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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars87
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 1 July 2013
As a massive riding enthusiaist, I found this to be a really decent novel with a gripping storyline. I loved the Jilly Cooper stories, but as they're obviously quite dated now, it was good to find a more current equestrian novel as there dont seem to be many about. There were a fantastic mix of characters, of varying ages and backgrounds who were realistic and well-described. I found myself rooting for many of them as the story unfolded! I really enjoyed the descriptions of the equestrian side of the book, it's clear that the writer know what she's talking about where horses are concerned. I was gripped by the drama right the way through! The only negative for me was the terrible editing. The writer continually uses exclamation marks inappropriately, to the point where it is really distracting! There are also a number of typos and word repetitions throughout. I found it annoying that all of the characters seem to constantly refer to each other as 'hun' and the Irish groom begins every comment with 'to be sure!' All of these issues could easily have been sorted by a decent editor and thankfully didn't detract too much from an otherwise decent read. I look forward to the (hopefully better edited) sequel!
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on 10 June 2013
A great, rollicking read, with thoroughly believable characters and a steadily building plot-line, with plenty of suspense, both of the romantic and criminal variety.

I really enjoyed this book,set in the horsey area of Sussex. I'm not a horsey person particulary, but found myself completely caught up in the lives of Jennifer and Charles, Chloe and John, Grace and Colin, and the rest of the large well-drawn cast of characters. The story is well-written and totally engrossing, leading to too many late nights when I just couldn't put it down.

The suspense built up in a very satisfactory manner, and all the threads came together in a very exciting, suspenseful conclusion. It's one of those books that you can't wait to finish so you know what happens to everyone, but equally don't want to finish as you don't want to have to say goodbye to the characters, who feel like old friends by the end!

I would highly recommend this book, an absolute bargain at any price!

Read and enjoy!!!
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on 2 June 2013
So far so good - very readable, likeable characters and the plot is most intriguing and gives no hint as to which direction it may take. As a "horsey" person myself, I really like how well they've gone into detail on the equestrian side of things, but the reason I am posting this review before I've finished reading the book is because of the serious overuse of the exclamation mark. It's used CONSTANTLY. As in, all the time! Most uses of it are unnecessary! It's put in the wrong places constantly! Makes reading the book mildly annoying! Could be much better edited! I want to punch the book in the face when they put a million exclamation marks on one bloody page! Feels like there's about a million of them, probably only about a dozen! How annoying is this text to read with constant punctuation! Poo isn't it! You get my drift...

Aside from a touch of punctuation overuse, it's a cracking read, I would have given it had 5 stars without the above mentioned issue :-)
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on 2 July 2013
I bought this book as it was recommended to me. I was not disappointed. It passed the test for me in the sense that I didn’t want to put it down. The story is compelling with very well crafted, three dimensional, characters that kept me clicking on to the next page.

It is a scintilating mix of erotic intrigue, suspense, humour and horror. Loved it!

This writer is a master at building suspense, and by the end of the book all the strands came together in a highly satisfactory conclusion. I have picked up a book by a different author now, yet my mind still occasionaly drifts back to the characters and the intrigues of this novel
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on 21 January 2015
Loved this book - it's a fantastic read! There's a few grammar/word errors that frustrated me a little, in general I think proof readers should do a better job but despite that this book had me gripped from the beginning. I couldn't put it down and some of the twists were very clever! I kept expecting more to happen at the beginning so I think it starts a little slow but definitely gets better! The characters are great as well you quickly like a lot of the main villagers - and I love finding horsey mystery/romance novels!

Would give it 5 stars if it wasn't for the grammar and spelling errors!
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on 20 September 2013
This book is a must for putting your feet up with a giant pot of tea and just falling into the story and it's characters.
Not all the characters are likeable of course,but that is what makes this such a superb book,all the doings! I would pack this for a holiday read and don't get started until you are under a shady palm.I don't think you will leave that shady spot until you have finished it!!!Don't hesitate to get it,I have sent links to all my friends overseas who loved it.
Well done to this amazing author and may more follow.
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on 9 May 2013
It does not come every so often that you see a piece of literature written beyond the expecting of writing gods such as Rolling or Tolkien.

