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My drive came with no cables at all. It is a very small package just containing the drive and a manual. Hope this helps.
16 Feb 2014 by Jason Brook
The guarantee paperwork enclosed with the drive says 5 years for the 840 Pro and 3 years for the 840.
8 days ago by G. C. Rodger
Its a standard sata connection and as far as I'm aware should fit any standard laptop with a 2.5" sata connection.Worked fine in my Dell laptop
20 Feb 2014 by Brian Docherty
HI short reply is no i have not done so into a dell but cant see why you would need a rubber mounting.. it is a solid state (no moving parts) HD so?? i would be surprised.. if you cant find one by googleing the request then just stick the thing in and off you go !!
22 Dec 2013 by Rich Goose
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