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4.3 out of 5 stars303
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 9 October 2002
To tell the truth, before this album, I wasn't a big Coldplay fan. 'Parachutes' was a nice enough album, with some good tracks... Trouble, Shiver, Yellow and Don't Panic... although the others are less memorable.
But this album has completely blown me away! It's pure class. Stand out tracks are The Scientist, Clocks, Daylight and Warning Sign. The others are great too. Politik is a stomping opener and Amsterdam a beautiful last track. In My Place deserved to get to number one, and Green Eyes is a great acoustic track.
This is the album of the year so far (closely followed by Doves and Idlewild). Coldplay have excelled themselves, far surpassing their first album with what will soon become a classic. Well done, lads!
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on 20 August 2007
More moving that the former and latter this album gives a much more rounded consistant quality between parachutes guitar and piano driven emotion and X&Y's rockier feel. The reason I rate it so highly is simply, every song on here feels different and the album frequently gives me shivers with its raw emotion.

The album opens up with Politik an arena bound protest song pleeding to the G8 about fair trade. Getting lost in the worldlyness of this song is easy and the lyrics feel so wise and true, shaking you towards the end when Chris pleads for 'love over this' bridging very nicely into In My Place's 'come back to me'.

From here all of the well known singles (God put a smile / the scientist / Clocks / In my Place) are squeezed together to make lesser bands produce a one sided album. Especially with the quality of those 4. While Daylight and Greeneyes feel like lowlights only in comparison to the former and later parts of the album the touching Warning Sign is guarenteed to pull on the heart strings.

The title track itself has a cold and chilling persona as Chris explains calmly and coldly how he would do anything for his lover 'buy a gun, start a war' A brilliantly unique love song, with a killer chorus and riff.

But its the final moments of the album that provide both the most depressing of songs and coldplays greatest moment of redemption. As human kindness pulls a man back from suicide. As gripping as Running to stand still - U2. It ends the album on a totally uplifting feel.

And there you have it, second only to efforts by Pink Floyd and Radiohead, this is one of the best albums i've ever heard.
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on 6 September 2002
I enjoy reading reviews of new albums and have bought a few from Amazon on the strength of reviewers and luckily have been introduced to a some new bands e.g Royskopp. My wife made me buy he latest from Coldplay, she is a firm fan - me? I enjoyed the singles and odd track from Parachutes. I thought I would never submit a review but feel that this is easily the best album I have bought this year. I am not going to disect every track but the overall melodic beauty of the tracks is superb - just hit start and let the next 55 odd minutes wash over you. Three plays so far and my 7 year old daughter is now singing along. Tracks 2,4,7 are absolutely outstanding but I'll probably choose different ones as my favourites tomorrow. I can only offer my opinion and the album may not be to everyone's taste but for those that appreciate great melodies, thoughtful lyrics and a change from the serious amount of tat that is swamping the British music industry then can thoroughly recommend this - go on and buy it - you won't be disappointed!!
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on 19 September 2006
I have subconsciously been a Coldplay Fan since they released Trouble off Parachutes. I heard the song on the radio and immediately it conjured up Pink Floyd (Meddle era) only problem was that I could not tell people who the Band was as I never got to the end of the song. The song had number 1 written all over it. They dominated Glastonbury and live8 over the next few years that came along. When X & Y came out, I simply went and got all 3 Albums all at the same time.

X & Y sounds more structured, more U2 (better to be compared to U2 than take that), Parachutes is mesmerising, But A rush of blood to the head steals it, only just. Often the best singers are the ones who don't have to try, they have a unique way of sounding natural. The Rest of the Band are equally important, The lead guitar playing often sends me on a beautiful day dream elsewhere (don't know where), The bass playing is stunning and melodic and the drums are simplistic and give time to the rest of the Band, they don't get in the way, merely complement the music. The Piano Playing is somewhat unique and is part of the successful ingredient that is Coldplay.