King has gone beyond the standard while surpassing the legendary in this outstanding book which will have you gripped by the eyes on every page. A fascinating tale of deceit and scandals featuring excellent twists and turns for boot.

50 Shades of grey eat your heart out, you've been toasted I'm afraid.
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on 13 May 2013
Rough Ride, the debut novel by P.J. King, offers the reader an extraordinary tale of lust and intrigue set within the chocolate box world of the county set. If its a good plot, suspense and sex you are after then Rough Ride will be right up your street. The woman are sexy, the villains cruel and ruthless, and the horses, like everyone else in this story are both well turned out and ridden hard. A great yarn!
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on 29 May 2013
I loved this book - a great read by a new author - can't wait for the sequel (hopefully!). Would be fantastic holiday reading matter, especially for people interested in horses, very hard to put down. This is a good yarn centreing on a village community with interesting varied characters and a sinister sub-plot, not to mention descriptive sex scenes. A romping good read!
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on 22 July 2013
Where to start! This is a somewhat run-of-the-mill story strung out, over an interminably large number of pages, it seemed to go on, and on and for large chunks of time go nowhere!

The author clearly know their way around horses and equestrian pursuits, but I am not really clear who the book is for! For non-horsey types it will quickly lose them with the use of the vernacular; terms and phrases common to the horse world that are not explained! If it is for equestrians, then much of the horse stuff is basic, and redundant and there are a couple of glaring factual errors (two examples: a character completes their one day event with a double clear and some time faults on the cross-country to finish on their dressage score of 29.5 - if you know eventing then you know what's wrong with that sentence! Second: the characters are competing in "pre-novice" classes but the story is contemporary so they should be in BE100 classes!!).

The author also likes to use stock phrases and this gets irritating! Every time someone gets out of their car they "carefully lock it", even though most cars in the story would simply need to have a button pressed on the key fob! Also, every single time anyone goes anywhere in a car they "ram it into gear" which is both unnecessary to the narrative and not typical of most drivers, besides most cars, in the story will be automatics, so this is pretty much impossible! I also think the author needs to understand what "proverbial" means as it is liberally used where words like ubiquitous or clichéd would be more appropriate!

The biggest problem, with the book though (or at least the version I read) is the copy writing itself! If you have got this far in my review you, no doubt have noticed an over-use of exclamation marks! And misplaced commas! And rambling sentences with numerous extensions! This is my attempt to prepare you for the book, as it is in desperate need of proof reading and editing! OK, I'll stop now!!

Seriously, the writing style and punctuation made this almost unbearable. I persevered and eventually, some way into it, eventually became invested in the storyline and saw it through to the end. I nearly didn't get past the first page though. Besides the grammar and punctuation there are abundant spelling mistakes and mistaken word use, as well as some glaring errors (examples: "their" used instead of "they're", "they'll" used where it should be "there'll"). There is also inconsistency in work use: "per se" is used a couple of times (again not really correctly) but once it is "per se" and then "per-se". The biggest one is the place where horses are ridden for flat work. It is described as a "ménage", "menage" and "manege" at various times, although from memory never the correct "manège". And at times the narrative is written like a stream of consciousness or a Facebook update (note: not "Face Book"), not a carefully crafted novel. Finally (although I could go on) some characters seem to have been educated in the 1980s, despite being relatively young in the story, as they appear to have achieved various 'O' level exams, when they would have been sitting GCSEs. Perhaps the story was written a long time ago and has only recently been published? These are the things that proof reading and editing would pick up.

Behind all this is a slightly interesting story with some drama and tension, but it plays out fairly obviously and the reveals are not well-timed nor that revealing. The characters are mostly bland (and, of course, most are in some way beautiful or attractive - no uglies in the horse world you know). And, like this review, wow - does it go on!!
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