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Customer Reviews

3.3 out of 5 stars
3.3 out of 5 stars
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on 23 February 2009
A curate's egg of a product, good in parts.

The Good

It looks great and has loads of adjustments to suit pretty much any hand or style of play. The buttons (bar one) fall easily to hand and work very well. The twist action (yes it does have one) is probably the best I've come across. The split throttle feels great and can be converted into a single throttle with the press of a button (something that works surprisingly well). Physically it centres extremely well.

The Bad

It's not the most comfortable stick I've used, and that one button mentioned above can be a serious pain if you have to use it often. It takes a fair amount of force to move the stick away from centre, which makes subtle adjustments nigh on impossible. Lack of support at the front means diving too enthusiastically could well mean the stick toppling over.

The Ugly

The supplied adjustment device broke within minutes (an allen key with a plastic handle - a recipe for disaster). The manuals were weak and uninformative. No Mac software (though plug it in and "It just works" as usual). My particular example turned out to be rather lopsided. When I checked it if full left gave -100, full right only gave +85*, which meant I ended up returning it. Also the signal was a little noisy on some of the axes.

In conclusion, if you're looking for a reasonably priced joystick for gaming purposes, this seems a pretty good bet. If you're into more 'serious' simulation (X-Plane, FSX) then look elsewhere. I did and ended up with a Saitek Pro Flight Yoke System (PC) and Saitek Pro Gamer Rudder Pedals (PC), both of which I'm very pleased with (so far).

* I found a similar 'lopsidedness' with the yoke originally but found a cure (eventually) which might apply to this joystick as well. Disconnect from the usb port, reconnect and work the device through its limits four times (right, left, up down etc.). This seems to reset something internally and may solve the problem if it happens to you.
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on 28 April 2013
I bought this joystick after killing off my good old Cyborg. The idea of adjusting every part of the stick is pretty good and works well, you can really obtain a perfectly customized shape for your hand. Do not hesitate to test extreme adjustments, if only for testing. I never guessed that my best position was the stick fully bent forward, since I never experienced this kind of shape.

The precision is flawless, with no dead zone when set to 0% At first at least (see below). The buttons though are not perfectly placed. Instead of a button 2, what your thumb naturally presses is the tiny HOTAS. Not a big deal bu in the end I assigned the downshifting to HOTAS-down in the car sims, it was just better.

So what's wrong?

Well, unlike its predecessors, it's not solidly built. The multiple parts due to the full-adjustment concept may have a part in it, but the plastic quality is just inferior to the previous products. The whole thing is quite the opposite of being rigid, it's a bit wobbly and the plastics are a bit sqweaky. Not a big issue at first though.

There are all those useless LEDs, and I ended up cutting off the wires for the top blue LED, which was boring a hole in my retina (my eyes are very sensitive, so it's probably not an issue for most of you).

Unfortunately, my FLY5 got worn out rather quickly. After around 4 months, the small plate between the stick and the base (the spring support) became gritty, ruining a bit the precision. It's ok in a flight sim, but not in a game like Raceroom which requires an absolute precision. Can be fixed temporarily by spinning the part when it's too gritty. Sports vinyl-based lubricant helps but it's not ideal ^^

After around 5 months, the button n.2 just popped out Oo.... Forensics analyse shows that it's not surprising, the button being hold by a tiny bit of plastic that takes some repetitive pressure in a bad direction. Well I can still use the HOTAS instead, it's better placed anyway ><

And now, after around 1 year of use, I loose regularly the calibration. Sometimes, I can't get to the left more than 70%. Strangely a windows reset restores the situation, but since Windows 7 does not provide the calibration it's a problem in some games.

In conclusion, I like the design, it was a really good tool out of the box, but it's too flimsy and won't last as long as the old Cyborg.
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on 11 April 2010
I have had the top of the range Joystick for some time - the Saitek X52-Pro, Althouh it was a very fine piece of engineering it was ultimately the size that forced me to get rid of it. I Opted for the Saitek Cyborg X Joystick, which although does not have all the funtionality of the former, but is equaly matched in quality.
As with all the Cyborg range it is fully adjustable in both Physical Size and programability. Coupled together with the ability to just fold it up and put it away - Its a WIN WIN joystick for me. with its Dual throttle control (an option not available on the top of the range) it makes some games even better. I have been an avid flight simmer for many years and had many different joysticks - this has to be, in my oppinion, the best out there for the price!
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on 25 March 2016
Wow, all I can say is thank goodness for Amazon's excellent returns policy. We already have a mad cats cyborg 1 joy stick, have had it for some time and it's been faultless. I read all the negative reviews about the flight stick but chose to ignore them because my experiences with mad catz products have all been positive. Sadly not this time. Plugged it in and it looked fine. It's a seriously cool looking thing and appears pretty well built, despite other comments. However, after 2 HOURS (!!!) of use playing flight sim X ( so no violent moves ) the game lurched to the left and then said there was no controller installed. Then the PC just said it was now an unrecognised USB device. Tried it on another PC with same results. Even downloading the mad cats drivers didn't help, in fact they also couldn't see the device.

