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Hi, I used this : Its cheap and cheerful. didn't need any fixing. I just wanted something so I could do a disk copy from my old HDD, I didn't need anything permanent. If you are looking for something more robust then I would probably suggest spending out more money. Thanks
20 May 2014 by Mr Tony Williams
All 2.5 drives work in the macbook pros from 2008. I have mine as a second drive in the optical bay and it works quite nicely.
23 May 2014 by Jesse S.
Yes it is. Use mac disk utility to format the disk for mac osx.
17 days ago by Peter Wackett
I have fitted this drive as a replacement in a macmini, it is a good drive, and to the standard profile for laptops, so if there is room for a second driuve in your laptop, this should fit the bill
29 Mar 2014 by DB
I put this in my Macbook Pro. Huge capacity but a little slow. You need special screwdrivers to fit the drive. Lots of videos on the web that walks you through the process.
20 Apr 2014 by C. M. Higgins
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