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on 28 August 2003
I love using this to help me really grasp those word meanings. However, I don't use a King James as my normal reading translation, so when I find a word I want to know, I have to get the old KJ out to find the word in that, then look it up in Strong's. Good for seeing differences in translation but does mean you need a good sized table or a very big lap!
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on 15 October 2004
What a pity that with the modern computer technology available it is always Strong's Exhaustive concordance that is used as a pattern rather than Young's Analytical which was just as comprehensive (in theory at least) but which had the added advantage of taking one directly to the Greek and Hebrew without having to be given a number which one then has to look up in the dictionary at the back.
For those still using the AV Stongest Strongs is certainly an improvement over the original Strongs in that the dictionary definitions have been improved. However the paper quality is abyssmal - so thin it is difficult not to damage pages, print shows through the paper from the opposite side, and any annotations show right through.
Users of other versions should use the appropriate Exhaustive Concordance for their versions - I know ones exist for NASB, NIV, and NKJV. Kohlenberger seems to start work as soon as a new version appears!
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on 25 September 2012
Unlike many who possess this book, I am not an academic Bible scholar. I generally don't need to translate exact meanings from Greek or Hebrew. However, I would not be without this book.
1. For £9.99, you can't go wrong.
2. Ever thought 'I know it comes in the Bible somewhere, but I can't remember where?' If so, then you need this book.
3. Need Biblical maps? They are in this book.
4. Need to know about the Hebrew calendar, or weights and measures? There is a section.
5. Not quite au fait with the chronology? Strong's has it covered.

In short, a Biblical concordance is for anyone who wants to do self-directed Bible study - not just the professionals - and this is a good one.

As others have said, Strong's is based on the King James Version of the Bible, so works best when used with that version. However, my primary Bible is The NKJV Study Bible: Second Edition and that works just fine for my purposes.
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on 29 May 2011
This concordance is based on the King James version of the Bible. For example, it lists the word "naughtiness" (James chapter 1 verse 21). The New King James uses the word "wickedness" other versions the word "evil".

I use the website Blueletterbible as an online concordance and dictionary but also wanted a "traditional" way of looking up Bible words. This book is a 3 in one: Concordance, Greek dictionary and Hebrew dictionary. Although it has a further addition the "Nave's Topical Bible Reference System".

I have posted some photos which show how big the book is, the paper quality is similar to that of a telephone directory.
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on 15 February 2002
Strong's Concordance has always been one of the best tools to aid effective Bible study. The Strongest Strong's has been updated by better cross referencing and the inclusion of Goodrich-Kohlenberger numbers.
A guide to the use of the concordance eases you in although this section could be expanded.
Generally excellent value for money and a must for any serious Bible student.
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on 21 June 2014
By far the best concordance, and this updated version is even better. But it is nicknamed "Strong's Exhausting Concordance" because of its weight! You will not want to carry it around for long. Can't be helped. of course, without the print becoming too small or the paper too thin.

Strongs is widely respected, and although his interpretations of some of the original Greek and Hebrew words may be less than perfect, the discrepancies are well known and documented, and people who take their Bible seriously do tend to stick with Strong's numbering system, which has always worked well.

If you need a printed concordance, this is it. Don't waste your money on inferior competitors. But do consider MySword for Android on your phone, which has much of the functionality of Strong's built in, if you need portability.
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on 12 July 2005
If you are serious about studying the Holy Bible then this is a supplement that you cannot do without. Its easy to handle format gives you great definition for Bible words and Bible context and also provides a Greek and Hebrew dictionary of translated Englsih words making it easier to understand the Holy Bible in the contect that it is written.
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on 12 April 2010
This is the most informative reference book I have ever used.
It has clarity, ease of access , cross referencing in a format I had not expected, with both Hebrew and Greek explanation for words which is enlightening.
Passage look ups, parables, actions, key people and events are so easy to find.
As a Christian it has enabled me to dig deeper into what is written ,the way it is written and is helping me to see more of the heart of God's word.
One of the best purchases I have made.
This is a very big book which will only sit on a desk- not in a handbag! For me so much more accessible than an electronic concordance.
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on 7 March 2009
A few friends recommended this, so I bought it off Amazon. It's more in-depth than I could have imagined, but it's really interesting and useful, especially when preparing Bible studies. It gives the translation of each word in the original Hebrew/Greek etc, and then gives a detailed translation of that original word.

There are many other bits of information that I never knew I needed to know, but they are really interesting, and help to understand the meaning of our English translations!
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on 21 June 2010
Dr. S. Lewis Johnson once said that a concordance is the most useful help to the study of the Scriptures. The reason for this is because it lists all the occurances of every word, so that any word may be studied in all of its different contexts and its meaning thereby determined. And all this can be done by a simpleton! What a gift to the Church!

I purchased this particular concordance because I do not like using those which are online. I would rather have a book. 'Strongest Strong's' is remarkable and I am never disappointed when I use it. It is accurate - one might even be forced to say, very accurate - and wonderfully helpful.

What does it contain? It includes a full concordance of every word in the Authorised Version of the English Bible and a full, far more up-to-date and accurate dictionary at the back of Hebrew and Greek words. This edition also has Nave's Topical Reference at the back, which seems a little random, but this is sort of like a Thompson Chain Reference. Certainly I have found it useful. There are also a few other little things, such as a list of the Old Testament kings and a few black and white maps. Overall, it is an extremely handy volume and I reckon it is one of the best books I have bought since I decided to follow Jesus.

I will make a quick, but important note on the study of Hebrew words. I do not know Hebrew. That was a problem. This concordance does not make clear that Hebrew words change their meanings, sometimes rather drastically, based upon the word form. So whilst the same Strong's number is used for the same root Hebrew word, that does not mean that every definition of that word listed by this concordance is the correct meaning. For example, you will notice for the verbs of Hebrew words, that in the definitions section at the back, Strong's has such meanings = Strong's number 3047: [Q] to hold, to have; [N] to carry, to bare, etc. I just made that up to illustrate the point. [Q] and [N] are clearly different forms of the same root word: but it affects the meaning in English. "To have" and "to carry" are different, you see? I have had this concordance for about a year now and I only just spotted this the other day. However, this is not necessarily a problem. You can determine which groups of words are correct definitions, even if you have no idea how Hebrew works. For example, if my English sentence in the Authorised Version says "I hold ... ", then I know that the Hebrew form being used is of the [Q] stream. Thus, "to have" or "to hold" would be valid translations, but not necessarily "to carry" or "to bare". If you happen to be a teacher of the word, this is an important point. Fortunately, the issue is not as significant in the New Testament, because Greek does not do this.

Anyways, I regard this concordance as essential to my biblical studies and in-depth exegesis of the text. I recommend it along with the 4 volume set of 'The Interlinear Bible'. Both together, these are almost priceless. O what the rest of our Christian brothers and sisters would have given to have these resources we have today so freely available to us! Use them with benefit.
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