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on 31 July 2014
I bought this tv just in time for the World Cup, so I’ve had the benefit of watching this every day for one and a half months now

here are my findings:


Looks. This is a beautiful tv. Samsung have really taken a leaf out of Apple and Sonos’s book and created something that actually looks fantastic even while off. It is very slim with a tiny bezel. Basically what you get is all picture (unlike the Sony which has those ugly speaker things bolted on to it).

Set-up. Nice and easy, will take two of you (and ideally 3) to get this on the wall. Get a simple bracket, and this will do the job.

Menus: Fairly standard samsung menu system but it is easy to adjust the picture and sound settings. Also very easy to access apps such as youtube or Spotify

Remote controls: Two are supplied, one a standard remote, and the other a point and click lazer version. Although the latter is swish looking and quite fun to use, I ended up using the standard remote most of the time

Sockets: Plenty of them at the back, however this also brings up one of the cons, see below

Picture Quality: This is what really counts and thankfully this is where the tv shines.The picture quality is fabulous straight out the box, even on standard mode. I have been tweaking the picture settings for a month now and finally settled on something I like. However I do tweak to a different setting when I’m watching wildlife for example. The picture is virtually lag free, and no juddering. Although I have spotted it on some scenes, it is very rare with the correct settings – make sure you have all the motion smoothing etc on.

4k content: Lets face it that's what we are all here for (well I am anyway). I personally couldnt care less about the other features if this was not quality. And on that regard, this tv does not disappoint. Yes there is a lack of 4k content so far, but on youtube there are plenty of demos to test it out. Some of those demos are spectacular for example the costa rica and vancouver timelapse 4k demos. My jaw dropped when i saw the quality. The difference from 4k from HD is the difference between a Ford Mondeo and a Bugatti Veyron. It is a massive, massive difference. 4k is here to stay once people see the quality.

Upscaling: Again a very nice surprise, i put on SkyHD news and some movie channels, and i can definitely detect an improvement on image quality over what it is on my non-4k samsung tv. It is a noticeable improvement. However do not expect anything like 4k quality on the upscaling, 4k is a class apart. But on something like Game of thrones, this tv really shines, the upscaling is so good that it is incredible. Watch Game of thrones with this tv and you will be blown away. But there is still a clear difference between blu ray and 4k content when watching on this tv.

Apps: I’ve got a Netflix account and this enables me to watch Netflix. However be warned there are still only 6 netflix 4k videos on there. Breaking bad, House of cards and 4 nature channels. Hoping for more to be added soon. However youtube is a godsend on this tv, there is a LOT of 4k content on there. Ok some is hit and miss but there is tons of it. So if you want to show off to your mates then use this app. Spotify is nicely integrated too.

Future proofed: This tv has HDMI 2 which is a massive bonus if this standard becomes popular, very few tvs have this feature apart from the Samsung


Not many but here goes:

Football mode: completely and utterly useless. The reason why this mode upsets me is that it has a dedicated menu button for it. Which could have been much better used for say picture settings.

Menu settings: Why does it take 2-3 menus to get to the picture settings? It should be a simple up and down sequence on the remote control. Should not even need to access the menus. Frustrating and hope Samsung fix this soon.

Lack of calibration guidance: Would have preferred more picture default settings than just 4. Yes it is very customisable but even after a month and a half of using it I still haven’t found the ideal settings.

Remote control: Its not the best and I would have re-designed it but it is functional and does the job

Lack of one connect box: This means you have to put all cables in the back rather than a separate box. However this is a minor complaint and not huge


