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4.3 out of 5 stars54
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 25 February 2014
Hunter is your loveable rogue type of surfer who had a taste of the forbidden in the form of his younger sister’s BBF and then walked away. A taste he never quite got over. Fast forward five years he is back in same town as her to watch over his ex-con twin brother.

Gabby is still angry at the nonchalent way Hunter dealt with their moment together all those years previous.

Her best friend, his sister is totally oblivious to what happened then or the invisible inferno that is going on between Gabby and Hunter now. It ends up blowing in their faces and you think Hunter is going to walk away from her for a second time but he may just end up surprising Gabby and the reader.

A nice easy read, great writing that kept me glued rather than letting my attention divert elsewhere which my mind tends to do if I am not completely into a book.

*arc kindly provided by author/AToMR Tours*
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on 22 February 2014
"The minute I accepted Hunter into my body, I gave him carte blanche access to my heart as well."

I am a fan of Sawyer Bennett's work so I was more than excited to dive into a new series and fall in love with a whole new set of characters.

Hunter has returned to his hometown after touring the world as a pro surfer. His twin brother has just been released from prison and Hunter now feels it's time to set down roots and support his family. Hunter also left unfinished business behind in the form of his sister's best friend Gabby. After a life-altering kiss, Hunter denied any feelings for Gabby and left for his surf tour soon after, he was trying to protect Gabby, as he knew he wasn't ready to offer her all that she deserved but now he was home and determined to correct that mistake.

Gabby was a feisty chick, she had to be as she worked in a male dominated profession. I thought Gabby's character was quirky, it's not very often (if ever) I read about a female contractor. Gabby took over her father's business after he passed away but she often found herself having to repeatedly prove her worth.

"Did you pose that same question . . . make that same offer, to the men that submitted bids to you? I can assure you the fact I don't have a d*** swinging between my legs won't hinder my abilities."

Gabby was left devastated after being rejected by Hunter, their once friendly relationship morphed into one of disdain but after Gabby landing the remodel job of Hunter's bar, there was no avoiding their history and their ever-growing present feelings of lust and attraction.

The story was drama and angst free for the most part, the focus was on Hunter and Gabby reconnecting and discovering who they were now as adults. Hunter also struggled with the return of his brother Brody. It was hard for Brody to slot back into society and Hunter had a hard time accepting this new version of his twin. Opportunity came a knocking for Hunter when his agent offered him the chance to rejoin the surf competition circuit. Hunter had to make the decision if he wanted to claim the number 1 title or stay at home and claim Gabby's heart.

I really liked the laid-back beach setting and surfer hottie, Hunter was a new book boyfriend to swoon over. I felt due to the fact Hunter laid out his feelings from day one and he made it his mission to make Gabby his, that there wasn't any mystery to his story, or no agenda to unravel. Therefore, I was more interested in Brody, he was shrouded in mystery and I felt myself yearn for more scenes with him in it. He stole the show in that regards, when it was Hunter's turn to take front and centre first.

I did love the relationship between Hunter and Gabby, their connection was undeniable and they really were well suited. Trouble appeared in the form of Hunter's ex girlfriend and even though Gabby tried to pull a stunt to protect Hunter, their relationship was strong and they really did have trust in each other.

As always, Sawyer Bennett's writing was a pleasure to read. I liked the dual point of view, as it was great to re-call the past relationship from both sides and to get a grasp of their feelings for each other now. The story was paced well and there were some lovely tender moments between the two.

On the Rocks was a nice, easy read. Great for a lazy Sunday afternoon, even though it didn't elicit any major reactions from me, it was a great introduction to the series and I know as it continues I will fall in love with the characters and the setting. I really need Brody's book; I just know the man of few words is guarding a heart-breaking story. Fans of Sawyer Bennett and contemporary romance in general need to check this one out today. ~Ava

*I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.*
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on 10 March 2014
Holy Cow! After reading this book I could definitely use a drink!!!

I absolutely fell in love. Most romance seems to be one person fighting the other about their feelings, but On The Rocks is far from that. However that doesn't mean it's all rainbows and butterflies.

