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on 26 February 2012
I have had no issues with this laptop as of yet - having had it for coming up to three weeks. I have no qualms with the resolution, sound etc. which have been mentioned on other reviews (some on other websites). If this is a laptop you don't plan on having generally hooked up to A/C power you may be in a little trouble though - as I've noticed that the battery seems to drain quite quickly - although I do use it pretty heavily. No worries about the sound, perfectly high quality - and I listen to music and game A LOT. Took me about 15/20 minutes to set it up. The product arrived in just six days - packaged securely. I also have no issues with the keyboard, but this may just be because I do a lot of typing, it took me a couple of hours to get used to but that's all. It runs perfectly - quickly and quietly and with more than enough areas to connect up your webcams, mice, phones etc... although I don't have many new games as of yet (waiting for my next payslip!) I have found it has run games up to 2010 with perfect smoothness on high/ultra settings. Don't let the fact that the screen is glossy deter you either - I was slightly put off at first, but it looks basically like a non-glossy unless it's off! And I'm sat right next to a window as I type this. It's the most I've ever spent on anything so far - and I don't regret it slightly, I'm normally really fussy - and I haven't got a single issue with this product.

Can I just invalidate the person who says that it doesn't have a 2GB NVIDIA GeForce 540m graphics card? Because mine certainly has one, I have uploaded photos as proof. Can I also say that the pattern which you can see on the back in those pictures isn't half as obvious as it is in the pictures!

Edit: [17/05/12] Just to let you all know that it's perfectly fine for playing games, I have recently bought Napoleon Total War, Age of Empires III and Dead Space 2 for it, all of which run on high/ultra settings at a minimum of 30FPS. However, with Total War - )which is admittedly fairly well known for being intense graphics/processor-wise) it tends to get quite hot on the left hand side. So I'd be fairly cautious when playing it for long durations of time on intense games such as Total War. Other than that, no problems so far!

Edit: [08/06/12] I'm not sure if it's just me - but I've found the keyboard to be a little flimsy, with some keys popping up every now and then, it's easy enough to adjust them, but it's still frustrating.

Edit: [13/06/12] I'd use some software such as Speedfan to monitor the GPU heat, just so that it doesn't overheat. The hottest mine has got is 95C whilst playing Minecraft (for some reason this game's very GPU/CPU intensive), I think these things can reach about 105C. I've taken measures to reduce the temperature, and so it normally sits at around 85C now, even whilst playing games like Fallout New Vegas on Ultra settings. Whilst doing normal tasks - the temperature ranges between about 35-60C - so nothing out of the normal. I think the (somewhat inconvenient, yet also in some ways convenient) placement of the battery charger also partly contributes to the GPU heat though, as the charging port is rather near where the GPU is. Still functioning completely well - with no hiccups as of yet. VGA cable input works completely fine - as I occasionally hook it up to my TV.
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on 13 March 2012
This is a replacement laptop, not for gaming but for photography.

I wanted something that was going to be able to run Lightroom and Photoshop and hopefully not stutter on large imports as much as the one I currently has does.

For this reason, the USB3.0 inputs appealed alongside the spec of processor, dual hard drive bays and memory in particular.

I have been investigating the same spec laptops from other manufacturers and they are mostly considerably more expensive, and now I've had mine a few days I think I can see why.

The case is quite plastic; it's sturdy but not metal, such as my HP Elitebook for work. That said, I'm surprised how relatively light it feels for a 17" laptop. It's not an Ultrabook, but it doesn't feel too cumbersome to carry.

The SD card slot feels very flimsy. I'll be purchasing the Lexar UDMA CF/SD reader shortly; I don't think I'd want to be putting SD cards in and out of the laptop too often.

The blu-ray tray also feels quite flimsy; I think that will need handling with care.

Those things aside, I am still very pleased. I needed an almost desktop like replacement, that won't travel too often, so hopefully the quality of plastics shouldn't get too tested. The spec gives me scope to upgrade later on, in particular the dual hard drive bays mean I can drop in a SSD into one, and eventually upgrade the slightly sluggish 5400rpm 1TB drive supplied.