Ok to wrap up this is a FABULOUS tv. The picture quality is stunning, and it handles every type of genre well, whether its movies, or wildlife or sport. The upscaling works a treat on some shows, and even standard Sky HD channels look better on this tv. Motion blurring and jarring is minimal, even non existent on the correct settings. 4k content is mindblowing on this set. Samsung have done it again with a beast of a tv. I love it, oh and it looks gorgeous too.
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on 17 December 2014
after reading a lot of very good reviews about this telly from various sources, I went ahead and bought one, only to be disappointed to discover that it suffers from vertical banding, it's especially bad whilst watching football and certain other scenes. It's not always visible, only occasionally but for a telly of such high value, and of such high rating, it's very disappointing to discover this after purchasing it. After reading up on this issue, it seems that it's a common flaw with samsungs 65 inch LED Telly's. The picture quality otherwise is very good, but when you notice the vertical banding on certain scenes, it really does spoil the viewing quality. After spending a lot of money on this product, I fully expected it to be perfect and it's disheartening to find out it's not. If you don't know what vertical banding is, research into it before buying this telly
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on 27 April 2015
This is my 3rd Samsung LED flat screen and ive always been very impressed with them however Vertical Banding on this set is terrible.
4 dull black lines running from top to bottom, theyre about an inch wide and once you have noticed them you cant concentrate on anything else.
I have reported this issue twice to the seller "tv's and more" and they have done nothing, not even any contact.
next step is to try and follow it up with Samsung.
This set is 8 months old and im already considering now changing for a different brand.
complete waste of money, i would advise to stay away from both the model and supplier.
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on 17 December 2014
Fantastic picture in 4k and upscaled blu ray but completely ruined by vertical banding issues which results in a return to the seller.
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on 8 April 2015
Very limited warranty of1year only for the product I paid £3500.
After 14 months the picture loose the colours, sharpness, HD efect and
lots of bands - vertical and horizontal come up on the picture.
Service says that the screen is faulty and for additional £1000 they can replace it
for me. What's a JOKE ! Now I regretted that I have 4 Samsung TVs and all of them
are piece of scrap now. Every single one have faults. I never buy Samsung again !
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 12 November 2014
I've had this for a week now and tried every setting possible in an attempt to get acceptable black levels - it isn't possible. To be fair, I have lived with a Pioneer 60 inch Kuru plasma for the last few years; a screen renowned for it's excellent blacks and shadow detail. I've been tempted to go back to the Kuru, but on balance I think I'll stick with the Samsung for its much brighter picture and superb sharpness - until there is something better. Interestingly, I also have a 46 inch Samsung HD LED about four years old (wide surround and not edge -lit) and this has far better blacks, so either Samsung have had to sacrifice blacks in going to 4k, or the edge-lit, or I have a 'bad one' which is possible (I'd love to hear how others get on). I am waiting for delivery of a 55 inch version of 4k Samsung, so it will be interesting to see whether that is any better.

Reading forums on the subject I now understand that there is widespread chagrin over the fact that plasma production has ended, and OLED, the great hope for the future is stuck with problems of defects and poor yield - Samsung have abandoned OLED, probably because they realise that their three colour system is not going to compete with LGs use of a white LED which it is claimed helps with the yield.

So for now there is no real choice in the UK if you want 4k, and this is far from the perfect screen, while the new LG 65 inch OLED (which gets superb reviews and has absolute blacks) is selling in limited production quantities for £7000 in the USA. My guess is that LG will improve the yield, though it may take a few years, and price will come down.

Beware of the selling trick! The Samsungs are supplied in 'store demo mode', which gives a very bright high-contrast picture that look great in shops with bright lighting. The 4k demo material is similarly designed to show off resolution and not the lack of shadow detail. The problem comes when you start watching dark scenes in a dimly lit room.

Be aware also that there is what I would call a fault on these sets, but Samsung apparently call a feature! For ages I struggled to understand why sometimes I was getting a very washed out and dark picture. Then I read online that this has been a problem on earlier Samsung sets, and is down to a feature designed to darken the LEDs on a black screen to hide the poor blacks. The trouble is, it has a habit of staying dark after a brief black screen or even one with titles or credits, getting stuck, sometimes for good. Enter the menu and change the mode, eg from standard to film and back and hey presto a bright picture is restored; until the next time it decides to turn on. Some say this feature is disabled in Film mode, but on this set that's not true - there is only one way to disable it and that is to turn 'Smart LED' OFF. Why Samsung have not listened to complaints and provided a setting to turn off this problem is a mystery. It's something that is either on or off, not gradual as would be expected of 'Smart LED'. Experiments have shown that smart LED barely works anyway and does little to improve blacks, so I recommend leaving it off. My preferred settings now are Standard mode, Contrast 100, Backlight 11, Black darkest, Brightness 45. Max contrast with min backlight gives the best black and doesn't appear to clip the whites, and this screen goes so bright that even at this setting it's brighter than my plasma. Film mode, though often recommended by purists, doesn't seem to give the same result even with the same settings and the horrible 'warm white' turned off. Though I normally steer clear of motion interpolation, I have to say that it works pretty well on this set. The bigger the picture the more judder becomes a problem on film and 24/25p material, and it can almost give me a headache (I much prefer 1080i). Motion smoothing on Standard gives me more comfortable viewing, at the cost of slight blurring on motion and occasional judder on fast motion. I view at what I call 2 'span-arms', or about 8 ft on a 65 inch screen. Hold out your arm fully with fingers spread wide and estimate how many spans fit across the screen. It's a quick test I use whenever I assess screens, and I reckon HD is good for 1.5 'span-arms', top HD on 4k is good for 2 and 4k for 3 or more span-arms. Try this at the cinema near the front row and you'll get 4 to 6 span-arms (and a blurry image plus some funny looks!). IMAX fills the field of view with about 6 span-arms at which point 2D material magically transforms into 3D. For that, you'd need a 180-inch screen in the home at 8 feet! Interestingly, a laptop typically gives 1.5 spanarms, so those people who talk about HD or 4k not being needed on small screens are wrong; it's all about subtended angle of course. Those who sit at the back of the cinema to make it look like television are a lost cause when it comes to getting immersed in the full impact of a production that someone has gone to extreme lengths to make look good!

