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4.0 out of 5 stars43
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 7 June 2015
A young inexperienced Scanner named Vale, is recruited to track down a rouge evil Scanner called Revok, however Revok has other ideas and an intense battle develops.

Interesting and highly enjoyable David Cronenberg sci-fi horror. The film has many strong points, acting is great, Patrick McGoohan is excellent as Dr Paul, as is Jennifer O'Neill and Michael Ironside steels every scene he's in over shadowing the lead Stephen Lack at every turn. The special effects are superb, the famous head exploding sequence is still as brilliant as it was then, but almost all the make-up effects are very good, also Cronenberg's direction is a standout, creating layers of intrigue and a very tension filled atmosphere. The plot and story are very interesting particularly when Vale is hunting down Revok, the confrontation at the end is excellent and exciting and the twist is well handled. The weakest parts are a frankly disappointing lead character, Cameron Vale played by Stephen Lack is acted well and not badly written but just totally over shadowed by the three other major characters, the story whilst strong, is for the first part of the film slightly unengaging not really holding your full attention, although this does improve massively as it goes along.

Almost certainly one of Cronenberg's best and most favoured pictures and rightly so, there's much to admire and remember in this 1981 classic, far, far better than any of the following sequels. The before mentioned, and again wonderful head explosion was instrumental in its inclusion on the Section 3 nasty list here in Britain, but if that's your reasoning for watching, expecting a gory film you might be disappointed, this is a brilliantly staged sci-fi, thriller that is far more mass audience friendly than you might think. 3.5/5
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on 10 April 2013
The steelbook of Scanners is a lovely looking item but it was lacking a booklet inside the case, i have rated it 4 stars because of this reason. For a limited edition release they could have at least included a booklet with some background tales on the movie and some still photos etc.

The Blu-ray transfer of this movie is simply stunning for such an old movie! The picture is very sharp throughout most of the movie with vibrant colours and contrast used perfectly, and just the right amount of subtle noise to give it that filmy feel. You have a choice of two audio tracks, either a Stereo PCM track or 5.0 DTS HD MSTR. I chose the 5.0 DTS HD MSTR and i found it very good indeed, lots of fine detail in the track with crisp and clear dialogue throughout. (i did play it through a home cinema separates system)

The extras were quite good as well which included an interview by it's main star and then some interviews about the "Chaos of Scanners" and the "Special Effects" in the movie.

I definitely recommend this Blu-ray release
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on 27 April 2013
Beautiful steelbook let down that there is no booklet inside(it's crying out for it)
The movie does not need explaining or reviewing by me.If you are here you are looking for an upgrade from the dvd or the german blu ray.

Everything is spot on with the PQ and the sound is lush...Buy it know you want it..
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on 28 November 2008
Scanners was notorious at its time of release for the exploding head sequence. A scene the late great Kenny Everett spoofed on his television show.This film along with Rabid, The Brood and Dead Ringers cemented David Cronenbergs name as a master of urban horror.Any film that can get a restrained performance from the normally vigorous Michael Ironside has to be worth checking out. He is actually rather good in this. For me the excellent Patrick McGoohan is what lifts this very original film above the rank of a mere gorefest. If your a thinking mans horror fan add this to your stash. Its excellent.
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on 8 October 2013
A mind-blowing telekinesis thriller that immediately put Michael Ironside on the map as one of the most intense actors around. Classic Cronenberg, famous for its exploding head. Part conspiracy thriller, part political tract, it is Cronenberg's most coherent movie to date, drawing a dark world in which corporate executives engineer human conception to produce ever more powerful mental samurai.
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on 11 April 2013
I'm a big fan of David cronenberg films especially scanners, one of my favourites
there's been more than one DVD release of scanners over the past 12 years
the first release is 2001 region 1 U.S. release by MGM with no extras at all
and then came the 2005 Anchor bay U.K. release which had pretty good picture and audio quality presentation
with only a 10min featurette about the making of scanners by a U.K. film critic
which was average plus a Documentary on David cronenberg films which was the only best extra on the DVD
this Doco had interviews with some of the Actors from his films
and then many years later 2012,
a German distributor SUBKULTUR released a DVD/BLU-RAY set which i bought
this only had an interview with stephen Lack and a audio commentary track by a film critic
which ended up being German commentary, so it was a waste of money