The keyboard feels responsive, the screen is rich & vibrant, although the glossy finish could annoy you in rooms with a lot of lighting behind you. Again, I'd tried it out in a store and it's acceptable for me, bearing in mind it's plugged in to a monitor most of the time.

In short, a very well spec'd laptop but if you're looking for something that'll get chucked in a bag a lot, I'd look elsewhere. If it's a desktop replacement that won't travel too often, I think this is perfect.
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on 12 March 2012
Before I bought this laptop in January. I did a lot of research into specific features that I wanted. I narrowed it down to two laptops this one and the hp equivalent. This really is a brilliant laptop but I am having a problem with the bluetooth, after about 4 weeks I kept getting an error message ''cannot start bt stack'' then the bluetooth failed completely. Samsung remotely looked at my laptop and it ended up I had to reload windows 7 on the laptop; but this cured the problem. Except three weeks later the same error message popped up and I lost the bluetooth again, this time Samsung still couldn't solve the problem and wanted me to back up all my data and reload windows 7 again. Against my better judgement I agreed and it cured the problem. I did however receive an email from Samsung's technical HQ on ways to try to resolve this, this is not what I had in mind when I paid mega bucks for a top of the range laptop!
Any way the error message popped up last week again for the third time and I wont be backing up and reloading windows again. I will be contacting Samsung and see what they have to say. I don't see the point in a refund and then purchase the hp equivalent as I have read on forums that hp owners have the exact same problem. So, time will tell.
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on 7 February 2012
First a big 'Thank you' to Amazon and UPS for getting the laptop from the UK to Cyprus in under 4 days over a weekend with snow and ice covering much of Europe, curtailing some road and air traffic.
The specifications are as listed by Amazon and my first impressions are good. I ordered this along with a Samsung 256gb 830 SSD & notebook kit. Both came well packaged along with good documentation.
It took about an hour to get the laptop up and running, remove a very small amount of bloatware, and install AVG and Norton Ghost.
Setting up the SSD using the supplied Norton Ghost software proved problem free. I chose to make two partitions on the 1TB hard drive but in that wonderful thing called hindsight, I wish that I had made just one partition on the hard drive when I first set the laptop up. As it is I now have drives C & D on the SSD and F & G on the 1TB HDD, whereas I would have preferred just a C drive on the SSD and a D drive on the HDD The laptop instructions were clear on how to remove the hard drive and the laptop came with a hard drive caddy for a second drive. I made the SSD the primary drive, put the 1TB drive in the second slot and, with fingers crossed, booted up. I needed the supplied Windows 7 system recovery disk to start, which re-assigned drive letters and on the re-start everything was as it should be.
It is quiet and I find the resolution of the 17.3 inch screen better than expected from reviews I have read elsewhere, but I am not a game player.
Overall - very happy!
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on 5 May 2012
This is my primary Work laptop, the company paid for it so I am using it at office.

I do heavy autocad design and I am working most of the time with more than 10 large drawings open and also with some other work related programs.

The laptop is very powerful, however it was dramatically slowed down by the antivirus so I removed it and now is much better.

The default setting of the display has a high gamma. If you reduce this, the colours are fantastic, very nice desplay to work with for many hours.

The sound is decent but not for music listening.

Overall it feels solid, well assembled and of good quality.

The battery lasts more than two hours on moderate use.

The laptop runs extremely cool, I can never hear the fan as it runs very quiet (a very big issue on my old toshiba. The fan was producing a lot of noise).

What I don't like:

The keyboard: arrow keys are aligned with the rest of the keys and of the same size. You cannot target them without looking. The same with DEL key. It is the fifth from right to left on the top raw, the same size with the rest of the keys. No chance to find it in the dark.

Other than that, this laptop is offering great quality for a very-very decent price.