So, in summary it worked for 2 hrs. It may look great and be well put together on the surface, but if it only works for 2 hrs I really can't recommend it.
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on 16 December 2014
I bought this flightstick after reading a number of reviews and weeks of shopping around. Unfortunately unless you're willing to venture into the £100+ area, you are severely limited in joystick choice and reviews suggested this to be a good enough stick for the £40 price point.

My first stick annoyingly had a manufacturers fault, which meant that the handle could not be screwed into and securely attached to the base. Amazon very swiftly replaced this one with a new FLY 5. For roughly 6 months the replacement stick was brilliant; it was comfortable, accurate, responsive, and ultimately showed no faults after extensive use with Elite Dangerous. However this stick too started to develop a fault in December where the right yaw, in a clockwise direction, would stop registering fully. Even after a driver reinstall the flightstick properties tool, showed the yaw control (Z rotation) to only register to about 70% of what it should be picking up. This seems to be a common issue as another Amazon customer reports here Pictures are attached to demonstrate this problem.

Cons aside, when it works the stick is truly brilliant. There are plenty of buttons and controls, two independent throttles, and a point of view hat which should allow enough customisation for most games (and certainly enough for use with Elite's 6 degrees of freedom movement/combat). As I mentioned it is very comfortable in extended sessions, and is remarkably accurate for its comparitively low price. However therein lies the stick's potential problems; it's low price relative to the competition suggests that this stick may be too good to be true, with questionable build quality across two sticks I've owned in 6 months.

I rate this as 3/5, and tentatively recommend it. It's a decently priced entry level flightstick that will suit most flight sims with a good amount of buttons and controls. At this price point you'll be hard pressed to find an alternative with enough buttons for games like Elite Dangerous and Flight Sim. If you get one that works, it is a very good buy, but in my experience that appears to be a big IF. Buy with caution, or aim for something a little more pricey and proven.
review image review image
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on 5 March 2009
This product is absolutly brilliant. Every part of it is ajustable which makes it one of the most comfortable joysticks i have ever used. The Button programming software is easy to use and quick. Flight sim x has never been played like this!!!!!
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on 17 December 2015
Soon after purchase one of the function buttons snapped off. I sent a grovelling e-mail to mad katz asking where I could buy a spare button. I was told I needed to buy a complete new joystick. I would never buy one of their products again.
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on 24 August 2009
This is the 1st time that I've used a flight stick (well, since the late 80's that is) and all I can say is that it's fantastic, Saitek have really got there cap on for this one, fully adjustable for all hand sizes and game play styles, plenty of customisable buttons to use. The profile software is really easy to use, and to top it all off, it looks AWESOME!
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on 1 July 2016
Good Quality stick, accurate and a reasonable price. Build quality is good, the entire stick/top can be removed for replacement or maintenance if needed as it connects to the base via a multipole connector.good adjustment functionality too, the grip length, hat angle, joystick tension and angle are all adjustable. Also features dual throttle control.
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on 5 November 2014
I'm really liking this piece of kit, it really feels like mid range joystick with an entry level price. There really aren't many joysticks in the market that are middle range there tends to be cheap stuff and then very high end stuff. This bridges that gap fairly well. The amount of adjustment that is available is excellent and I've been able to really fit the thing to my hand and hold it in a very natural position so big plus points for ergonomics there. The buttons have a good action to them generally, a couple of them feel slightly squidgy and it would be better if they were fully mechanical switches rather than membrane but then you have to remember that this joystick isn't £100. The throttle controller is silky smooth with just the right amount of resistance and can split into two independent throttles which will be very useful for those of you who are into flight sims where this is a requirement, it has an eight way HAT, and even a scroll wheel at the bottom of of the head which is a nice bonus.

The areas I would like to see improved would be a more rubberised grip on the shaft of the joystick for improved grip and a little more metal on the finish and contributing to the overall rigidity and RGB LED's for customisable lighting. However as this seems to be built to a price point I can perhaps see why these Things weren't included here. I do feel however that Madcatz could probably charge £5 - £10 more for this product with those inclusions and people would still be buying it, there really aren't many joysticks of this quality at this price range.

Overall, the FLY 5 feels solid and precise and I'm looking forward to many comfortable hours of Elite Dangerous in style.
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