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on 24 March 2014
This add-on kit for ES7000 and ES8000 Series TV's is a brilliant update but this review is not to praise it but to inform other readers on the essential steps to update your tv.

Step 1: Once you receive it, ensure it is a Samsung SEK-1000/XC model (repeat: XC). Amazon UK will sell you the UK specific XC model but third party sellers might be selling the cheaper US model which DOES NOT work here.

Step 2: Make sure your Samsung TV has the latest firmware installed Do it either online (if your TV supports it) or download into a clean USB. All steps are provided in the UK Samsung support section ([...]). Or call them at 01932 454358, tell them your TV model and confirm the latest firmware. Also download the Evo Kit installation guidelines.

Step 3: Once the TV has the latest firmware, switch off completely and detach power plug.

Step 4: Slot in the Evo kit into the rear of the TV. Loads of rubbish has been written about this, but the process takes all of 5 seconds. Slot in the two legs FIRST and then firmly press in on the other end i.e where the connectors are. It will slot into the place with a faint click. Have a fiddle to contercheck there is no lateral movement i.e it is loosely connected.

Step 5: There is a new remote in the box - put the batteries inside. It will not work since it needs to be paired with the Eco Kit. Keep it ready but do not cover the batteries with the back flap since there is a small button for pairing which will need to be used.

Step 6: Use your old remote to switch on the TV. Automatically it detects the Evo kit and follow the on-screen instructions. The first would be to pair the remote which takes upto 20 seconds. Thereafter use the remote for scrolling.

Step 7: If you use a set-top box (like yours truly) for channels (i.e. Sky/Virgin etc.), you can skip the channel search via cable or aerial etc.

Step 8: The whole process in my case took <10minutes. It might take longer if your TV doesnot have the latest firmware and hence Step 2 is important.

Step 9: Once the installation is complete, go to Menu and System and do a software update of the Evo Kit again via online. There is a new firmware in March 2014 which might not figure in your Evo Kit.

Step 10: Fiddle around and enjoy!!!

1. The TV has a new look.
2. It has some form of a 'memory cache' and hence learns your usage and becomes more intuitive with time.
3. The voice commands and hand controls are sleeker.
4. Net browsing is easier and does play online flash videos.
5. The new remote has a touch pad (like a laptop touch pad) which is sensitive to movements.
6. Your TV software has the latest 'look' as 9000 series

NOT SO GOOD FEATURES (if I have to be critical!)
1. £194 is probably expensive since your TV's basic functionality and picture quality is not altered; At £100 I would term as must-have but at £194 it is a luxury; hope Samsung has some common sense in the future.
2. I hope the Evo Kit can be updated automatically every year without having to pay money i.e. Samsung does not launch a new Evo Kit every year to con its loyal customers.

Hope this helps. Drop in a line if you have queries!
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on 18 June 2013
I've bought various Samsung 'smart' TV's over the last few years; the latest was an ES8000. Although the interface was cutting edge I always felt is was slow (especially when loading web pages), the voice command was a gimmick which rarely understand ones voice.
Installing this Evolution kit has transformed the experience.. Its made the TV respond like lightening, web pages appear in an instant, S Voice understand you and bring backs results within moments. The new interface is very intuitive and looks ace..
The new remote (arguably if you had the ES8000 - they you wouldn't need this new device) is small and is much more user friendly than the older remotes. Entering text is easy using this or better still using voice commands..

Buy it
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on 2 January 2014
I bought this mainly to improve the Smart aspect of our TV, which I was never very impressed with. Fitting the kit was both simple and tricky at the same time. Simple in as much as there's no way you can fit it wrongly, but difficult because it was tricky getting the socket on the Evolution module to keep good firm contact with the receptor on the TV. Resorted to giving the unit a brisk slap in the back which seemed to do the trick. Be aware that ANY kind of USB device plugged in will prevent the TV from seeing this upgrade kit. It says so in the instructions, but I had a short USB extension plugged in (no device attached) and even that had to be removed. It can be re-fitted after the install.

The TV finally recognised the upgrade and then did a lengthy (55 minute) series of software updates and installation procedures. I think this is partly to make you feel as though you have bought a piece of kit worth £200 . So, what do you get at the end of all this? There is no doubt that the Smart interface is greatly improved, with more screens and a more compact layout. Apps definitely load faster, and browsing the Web, which was so slow as to be useless is now pretty impressive. The installation also makes subtle changes to the TV's onboard menu layout, which takes a bit of getting used to. As far as the voice and motion control aspect of this goes, I have no idea, because I have always found them both useless gimmicks although they are supposed to be improved by this upgrade.