Nicely done Samsung!
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on 21 April 2012
The laptop arrived next day well packed and everything as it should be. Within about 20 minutes i had the machine out of the box and powered up.
Immediately I was impressed by the fantastic clear screen and the flashing speed of the power up.

A few simple setup questions and off i went 1 hour later I had all the office software and anti virus software loaded and licenced. I did decide to split the hard drive as the reccommend into two and managed to create my first backup of the new system. All this was simple and the setup software was very clear.

Have been using the PC now for a while and love the quick power up and the faultless power down on lid close (something my previous sony always failed on after a few days) This one now reminds me to do a full power down after a week or so and has been a joy to use.

I would recommend this PC to any heay user its surprisingly light and looks the part when I am at clients worksites and it seems to have a battery that lasts a couple of hours and with a kingston air power box can be used and charged using the power sockets on the plane (again my sony had both battery and power problems)
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on 7 June 2012
As i read other reviews before i purchased this item, some of which were misleading, and others which i did not entirely agree with i felt obliged to write my own review.
Firstly i don't think there is another laptop available anywhere either online or from any reputable retailer that matches the specs of this one for this price! The various features bundled together and the sheer power of it are impressive-distinguishing it from many others in it's range (largely what attracted me to buying it when searching). I don't need to go into what the system specs are as if you are reading this it's likely you have already checked. It's basically the cheapest ultrabook with all the trimmings on the market.
Having said that, it is not without is flaws as niggly and minute as they may be.
I have noted the following points:

*The speakers are disappointing. Clear but not very powerful (although you could always invest in external speakers with the money you would have saved).

*The machine comes with next to no software included (Much of the useful software is available free to download online or has adequate free alternatives)

*The Blu ray drive mechanism should have been reinforced. It could easily brake when extended (As long as you keep it away from children and you are very careful when handling it then shouldn't be a problem).

*The tracker pad is extremely sensitive. I often find myself clicking and selecting inadvertently (Possibly could be changed in settings, i haven't tried).

*The card reader has a small removable plastic insert that could easily get lost. A flap should have been used.

*Left side connection heavy. Some of the ports including the mains connection could have been better positioned (placed on the rear and the right side of the unit-too many on one side).

*Stiff screen flap. When lifting up the screen to start up i need to use both hands to separate the keypad and screen flap(my last laptop had a push button release).

*Finally the outer casing is not smudge resistant so will get mucky very easily (I haven't taken the plastic film off so i'm not that bothered).

So these are the 8 negatives that i have outlined from my experience, none of which are major and hopefully the references provided will help with all these issues.
Not flawless as some have claimed, but well worth the money (especially if you bought it on the samsung vat-back promo).
A good purchase that i'm pleased with, a few minor points but well rounded hence four star rating.
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on 25 April 2012
If you're looking for a powerful laptop this is the one you need.

Best spec for the price (Especially with a refund on VAT)
Nice big screen with clear graphics, perfect for multitasking
Games can run on high graphics settings
Keyboard spacing helps avoid pressing wrong button, plus it has a number pad and directional keys increasing its compatibility.
Comes with a recovery disc
multi touch trackpad enables zooming, scrolling, rotating etc.
Very loud speakers for a laptop.
Dual 2.5 inch HDD bays to increase capacity by 1.5 TB
Quiet running
Low temperature when running
Bluray drive, HDMi, USB 3 great for all media/device types
Decent battery life
Despite no light on webcam it has low light compensation so can be used in the dark
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on 17 April 2012
Needed new laptop to replace old one which was also a Samsung so this was a easy choice to make It doesevery thig that I require and more much faster and the screen is clear as a bell.
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on 14 May 2012
A good looking laptop with a lovely shiny black surface. Arrived quickly and was easy to set up. It has a lovely clear screen and is fast - mind you anything would seem fast compared to what I had before! So far I am really pleased with my purchase and could recommend it. My only niggle (and this applies to most manufacturers and most purchases these days) is that there is no detailed manual enclosed, there is a helpful on-screen one but I still prefer a paper version.
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