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on 20 December 2013
When I first saw this bundle I thought I was in for a treat. The price is good and it looks like a bargin. Reviews look good too. Where's the catch? the catch is these stories are both irritating and idiotic and in some cases unfinished.

HOMETOWN HOOK-UP could have been a good read. If it was a complete story. I turned a page and it was finished. I'm sure the rest of the story is out there somewhere but I can't really be bothered. It started out really well. The characters are well written and it's a compelling story. But I can't really justify paying for it all over again. Sorry!

RECORD, REWIND started off really well. I am almost tempted to buy the rest. The story is good, the characers are relatable but it too ends in a really odd place. I didn't lose any sleep over not knowing what happened so is the rest worth getting?

PLAYING AUTUMN was a complete story. At least it didn't end in a strange place. The characters were good and the story was light but there wasn't much more to it than that. The rock and roll was sort of forgotten in the midst of the plot and the sub plot with Logan was confusing and didn't add anything to the story at all. It was going fine without him!

THE BALLAD OF JUDE was a very good concept but the story just didn't work for me. I was more interested in the present day to care much about how they got there. The main character Jude was a bit wet and I would have expected him to take his future in his own hands rather than let everyone around him make the decisions. The plot was unlikely and a little confusing.

THE ROCKSTAR I'VE LOVED FOR SO LONG was given raving reviews so I was looking forward to it. I don't think I have ever read something so farfetched in my life. The character of Dylan could have worked really well but the flashbacks didn't work as they should have done. instead of feeling sorry for him and understanding him, I kept waiting for him to yell "April fool"! The gravity of the situation was lost in the erotica surrounding it. It didn't explain his actions, it contradicted them.

HEAT had an interesting premise but this was lost in the first chapter. I couldn't identify with any of the characters and couldn't care what happened to them. I am not very prudish but the first few chapters made me want to flick my eyes out with a spoon. It was sex with no subtance. The plot line was so feeble that there was no story, merely a succesions of romps. If I met any of these people in the street I would not only cross the road, but run as far away as I could in the opposite direction. It was a marvel that such chauvinistic men and such horny women could ever feel anything other than lust let alone true love at first thrust. The almost incestuous relationship between the brothers is just wierd.

All in all I really can't recomend this. For the price it is a good bargain if you can cope with the stories.
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on 5 December 2013
Rock Gods of Romance Box Set (6 Book Rock Star Bundle) is a bundle of books that feature authors Liliana Rhodes, Marian Tee, Ava Lore, Caitlyn Duffy, Mina V. Esguerra, and K.T. Fisher. I have read many of the authors listed above, however I have only read Marian Tee's piece in the bundle so far. However I felt I needed to write this review just to let you know that "The Rockstar I've Loves for So Long" is well worth the current price by itself. So you will totally be making out like a bandit with a purchase of the bundle.

Once Author Marian Tee has blown me away with her amazing writing. "The Rockstar I've Loved for So Long" is one amazing read. I can honestly say that there are few authors that make me relate to book characters the way she does. Dylan and Bree are such different people, however they come together in such a way that I was crying and laughing. I started the book early morning and had to stop and go to an appointment, but I could not stop thinking about what would be next in the book. When I got home the first thing I did was pick up the book again to find out what was gonna happen. I laughed, I cried, and just wanted more. This book totally rocked my world. I cannot wait to read the next. Author Marian Tee is a wicked awesome writer and I really love all her books; however this one has become one of my top five. I will be recommending this book and all of those in the bundle to readers. I can say that just this one story is worth the cost. I know I loved it and I totally believe other readers will too. This and all the books written by Marian Tee are well worth the money since she takes me on a roller coaster of emotions that are wicked hot and so in touch with my inner soul.
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on 5 December 2013
I was provided a copy of one of the books but as I love Rockstar romances I bought the bundle. Here are the reviews for each individual books and my individual ratings. I thoroughly enjoyed the collection and doubt you'd regret one-clicking!