Gabby is a tough cookie with a heart of gold. I can surely relate to how she doesn't like to hurt people, but will stand up for herself. She seriously is my kind of girl. She protects herself when she feels necessary, even if her ways are the best out there, especially when it comes to her heart. Yep that's right I relate to that too!

"It's like ice, pushing out all of my gooey feelings and replacing it with bitterness and loathing. I'm so mad at him, and mad at myself for ever thinking there could be anything there. All those years I had fancied myself in love with him, I realize in one starting moment of clarity I am the world's biggest idiot, and Hunter Markham is the world's biggest a-hole."

Hunter is her best friend's brother. Seriously gorgeous and to top it off pro surfer. I think my heart just fluttered! He never wanted to hurt Gabby, but he knew he couldn't give her what she deserved. Now he is back and he can't see continuing this hate game they have had going on for the last 5 years.

I mean seriously though, do you think she could keep up her hate against him forever? I mean even I have heard there is a fine line between love and hate. It is clearly stemmed from the love she feels. Of course he couldn't just stay away either. Even after all these years, they both want each other about as much as they wanted each other then. The big question is will it be sex only or can it be more?

"My entire body shudders, not just from the contact of her warmth surrounding me, but from those two words she just uttered. My name... held with reverence and desire."

Either way. They now know how each other feels. Although, Hunter may have been privy to her feeling before she even knew he was A-hole! Their time together will be one to remember. They both will be uncomfortable at times, but seriously what good book would have them perfectly content? Although some of the time they aren't comfortable is just because of some adventure. ;)

"That was just intense," she says in wonder. " Trying to keep still. I wonder if we could eff out here and get away with it."

On The Rocks is absolutely worth reading. Sawyer's books always possess the power to draw you in and keep you bound. I laughed my ass of quite a bit and even cussed a few characters out. Not that they really got the message. The book is definitely well written and the characters are pretty much all on my fave list. I could kick one in the ass still by the end, but he can resolve his issues in the next book ;) Eeek, yep excited for that one too!

On the Rocks in written from both Hunter and Gabby's POVs. You will seriously see every bit of damage that Hunter caused her by rejecting her and you will also see just how much power she holds over Hunter. Yep, he is a sucker!!! Now go read the book. I really think I may have to read it again! Yup, that good!!
XOXO Alyssa
**Book was provided in exchange for honest Review
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on 24 March 2014
For me the name 'Sawyer Bennett' is synonymous with 'great contemporary romance' and On The Rocks is another novel in which she does not fail to deliver this.
Hunter and Gabby have known each other since childhood; their parents are close, and Gabby is best friends with Casey, Hunter's sister. On the night of her graduation Gabby kisses Hunter, having loved him for years, to met with rejection.
It is this deep emotion and hurt, which Gabby carries with her even five years later when Hunter moves back to the Outer Banks, that renders her incapable of communicating with him properly and connects the reader to her.
However, Hunter is interesting and perhaps one of Sawyer Bennett's sexiest male characters. He is open with his feelings, pursuing Gabby, despite her feisty attitude towards him. Yet he also has respect for her and the business she has built and is as protective of her as he is of his own family.
Sawyer Bennett shows her brilliance as a writer in the creation of Brody, whose character distinguishes On The Rocks from other contemporary romances. His story-line introduces the elements of family drama and intrigue, and I very much look forward to the next installment of the Last Call series.
On The Rocks is a very enjoyable novel with equally strong male and female protagonists, sexy stuff and surfing!
I received this as a review copy, but this has had no influence on my opinion.
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon 2 March 2016
Gabby and Hunter were childhood friends they grew up together. Gabby was best friends with Hunter's sister. 5 years ago at Gabby's graduation she was 18 and Hunter was 22 he kissed her but he then pushed her away with a disgusted look. Present day and 5 years on Hunter has returned home giving up his surfing career, his twin Brody has just been released from prison and Hunter wants to be there to support him. This means coming face to face with Gabby who is still angry from that kiss 5 years before.