and now a U.K. company SECOND SIGHT have released a special edition of scanners on DVD and Blu-ray
which i bought on the day it was released, DVD and Blu-ray
for any David cronenberg fan or scanners fan, this SECOND SIGHT release is the best special edition
release of SCANNERS you'll ever get, it's been a long time coming aswell
both versions are in widescreen, the DVD quality is excellent about 8/10
the blu-ray picture and audio quality is better about 10/10

i've seen the film many times
So the special features are the main reason i bought the second sight release
it's the best special features you'll ever get, never before released interviews

with Stephen Lack (Cameron vale), in depth 20min interview, excellent interview

Interview with Executive producer Pierre David, his Interview was brilliant, very in depth
Pierre talked about the making of the film, the Actors involved, the production etc.

Interviews with Cinematographer Mark Irwin
and Make up effects artist Stephen Dupois

and also a interview with Actor Lawrence Dane, only goes for 5mins

very unfortunate that David cronenberg was not interviewed for this second sight release
i emailed second sight about that, they replied back to me saying they did ask him but he refused an interview
he Declined and interview about this film for some reason
the interview with Pierre David was the next best thing his interview explains alot about the film
and David cronenberg

So Both DVD and Blu-ray have the same extras, so it doesn't matter which one you buy
but the picture and audio quality is outstanding, fantastic on this second sight release
better then the old 2005 Anchor bay U.K. release which you might aswell sell if you have it
that's still being sold on amazon uk which is pointless buying, this second sight release is better

the DVD is region 2 PAL ofcourse and the blu-ray is region B,
so you do need a region free player for both Discs
info for any American David cronenberg fans reading this review

so for any scanners fan or David cronenberg fan,
definitely buy this second sight release of scanners on DVD or blu-ray, it's up to you
scrap the old releases like the 2005 Anchor bay release which is pointless buying now.
get the second sight release instead, way better and definitely worth the money
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on 23 October 2000
I have watched this film at least 50 times and I never tire of seeing it. It's proof that Cronenberg was, even nearly 20 years ago, a visionary with a strong stomach. The exploding head, the ruptured veins, nosebleeds and spontaneous combustion should have produced a film whose violence is completely tasteless, but it didn't. Instead, the director uses strong photography, an interesting notion for a plot (Cronenberge studied as a biochemist, and many of his films deal with the concepts of disease and infection) and a gripping soundtrack by his long-time collaborator Howard Shore, to build a film which is truly enjoyable. Despite the uniformly wooden acting and appallingly weak dialogue, the 'kinda' happy ending and a rather obvious 'right versus wrong' storyline, the overall effect is still gripping and - somehow - great fun. Great.
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on 15 February 2014
This isn't a full review, just a note about the latest Second Sight release (no-one really reads the forums). The picture quality is absolutely fine but the sound goes out of sync at various points; particularly noticable when someone's shouted and their mouth is closed when you hear them. Apparently this was a problem with the old MGM release too...

Digging around, there were problems with how the film's audio was recorded originally, but I had this on video before where the sound was fine.

Anyway, just thought people might like to know, don't go voting this unhelpful cos I didn't critique the plot etc
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on 8 July 2013
A classic horror film that's past the test of time. Beautiful steelbook, superb restoration, a must see film for fans of unusual horror films.

Roger Shore
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on 10 January 2016
Scanners can be deemed quite unusual for David Cronenberg given how rounded the movie is, its is a beginning middle and end and is simple to follow the plot. However in some ways this can also be Scanners downfall it's just a very simple movie that at times is spoonfed to the viewer just in case. However the feel for the movie like an extended Kraftwerk video is pretty special.

Scanners is about a few hundred special people who by thoughts can control and kill anyone at will. Most of them are good and hide out going about their daily business but one of them wants to use their powers to rule the world. He's played by Michael Ironside who in fact isn't in much of the movie, but acts well as usual. He really gave us all his method acting in this movie.

Scanners of course features one of the most infamous shots in horror history- the exploding head and it still pretty much packs a punch over 30 years later. Some small plot holes aside the movie runs at a good pace and is never boring and lead actor Stephen Lack does well. Far from perfect but certainly one of Cronenberg's better offerings.
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