Hometown Hookup by Caitlyn Duffy - 3 Stars
I was really starting to get into this book and turned the page for the next chapter and. . . it had finished. I'm not sure if this is the end of the story or if it is going to be the beginning of a series but I was really disappointed that it just stopped. There was no romance as such in the book, just a kiss and a fumble in the back of a car. The story had so much potential with a newfound rock star going back to his hometown and reconnecting with his high school crush, who also happens to be 5years older than him and a friend of his sister but the story never really got going. Potential that never got going.

Record, Rewind by Ava Lore - 5 Stars
What would you do if the guy you fancied in high school walks into the elevator you are on and your life is one big failure? Well that is what happens to Cassie when Damien Colton walks into the elevator she is on! But what then happens when that rock star admits to having had a high school crush on you too!? The answer is some hot, and I mean hot, scenes!! Love the book and the fact that it has an ending such as it has really worked with the rest of the contents of the book. This is a seriously hot read.

Playing Autumn by Mina V Esguerra - 5 stars
What happens when a rock star is all washed up? What happens when, after years of having a huge fan crush, you meet the man of your fantasies? Read this to find out! Oliver has been in the spotlight for most of his life but he has now been dropped by his record label, is about to be evicted by his landlord and just doesn't get what he needs to do to make himself `current' and maintain his . . . dignity, integrity, you name it!!Well having a quirk, not a phobia, about traveling with someone he doesn't know leads him to meeting Haley. It just turns out they were destined to meet, Haley's friend sooo did not have a hand in engineering that!, but what will happen after that weekend? A fun book, with characters that were likeable and down to earth, a nice book to curl up with.

The Ballad of Jude by Liliana Rhodes - 4 Stars
I'm not sure why but this story just didn't `do it' for me like the others have done. It is a good book, a great one probably, but it just wasn't for me like the others were. This is a follow up story, of sorts, to the book, Lucky Break. It is more of a back story to Jude Morrison, the lead male in that book. It is all about hi first real love and how his band, Silverlight, came to be. It just so happens that the woman who helped them get together is also his first love. Unlike other romances there is no happily ever after for Jude and Zoey as Jude already has his happily ever after with Olivia from Luck Break, although maybe she gets her happy ending in the second book of the series for the guys from the band. Will Cade get the girl he has loved for 15years? I've no idea as there is no blurb but I sure hope so!

The Rockstar I've Loved For So Long by Marian Tee - 5 Stars
This was the book I received a copy of. Despite the fact that I may well be biased this has got to be one of the best, if not the best, of the collection. Sabrina years ago met and fell in love with Dylan but for various reasons, her being too young and problems that I will not go into in his past, he does not make a move on her despite having loved her for a long time. This changes and through various problems they come out at the end with a HAE. However although the ending of the book can be a full stop there is going to be a further story called The Rockstar I Never Knew in 2014. I do not feel that you will need to read this though if you do not want to in order to get a conclusion to the series.

Heat by K.T. Fisher - 5 stars
Ermmm, what can I say about this book other than wow, where is the fan, I need cooing down!! I was a bit dubious about the story at first thinking it was going to be all about 2 girls and 2 rock stars getting it together, and by together, I mean all four of them, together. . . I was so glad that it didn't end up being the case, yes that part was HOT but I do love a good story about a guy falling for a girl. This story was all about Cole, a typical rock star, meeting Lacey at a club with her having no idea as to who he or his brother are. After 2 months together she still has no idea so what happens when she finds out?!

The last two have got to be my favourites of the group and I cannot believe that I got all of this for such a bargain price, the last couple could have charged that and more for the stories and I would have been a happy lady! If you want a collection of books about rock stars of all different attitudes then here is the collection that is just perfect for you. Go on, give it a go, I did!!!
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on 6 December 2013
For 77p you get a nice collection of rock star romances *DROOLS* these are such sweet books you'll fall in love! Some of them do have a follow on book to purchase, i have purchased the follow on books for the ones i like most! Its worth the purchase! Despite being based on rockstar romances; they all are very different and all have different story lines! All are equally as good as each other! they will keep you entertained on a night in ;)
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