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4.7 out of 5 stars148
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 18 May 2011
Running Free' is excellently written and a perfectly well -balanced combo of 'Triumph Over Tragedy' and real medical facts. Kate's personal story is told in a no-nonsense writing style which immediately hooks you in from the moment she recalls waking up in hospital with Locked In Syndrome unable to communicate and feeling as if she has been buried alive, following a massive stroke. The reader is taken on Kate's journey to recovery and, as every page is turned, there is an incredible sense of hope and optimism despite the unimaginable daily battles she endures- and later challenges herself to win despite the odds. Kate shows the same stoicism and perseverance as her fictional fighting hero, Stallone's 'Rocky'. You just know Kate is going to make progress and prove the medical experts wrong because of her self belief, gritty determination and network of family, friends and supporters whose loyalty is unwavering. Kate tells it as it is with candid comments and real honesty and there are no saccharine-coated cliches......the story does not need them. You really couldn't make it up. It is quite surreal just reading about how Kate learnt to swallow, eat, talk and walk again and the comedic moments of humour which unexpectedly burst out of the pages here and there reveal the invincibility of the human spirit during the toughest of times. The love and commitment of Kate's three children, husband, relatives, friends and carers envelop her like a circle of strength and nurture her every day. Touch, hugs and positive words or simply having a friend wipe away tears of frustration really do make a difference. When months later Kate has progressed to using a hospital computer to access Facebook and tell others of her plight you realise the business acumen and integral instinct of Kate Allatt's personality to all who knew the digital marketing expert in her pre-stroke days has not been impaired in any way. In some ways Kate's bloody-mindedness is her saving grace as her voice reaches out across the internet and seemingly screams :"I am a stroke survivor, not a victim! '' Ghostwriter Alison Stokes must be applauded for picking up Kate's story via Facebook and throwing her a lifeline. The written words are far more powerful knowing that Kate was rendered speechless by the stroke. No doubt Kate's refound voice (and indeed the aims of her charity Fighting Strokes to provide information and support for patients, carers, health professionals and families) will resonate down the corridors of power- not to mention hospital wards- where other stroke sufferers and those who care for them learn invaluable lessons about strokes and Locked-In Syndrome. This book will be a valuable point of reference. Kate's inspirational story made me cry. Yet since finishing the book, I always aim for a 'my glass is half full, not empty' approach to everyday life.
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on 18 May 2011
This book will help so many locked-in people in the future, I had never heared about L-I-S until my husband had his stroke and was left locked-in. He sadly died. And still nearly 7 years later it as never been mentioned. That was until this amazing lady came along with her strong will and determination and the help of her good friends and family, she advertsed the dreaded illness. With the help of the media and internet and now this fantastic book, which i could not put down, she will be know world wide and will become a celebrity in her own right in a matter of months. watch this space
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on 19 May 2011
This book describes Kate's amazing recovery from a sudden and massive stroke leaving her locked in. it's not a common injury and most people won't have heard of locked in syndrome. Kate's book changes all that and describes how self determination, the support of family and friends and the thoughts and prayers of untold others gave Kate the courage to fight back and regain her rightful place at home with her husband and family. An inspirational book which will help others for years to come.
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on 18 May 2011
`Running Free' is an amazing story by an inspiring and extremely courageous young woman. Laugh and cry with Kate as she embarks on her astonishing journey to regain her life and return home to her family. Who said `no', clearly not Kate, who pushes boundaries and astounds everyone. If you want to feel inspired, or wish to empower others then this is the book for you, a `must read', in a league of its own I recommend this book above all others. Janine Atkinson, Macclesfield
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on 17 May 2011
Kate's book is a must read for everyone. I just could
not put it down. A very moving story written by a truly inspirational woman.
A book that should be read by everyone and especially those of us working in the medical profession!
Buy a copy now!
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on 21 April 2011
This is a book that I will think about and remember for a long time. We never know what's around the corner - Kate was fit mother of three when she was suddenly struck down by a stroke that left her whole body Locked-In. Her fight to gain back her life is truely inspirational. It made me question how I'd have reacted - her determination and resiliance is incredible.
It's an upbeat book that's written in an easy style - highly recommended.
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on 18 May 2011
I received this book and finished reading it on the same was that compelling.
Having gone through a very similar experience as Kate, I found it made painful reading at times but it was utterly addictive.
The sheer determination of this lady and her bloody mindedness aided her miraculous recovery. Medical staff so often get things wrong and Kate refused to take their bleak prognosis laying down...pardon the pun! Sticking two fingers up, either literally or metaphorically,to 'professionals' and having the belief that nobody knows their own body better than themselves, highlights the strength of spirit that Kate possessed. She refused to accept the physical limitations that this cruel condition had placed upon her and didn't always heed medical advice but this strong will led her to astound medics and others alike and the speed and extent of her recovery was evidence of this.
The book made me laugh out loud, at times Kate's thoughts and irreverent attitude were just as mine had been when in the same position and the humour paralleled my own. At other times the tears flowed freely down my cheeks especially when Kate described the bravery of her children and the importance of having a trusted circle of friends.
This account of Kate's personal struggle, when the odds were stacked heavily against her, makes for powerful, thought provoking reading. It is a lesson to us all...we may think we have the perfect lives but as this story shows, it can all be snatched away without warning leaving behind a trail of decimation that only the brave and determined can overcome.
A thoroughly inspiring read which has affected me profoundly...enjoy and spread the word.
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on 1 July 2011
A superb read showing such strength of character and determination. I found this book to be informative too giving a greater understanding of rarely heard about Locked in Syndrome. What a wonderful group of family and friends all with such commitment to helping Kate in whatever way was necessary.Running Free: Breaking Out from Locked-in Syndrome
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on 30 July 2014
Self absorbed monologue demonstrating a lack of gratitude for the expert care the author received to aid her recovery and enable her like to resume.
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on 10 July 2011
This is a very inspirational book written by a remarkable woman. She had a massive stroke and woke up with "locked-in syndrome". It is a testament to her sheer willpower and the supreme fitness she had before the stroke that she pulled through and is now actually running again, a year after her initial stroke. I highly recommend this book.
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