I don't have a favourite track on the Album, best not to, the music should be listen to as a whole, If they make a Classic Sounds Album, this album needs to be used. You don't listen to the hype, you listen to the music, Coldplay won't like this, but musically then stand up against Early Queen, Bowie and the Who, because the music swirls and is adventurous. They don't need to be only compared to Oasis, Travis and Radiohead (who all, by the way, are talented by their own standards). I have no more to add.
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on 25 February 2003
As I write this, Colplay bask in the glory of Brit and Grammy awards, and there has not been a more deserved winner in a long time. With this album Coldplay have stepped up and joined the big boys (the U2 and Radiohead comparisons might not be so far out). The disc starts with the fantastic Politik, that doesn't seem much at first listen but when the outtro hits you'll realise that this is something special. The pace is furious as In My Place hits like a dose of Prozac. The guitar hook is enough to carry any album. If the band thought Yellow was their Magnum Opus then thet should hang their heads, The Scientist is richer, deeper, more intense and everything that Coldplay stand for. There is some filler, A Whisper is a small lull in the action but it only serves to make the title track more stunning. As the chorus explodes from your speakers you almost feel like your feet leave the ground. I first listened to this album a few days after it came out and it still sits in my CD player above all others. The passion of U2, the beauty of Radiohead and the intelligence of R.E.M. are all in evidence but Berryman/Buckland/Champion/Martin have raised the bar to a new level. Stunning
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on 2 May 2003
A head rush is probably not what you’d expect to get when you listen to Coldplay; but it’s clear that their music has moved in a new direction in this anticipated follow up to their promising, if slightly limited debut ‘Yellow’. Straight from the first track you can hear that ‘A rush of blood to the head’ is brimming with creativity, and as a whole, the album offers a much wider variety of ideas and themes in song writing and sound than its predecessor.
‘Politik’ and the title track, show a much darker side to Coldplay, as they broaden their perspectives beyond their own relationships. The opening chords have the feel of ‘yellow’, but offer a more aggressive tone, before Martin’s accusatory vocals launch into an attack on 3rd world debt- ‘look at earth from outer space/everyone must find a space…open up your eyes-what’s your politik?’ The title track shows genuine rage and frustration as Martin plots on arson and vandalism, but expressed in an at first unsophisticated musical form, his emotions seem much darker, intense and are amplified as sings ‘‘im gonna buy a gun and start a war, if you can tell me something worth fighting for.’

More musical variation is offered on tracks like ‘Daylight’, which gives a slightly perplexing blend of Sitah and wailing vocals, over a pulsing rhythm which leads to a strong climax, but ultimately for me is slightly disappointing as vocals drones again and again: ‘Slowly breaking through the daylight.’ ‘A whisper’, however, produces a great combination of sounds as minor guitar chords, lingering strings and hypnotic vocals wind their way towards an enigmatical finale where we hear a hint of a positive ending, but never more.
As a whole, Martin’s vocals seem to have achieved an added depth to them. His voice offers a richer vocal quality and more dynamic variation, as is well demonstrated in ‘The Scientist’ –my highlight of the album. Simple piano chords, and deeply heartfelt lyrics turn it from a seemingly simple ballad, that grows and grows, to become a truly beautiful and moving love song, as he despairingly sings ‘nobody said it was easy, it’s such a shame for us to part/nobody said it was easy/no-one ever said it would be this hard- I’m going back to the start.’
There is still occasionally a tendency for glottal stops in the singing, and on ‘Green Eyes’, another love song, his voice seem unsteady and almost has a tendency to wail on the top notes, while the deliberately simple guitar chords fails to achieve the desired effect. This is perhaps the one song with a genuinely optimistic feel to it, and as such it fails. It finally gains some direction and momentum to it in the last verses, but this comes too late.
‘Amsterdam’ again demonstrates how Coldplay can make only simple piano chords, and soft but meaningful vocals combine into a moving song. The suggestive guitar riffs and stirring chorus on ‘Warning Sign’ build up and then descend again at the end to produce another great song that would have been the highlight of many other albums.
The first single from the album, ‘In my place’ is back to basics, classic Indie Rock Coldplay. Written at the same time as their first album, it offers an instantly hummable tune, which though featuring throughout the song, doesn’t become repetitive as Martin croons over the top ‘come back and sing to me.’