I struggled with my rating for this it was between a 2 and 3 star, I wasn't very keen on the characters they were rather immature especially Gabby, I found it difficult to believe that she was still festering over 1 kiss 5 years before. Hunter wasn't much better. Combined with the plot where nothing much happens, and the lack of an emotional connection between the two leads except sex this was a bit of a disappointment for me.
During Hunter's time away he had a serious relationship with his best friends sister Sasha, there was even talk of marriage, so he wasn't pining away for Gabby then! When the best friend turns up with Sasha in tow he allows them to stay with him in his house, Gabby who'd held a grudge for years over a kiss said nothing about Hunter's ex staying in his house that was unrealistic IMO. The only character I wanted to know more about was the enigmatic Brody.
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on 22 November 2014
3 - 3.5 Stars.

I'm a big fan of surfing so I'm always excited by the idea of reading about it. On the Rocks isn't really about surfing though. Yes, Hunter (one of the MC's is a pro surfer) but the plot focuses more on his and Gabby's life outside of surfing.

Gabby had been in love with her best friend's older brother Hunter since they were kids. After an incident years ago, Gabby now hates him and has spent the last 5 years determined to forget him. Hunter's been off being a famous and successful pro surfer but it's when he returns home to help his twin Brody that things get interesting.

I liked Hunter, although I did find his confidence a bit much at times, and it veered towards arrogance. He does however have a softer side and he really cares about his family. I wasn't the biggest fan of Gabby, she's so focused on having been wronged by Hunter in the past (what happened wasn't really THAT bad) but then seemed to do a rapid about turn.

My favourite element of the book was Brody, I found his story really interesting. He's been in prison for something bad (no spoilers) but we're not entirely sure on the details. I'm really looking forward to discovering the truth about what really happened.

I did enjoy the story but there was something lacking at times, which is a shame because on paper I should have loved On the Rocks. I think it was because I didn't fully engage with the MC's and spent most of the book thinking about Brody and his problems...
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on 21 February 2014
*I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.*

I make no secret of the fact that i love Sawyer's books but i did wonder how On The Rocks would compare to The Off Series. No worries there this book did not disappoint.
Hunter Markham is a world class surfer and he has returned home to open and run a beach bar called Last Call with his twin brother Brody. When he left 5 years ago he broke his sister's best friend Gabby Ward's heart by dismissing a kiss.
Gabby Ward is now running her late fathers construction company and if she wants the business to go forward she needs to bid on the refit of Last Call. Can she work with Hunter without feeling the pain of her broken heart. Can this just be business
Both fight their attraction for each other until fate takes a hand with a broken down car in the rain
Hunter- " I figured out that you and I ...that we're going to happen no matter what"
Gabby- The minute he utters those words i know they're true.
What follows is a passionate love affair with twists and turns as people from Hunter's past come back into their life's.
Does Hunter want to compete again?
Can he rely on Brody to run Last Call ? Brody has his own problems in his life and he has made it clear he does not want to be a partner
Does Gabby have the right to make the choice for him ?
i guess you will need to read the book to get the full story .......

i have no doubt that this series will be as big as The Off Series is and i can't wait to read Brody's Story
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on 19 February 2014
ON THE ROCKS is the first storyline in Sawyer Bennett’s contemporary, new adult, erotic LAST CALL series focusing on a group of family and friends in Hatteras Island, North Carolina. This is a friends to enemies to lovers storyline that follows 22 year old Gabby Ward and 26 year old Hunter Markham as they dance around the elephant in the room-their mutual attraction and love for one another.

The storyline premise will find up and coming professional surfer Hunter Markham walking away from Gabby on the night of her high school graduation. Their first kiss ends with Hunter pushing Gabby away. Fast forward five years and Gabby’s anger over Hunter’s apparent disgust of their kiss has fueled the fires that continue to eat away at Gabby’s heart. With Hunter’s return to North Carolina Gabby knows there will be no way to avoid the beautiful boy she once loved. But avoiding Hunter is next to impossible when circumstances find the couple working together towards a common goal.

