew up with the classic Sci Fi on the BBC in the 70s and 80s. On the other hand though - you can also look at this a a resource of clean digital sound samples.

Now these sounds have been presented in the best quality available and well-indexed - this is a great CD to use for those classic "synthy" Sci Fi sounds - created mostly with analogue synthesisers, which are now obsolete and very rare. Musicians can incorporate these sounds into a mix or you can just create a nice ring-tone based on the Scorpio spaceship landing! Now that digital audio is in the hands of most people on their home computers or even mobile devices, this is a rich archive of original sounds that are unique and have their own "atmosphere".

I loved listening to these sounds - but it is something to dip into and not like an album you would put on and listen to all the way through. If you were really into Sci Fi in the 70s or 80s this is something you would want to own - although I can see how it might be baffling to anybody else. If you are looking for digital samples of classic synth sounds - this also works as a resource of "Spacey" sounds.
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on 25 February 2014
If you're after BBC science fiction sound effects this is probably a good album to have, but sadly whoever put the album together either did not know what certain of those sound effects were or was badly informed as to them. Wherein most of the listing for this item is accurate, a couple of them are not so I'll correct them here for those of you who prefer accuracy.

01 The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (book activation)
02 Aircar Taking Off
03 Aircar Running
04 Aircar Lands
05 Alarm
06 Police Guns
07 Space Car Park
08 End of the Universe
09 Black Spaceship
10 Bugblatter Beast Roars
11 Beast Eats
12 Beast Walks
13 Kanga Drive Engaged
14 Kanga Drive Arrives
15 Ark Bridge Sounds
16 Argolis Ship Arrives
17 Exterior of Argolis
18 Flock of Bats
19 Lab
20 Energy Beams
21 Marshmen
22 Respirator Room
23 Time Winds
24 Alarm
25 Electric Storm
26 Cloister Bell (TARDIS)
27 The Master's TARDIS
28 TARDIS Takes Off
29 TARIS Timeslip
30 TARIS into Timeslip
31 Dawn of Emptiness
32 Space Bells
33 Scorpio Ship
34 Dematerialization
35 Remat
36 Blakes 7: Scorpio Gun
37 Blakes 7: ORAC Off
38 Blakes 7: ORAC Working
39 Blakes 7: ORAC Switched Off (forcibly)
40 Blakes 7: Liberator Plasma Bolt
41 Blakes 7: Liberator Laser
42 Blakes 7: Federation Ship Laser
43 Laser Explosion
44 Life Capsule
45 Liberator Guns
46 Gunfire
47 Blakes 7: Liberator Communicator Signal
48 Blakes 7: Liberator Teleporter (dispatch)
49 Blakes 7: Liberator Teleporter (arrival)
50 Mysterious Being Vanishes
51 Alien Gun
52 Appearance of Ovoid
53 Heavy Voltage Force
54 Glow
55 The Core
56 Interior of Patrol Ship
57 Black Hole Journey
58 Space Center Med Hum
59 Machine Monster
60 Breakdown of Machine Monster
61 E.T. Heavenly Choir
62 UFO Landing
63 Computer Touch Panel
64 Warbles
65 Alarm
66 Meteor Alert
67 Gargle
68 Handheld Raygun
69 Space Bombs
70 Space Police
71 Airlock Open and Close
72 Airlock Open and Close (inner)
73 Plasma Discharge
74 Underworld Chamber
75 Bleep for Suspended Animation Chamber
76 Electric Gong
77 Harmonic Strings Explosion
78 Sharp Hum
79 Rapid Fire Lasers
80 Space Hurricane
81 Spacecraft Crash
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have had fun playing this CD and getting people to guess what the sounds are meant to be...they rarely get it right. Brilliant retro sounds and fun.
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VINE VOICEon 16 May 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Three stars is probably unfair in some ways (and there's a joke in there somewhere).
In the 1970s the BBC released quite a few LPs of sound effects covering all sorts of things from (if memory serves) farmyard noises to transport to household sounds. There was an SF LP before this one full of soundscapes and radiophonic space ships taking off and landing, and a special album of Doctor Who Sound Effects (Vintage Beeb) which is rather good.
The idea was that amateur dramatics and home movie types could use them in their productions. With video editing being so easy today, there's a new market for good SFX.

This is part of the BBC's "Vintage Beeb" series. Each CD is presented with its original sleeve artwork and the CD itself looks like the original LP.
I actually had the original LP of this CD back in the day when I was an avid fan of all things SF and BBC. As an album it's not exactly going to get the party going, but if you have fond memories of the crew of the Liberator teleporting backwards and forwards then you'll get a kick out of this.
Most of the effects are quite dated now - they work in context if you see any of the original shows, but unless you're wanting to create a tribute to Blake's 7 then they're not of much practical use.
So it's really an item for those wanting to experience some nostalgia. I don't know what happened to my original LP but by owning this (at such a reasonable price) I get a little bit of my youth back. I hope you do too.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
It's got a picture of the Liberator on the front so I really couldn't be expected to resist.

With no point of reference at the time I would have gladly told you that I was the biggest Blake's 7 fan in the world. So, despite having the DVD's I couldn't resist this.

Add the fact that somewhere around the same time, or maybe a few years later, I was the geek going to the local library to borrow the BBC sound effects LPs and then spending many an hour in that space of ultimate creativity - the Theatre of the Mind.

As for the Hitch Hikers' Guide... That has probably been the most significant Book, TV series and even Radio Series (this time tapes from the library, and we'll leave the film if you don't mind) in my life having led me from Adams to Dawkins, Hitchins and beyond.

It is with this background that the vague disappointment hit me with this compilation. Sure, hearing The Guide start up brings it all flooding back - that'll be my phone message alert pretty soon - but pretty soon the lack of context of the sounds has me slipping back into the real world.

It's a testament, though, to the skill and creativity of the sound engineers behind these effects that every so often I'm drawn back to the Liberator's transportation deck while Blake and Gan dematerialise before turning up in a disused quarry somewhere apparently on another planet.

Dr Who was never my thing really, though there are iconic sounds here even for a non-Whovian. The fourth series included, Earth Search, is entirely new to me so I felt no connection there.

And maybe that's the whole point of this review. If you have some sort of connection to the original material then you'll find some stuff of interest here and your memory gland will be suitably prodded in places. But as a whole it's usefulness and listenability is not particularly mind blowing. It demonstrates what can be achieved with a bit of imagination, a synth and a multitrack recorder, but it's unlikely to make it into your party playlist (even I wouldn't want to be at that party I'm afraid).
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