Although there is little 4k material yet, the BBC have started shooting some material in 4k to broadcast in HD. Watching David Attenborough's latest 'Life Story' I noticed improved sharpness and guessed it was produced in 4k. Looking online I see that I was right. 'Strictly' may also be shot in 4k along with a few other programmes. Yes, there is a point to watching HD in 4k, especially if it was shot in 4k - it gives what is called 'proper reconstruction filtering', which is a vital part of sampled image theory that is necessary to view any video at it's best. 'Upscaling' is a misnomer and makes it sound like a gimmick. Proper reconstruction filtering though requires very intensive processing of at least 16 surrounding pixels for each point on the image to do properly, so TVs don't do it properly, and probably just 'interpolate' adjacent pixels rather than do sinx/x weighting, but what they do helps (I worked on resampling methods in the 70s when they were being devised for Telecine conversion of film to video and was impressed with what was possible). I have an Oppo Blu-Ray player/surround decoder, with HDMI input selection which I recommend (I feed it from a Humax box for Freesat TV), and I have it set on 4k out for all material, which I see gives a smoother image than leaving the Samsung to upscale.

There is another benefit to having a 4k screen which I hadn't thought about until I did a family 'slide show' of photographs at Christmas. My collection of Photoshopped JPEGs looked better than ever, with superb detail, even from scans of early slides and box camera negatives.
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VINE VOICEon 13 August 2015
Fabulous picture and great 3d. Upscaled Bluray looks exteremely impressive too. However, analogue channels look pretty awful. Had the TV just 24 hours, and discovered the motion control was barely working, and the voice control couldn't follow many clear simple commands. Called Samsung several times and went through Firmware updates, Factory reboots, Software resets, TV settings - you name it, and nothing worked. Eventually asked them to just send a flippin' engineer out to look at it. Samsung refused to do this, and said they would refer my issues to their technical department to try and replicate them, and then find a fix. That's going to take a minimum of 5-10 working days. If they can't come up with a solution (which they won't, because we've already done everything possible short of workshop bench diagnostics) they will consider sending an engineer out. CONSIDER SENDING AN ENGINEER OUT, on a £2500 TV that's only 24 hours old. Seriously considering sending it back and getting an LG, Panasonic or Sony. The standard Samsung warranty is just 12 months, and from where I'm sitting, you are likely to have a fight on your hands getting them to do any warranty work during that period either. Very very poor indeed, I will never buy another Samsung TV, and with Customer Service like that, would recommend others avoid them too.
Update:- 5 days later and still nothing from Samsung. Meanwhile, Motion Control has stopped working altogether. I called Samsung and told them that there was clearly an issue with this function, and an on-site engineer would be the only person able to fix it. Samsung insisted I wait for their technical team to respond to the fault report made last week, or alternatively I could return the TV. Apparently, Samsung Technical will look at the issue, decide whether they can fix it with something like a software update, and if not, finally send out a service engineer. All software and firmware on this TV is up to date, and I'm really getting more angry and frustrated with this company now, and their failure to just send somebody out and repair it under their warranty. I have two further problems with this TV 1. The picture keeps getting lighter and darker, despite the ECO Sensors being switched off, and 2. The Picture jerks occasionally during fast moving scenes. Samsung's answer to this was that all modern TV's do this, especially 4K models, because they are ultra high resolution screens struggling to deal with much lower resolution input. I mean, what a crock! Do they send their staff on courses to train them how to fob off customers with utter rubbish, in order to avoid warranty work on their shoddy product? If what I was told IS true, then I'd advise nobody to touch 4k at all. Disgraceful!
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on 11 December 2014
junk no guarantee send it back for are fund now........
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