ON THE ROCKS introduces a tight knit groups of friends including Hunter’s twin brother Brody and, his sister and Gabby’s BFF Casey; Gabby’s roommate Savannah; Hunter’s surfing buddy John and his sister (and Hunter’s ex) Sasha; as well as Alyssa Myers-the woman who will help heal Brody’s broken and fragile mind. Much of the storyline finds the friends at Hunter’s new bar-The Last Call-where hearts will be broken and futures unveiled.

The relationship between Hunter and Gabby is initially icy as Gabby’s continuous anger towards the man that she has loved for years interferes in their daily lives. She is a woman scorned; beaten down by what she believes is rejection; and there is very little room for negotiation when the heart wants what the head pushes away. At times, Gabby is a difficult person to love-for Hunter and for the reader. Her child-like behavior was questionable; her intent was to break the heart of the man who broke her own.

Sawyer Bennett pulls the reader into a story about one kiss, two people and five years of heartbreak. Told in alternating first person POV from Hunter and Gabby’s perspective, On The Rocks is a story where mistaken beliefs fuel the hatred and pain of rejection, in the end, to discover that falling in love with your sister’s best friend is probably the thing that you have ever done. But convincing your sister’s best friend is another matter-all together.

Copy supplied by the author.
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on 17 February 2014
ARC received from the author in return for an honest review.

This is a new series from the amazing Sawyer Bennett. Having loved her “Off” series and recommended it to everyone I know, I have been bouncing up and down with excitement waiting for this first instalment from her new Last Call series.

Sawyer writes adult/contemporary romance exceptionally well and she is adept at capturing your imagination right from the get-go. With so many books out there now it must be hard for an author to keep finding new ideas and storylines but Sawyer has managed it with this series.

The story surrounds life-long, family friends, Hunter Markham and Gabby Ward. Hunter is a surfer who has been travelling the world and competing at the highest level. Gabby is a general contractor who has taken over her father’s business. After a post-graduation kiss which went disastrously wrong, Gabby is left licking reeling from Hunter’s abrupt rejection of her.

***Here I stand on a darkened road with Hunter Markham kissing the hell out of me, and I never want to forget a single detail of this magical moment. It is the best thing that’s ever happened to me in my life and can only be surpassed by his continued kissing and his fervent declaration that he feels about me the way I feel about him.****

Five years on and Hunter decides to suspend his surfing career and to return home to support his brother, Brody. In doing so, he decides to open up a bar and offers Gabby the chance of undertaking the refurbishments. Gabby though, whilst delighted to be working on such a project must put her emotions behind her and forget the feelings that she developed for Hunter 5 years ago. Despite their love/hate relationship, Hunter and Gabby soon realise that their feelings towards each other are not to be supressed and a tentative relationship commences between the two.

****I hold these truths to be self-evident. I’m so **** in love with Hunter, and yes, I know I’m quoting the Declaration of Independence to summarize my feelings at this point, bit that’s a damn good clause.****

This story has it all, sweet romance, hot and passionate sex and of course someone in the side-lines trying to ruin what looks to be a HEA for Hunter and Gabby.

The supporting cast in this book leads you into the direction of future stories and relationships and I can’t wait for more from Brody.
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on 31 March 2014
is story pulls you in, it makes you laugh and smile, it give you butterflies in your tummy, its sweet and romantic and i just ate it up.

On the rocks is full of sexy and steamy moments, witty banters, a truly stubborn heroine and swoon worthy hero.
On The Rocks is a book you want to read if you have one of those crappy day, reading this book just makes you day better.

OMG i love Hunter, he is sexy and one of the few hero’s in a book who isnt afraid to show his feelings, he tells Gabby how he feels, he says sorry when he knows hes wrong, you cannot help but love him.

Gabby holds onto her grudge a tad too long i think, but when she lets it go the sparks fly and the heat is turned up. Gabby is a feisty character and has some great vocab in this book.
I loved the beach sunrise scene, very sexy.

I loved Hunter and Gabby’s story but i am counting the days until i can get my hands on Brody’s story. Brody seems so very broken and sad and i want to see him fixed, i want to see his relationship with Hunter get back to what it used to be, i want to see him love someone.
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