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Russell Hobbs is the name people in the UK think of first when looking for kitchen and home appliances; toasters, kettles, coffee machines, irons, food processors, blenders, vacuums and much, much more. Synonymous with life in the kitchen for more than 50 years, Russell Hobbs creates quality goods at affordable prices. Forging a reputation for timeless, classic, stylish kitchen and home appliances, Russell Hobbs has become the favourite brand for homes from Cornwall to Caithness and every point in between. In fact, so popular are Russell Hobbs’ appliances that one in every three households in the UK owns a Russell Hobbs product. After more than half a century satisfying customers in the UK, Russell Hobbs knows exactly what people want in their home and kitchen appliances. That’s why they have put the consumer at the heart of every product, ensuring the design and development suits the fast-pace lifestyle of the UK consumer. Home is where the heart is. Russell Hobbs makes life in the kitchen and home easier, leaving you with more time to enjoy.