Two slightly faster songs in ‘God put a smile upon your face’ and ‘Clocks’ offer welcome variation, as Coldplay seem to have found new and effective ways of expressing themselves. ‘Clocks’ particularly, offers a much faster, and perhaps even more upbeat feel, creating a fascinating juxtaposition with haunting vocals as he muses ‘am I the cure or am I the disease?’
As a whole, ‘A rush of blood to the head’ gives a broadening of sound, and ideas, without losing the sincerity about their music which helped make Coldplay so popular. However despite the creative and effective variation that tracks such as ‘Daylight’ and ‘A whisper’ offer, I think that Coldplay are at their best when they are at their most basic. The simple combinations on tracks like ‘The Scientist’ are more than the sum of parts, and these heartfelt offerings are what originally set Coldplay apart, and deservedly so. This is an album brimming with ideas and invention, and sometimes becomes overcomplicated in striving for the right sound. Though this is a very good record, I think Coldplay still have much more to offer. On the opening track they sing ‘Give me real- don’t give me fake,’ and in an age where chart music is rife with manufactured, superficial and superfluous acts, this is a statement of intent, of what Coldplay are giving, and can offer modern Pop music in the future.
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on 19 September 2002
I'll get the one gripe I have with this out of the way. The chord sequence on 'Green Eyes' copies Gabrielle's 'Rise' and 'Knockin' on Heaven's door'
Apart from this, it's varied, original and wonderfully produced. Highlights are In my Place, Scientist, Daylight and Amsterdam, but quite honestly it's all good stuff!
I never really got into Parachutes, but Chris Martin's voice is absolutely fantastic. The Scientist is beautiful, while Politik and Daylight bring to mind Radiohead at their best. Chris Martin does seem to like to copy Thom Yorke's style - I hope they don't become too similar.
Well done Coldplay - bringing superb music to the mainstream (top of the UK album charts)
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on 19 October 2002
I bought the album, and listened to the first five tracks and was at first worried that i'd spent 11.99 too much. Putting the album away for a few days i listened to the beloved parachutes then i played the entire c.d and was astounded at the quality which i had missed in the first listening, 'politik' suddenly made sense with it's un-coldplaylike intro and the exceptional piano riffs in 'amsterdam' had me hooked. The band has adapted it's style to perfection. Parachutes now sounds old and on a monotone next to this great piece of work. My album of the decade without doubt.You need this...
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on 11 September 2002
First I must say that although i have given the album five stars, i don't think i am overrawed by the album as most people seem to be. 'In my place' wouldn't hace been misplaced on 'parachautes' a top track and original Coldplay. Politik is the ideal song though to kick of the new album, its upbeat and heart felt. The Scientist is also an excellent track which is one of my personal favourites.
I could go on all day about the album, but i won't. I will say the album is great and is worth buying if your a fan or new to Coldplays music. The only track worth skipping is Green eyes which Chris Martin has said he wishes hadn't made the album and I agree with. Look most albums come with filler (apart from Parachautes)and this album has one dodgy track, give them a break.
Could you do any better, when trying to follow up a cult status album?
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on 29 June 2004
This is really an amazing CD. Some songs certainly stand out above the rest, but all are definately worth listening to over and over again. "Politik", the first track, opens up the album wonderfully, using powerful instrumentals that fade into haunting, pretty vocals before going back again to the heightened instruments. "The Scientist" is by far my favorite track, with vocals and instruments that are lingering and sad without any trace of sappiness. "Clocks", while perhaps overplayed, still remains a beautiful song with rushing piano that really does the album's title justice. "In my place" is, like most of the other songs on this CD, very soothing without at all being boring; in fact, it's simple instrumentals are quite catchy. All said, this is a CD worth every single penny and then some.
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