Other reviewers have said that it has improved their picture quality. I have noticed no difference whatsoever in ours, so maybe a bit of wishful thinking on their part? About a week after fitting the kit we noticed "splodges" of blue appearing all over the picture. I eventually traced this to the fact that the Evolution kit was (once again) not pressed firmly against the socket. I have cured this by sticking a piece of gaffa tape over that end of the unit. Just a quick mention for the new remote that comes with this - take the time to get used to it, because for once it really is a good bit of gear. Finally relegated the old remote to the kitchen drawer.

I have rated this at 3 stars: Firstly because of the difficulty I had fitting it, and secondly because it's about double the price it should be in my opinion.
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on 2 January 2014
... make sure that you've got the latest firmware installed. The TV's on-line updater found only the 2009 software and then told me that I was up to date BUT the necessary 2011 firmware (which I and the TV didn't know existed) **was** on the internet but needed to be installed from a USB stick. There. That took me 5 days to find out!

But once installed - fantastic. My TV is faster (much faster) and feels like the TV is ready for another year. There's a new user interface which looks cleaner and is more intuitive; the on-screen keyboard responds much faster to the inputs made on the new and more comfortable to operate remote control. There were no hang-ups when streaming from iPlayer etc like before. If I'm honest I can't really detect an improvement in the image quality but it was always perfectly good as it was.

I was taking a bit of a risk on what could have been a proper gimmick but in fact, this purchase makes perfect sense... why replace a perfectly good HD screen (that won't change from one year to the next) when all that is needed are some updated circuits (which will date as features - such voice and gesture recognition - need more processing power). I read that there will be upgrades for the 2012 machines until 2016.

Yes, a LOT of money but it feels like I've part-ex'd my last year TV for this year's model for under 200 quid - seen that way, this is a bargain.

If I've been of any help to you, my 5 days weren't entirely wasted!
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on 8 October 2013
Followed the instructions - do software update first.
Worked really well, faster access to applications, more intuitive interface.

The only down side is the price - much cheaper in Amazon America :-(
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on 1 January 2014
SAMSUNG VG-SEK1000 Evolution Kit for ES7000 and ES8000 Series TVs - Install was dead easy - works fine - the new remote takes a little bit of getting used to - but overall its a great investment
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on 6 September 2013
My enthusiasm was curbed when it took me about an hour to make it work. This was because whilst the method of installation looks simple my first attempts resulted in a range of on screen messages indicating failures. At one point the TV refused to function at all. Eventually, and following a squirt of WD40, the unit began to work. I must have pushed the unit in then removed it and tried again 50 times. The new smart TV features are there and it has improved Internet speed. It has also done something to screen definition but I am not sure that it is an improvement.
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on 22 March 2015
Easy to fit, a bit awkward to install the software and took a couple of hours to update. The internet is much faster and most of the menus have changed. The new remote is excellent on the TV but the fact that I can control Sky with it is actually a pain because if you pick it up and touch the pad you can actually change channel etc without meaning to. Regarding the original remote control I could not get the TV to recognize both the long one and the touch pad one so I picked the new control and the long one.
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on 29 June 2013
Contrary to some reports, this little black unit clicked into place easily and firmly. The result was a greatly transformed television, with improvements all around. Immediately noticeable was an improved picture quality (though had to reset preferences and disable BD Wise, as always) and a much quicker response. The little new remote control also works very nicely. No particular negatives or irritations so far...
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on 17 October 2014
I bought this for a 65 inch TV, I was a bit wary because of some reviews by tech experts !!! . According to them it was very tricky to fix it properly into the slot at the back of the TV , I really don't understand why ? , I'm a geezer and I found it very easy indeed to fit , in fact it took less than a minute seriously . I suppose the upgrade is worth the money , the new ' smart ' remote is an improvement , the display is a lot different than my 2012 model . I think this upgrade might bring it in line with the 2013 model , I don't think it upgrades to the 2014 model though ?, I'll find out soon enough as I've just bought the flagship 65 inch curved 4K UHD 3D model .
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