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The tablet has an internal memory of 8GB but half of it is used up by it's pre-loaded programme. So there is only 4GB left for your own material - fotos, music, etc. You can expand the memory by as much as 32GB extra by buying a MICRO SD CARD. No SIM Card involved. I hope this will be of help to you, Regards, Brian
12 Nov 2013 by B. R. Hendricks
Yes you can take photos and also good quality pics.
29 Mar 2014 by Corry Utting
yes. it is connected very well with the internet via wifi. just download the skype from apps store and gett the skype. its very easy.
7 Mar 2014 by Mrs Hanif
Yes it does. Very satisfied with it and so easy to use. Pictures and videos come very nice concidering it is not from the latest. The price is good so worth it to buy
9 days ago by Lori
Hi there, Sorry I bought Galaxy tab 2 as a present for my brother, not sure if you can use microsoft office in tab 2, but you can used in the Galaxy note 10.1 although the app is call polaris office that basically is an android microsoft version of the Microsoft Office(but with not all features you will find in the original) you can use your word, excel, powepoint documents. Definitely you can use a Micro SD card to manage an keep your files, pics and documents in the Tab 2 7 inch. And for an overall review I think the product performs very well. I hope this helps.
10 May 2014 by Alvaro F.
Only if you have bought one which connects to a mobile phone network
7 Apr 2014 by Roger
You connect to wifi through ur broadband box on your settings choose wifi and it will scan for ur wifi also if you are out with ur tablet u can connect to any free wifi eg McDonald's - costa - some shopping centres - game - frankie and bennys - some collages etc and it's free long as u wait ... Go to settings locate the wifi it will spin don't go anywhere yet ur not logged in .. A page will load u either click to continue or put ur email address what ever it asks for once done u are connected Hope this helps
11 May 2014 by Christelle M.
Definitely not
26 Jun 2014 by mohammad
Hi there the wifi version of the tab 2 7.0 dose not do calls but dose have s voice and Google voice search and dose everything a galaxy phone dose but make a call but can make a call through Facebook messages and works fine
13 Apr 2014 by john
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