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Detroit 2028: In a city where crime is out of control, dedicated police officer and family man Alex Murphy is determined to fight corruption in a world ruled by chaos. But when Alex is critically injured, a ruthless multinational company specializing in technological weaponry called Omnicorp transforms him into an unstoppable part-man, part-robot crime fighter.

Joel Kinnaman,Gary Oldman
1 hour, 57 minutes

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RoboCop (2014)

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Genres Science Fiction
Director Jose Padilha
Starring Joel Kinnaman, Gary Oldman
Studio StudioCanal
BBFC rating Suitable for 12 years and over
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Customer Reviews

3.4 out of 5 stars

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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful By D. MALTBY on 9 July 2014
Format: DVD
On the whole there is a lot wrong with this film, but I can see the intentions behind this poorly executed endeavour. There needed to be some obvious changes to the original, not just to make it original but to fit with the events and attitudes of the day. The basic presence still stands however, that its just about as wrong as it gets to put the ability to kill in the hands of an emotionless machine. Furthermore as wrong to take a person and suppress those emotions to simply make them a better killing machine. When the original was made, the very idea of drones and profit making private armies vying for government contracts were more glimpses of the future than they are now. As we have made these steps forward, however ugly they are. Its a better time to retell this 80's core vest. However the subject matter, relating to the brutality of serious crime and the trauma of what would be done to such a person, warrants more than a 12 certificate. Which is why in almost all ways it really matters, this version falls short of the original. It fails to have the emotional impact needed because its held back on a leash by the unnecessary need to make it a more marketable film to a younger generation, who know nothing of the original. It's like putting a Disney stamp on a remake of something like Apocalypse now, Full metal jacket, Platoon, or saving private Ryan. Simply pointless. Even the great talents that are Samuel L Jackson, Michael Keaton and in particular Gary Oldman are not enough to save this watered down version of an 80's classic. In the mind vault of seen but wish I hadn't.
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful By K. G. A. Alavi on 2 Dec. 2014
Format: DVD
I admit to being a biased fan, who loves the original. If you never saw the original this movie would probably gain an extra star. I do think the movie makers did a good job for an updated reboot, rather than just living of the premise of the first movie. This version of Robo is sleeker, not as clunky with his movements. He is more 6 million dollar man type of enhancements. He can run faster jump higher. He rides a Street Hawk type motorbike. He does take battle damage, and his kill (off button) is a lot more effective.

What this movie lacks in the over the top and bloody violence, it make up for from the perspective of the mental and emotional scaring of the Murphy family. Slight spoiler in this version murphy's family is fully aware that he is Robocop. The movie also takes a much more political stance. There is a lot of America greatest country in the world and international police. You could ask the question that that the rest of the world does not have the choice but to accept American robots and drone security keeping them safe, but America (with virtual flag waving in the background) has the choice to say no.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful By Benito on 14 Dec. 2014
Format: DVD
I adored the original film, still do. So much of it was iconic, striking, visceral, humorous and memorable. Whereas the remake is forgettable, po-faced, ordinary and 'meh' in so many ways. The characters are meh, the action is meh, and the whole story feels diluted and muddled.

Why is it called RoboCop when Murphy is NOT the first robotic cop? The film begins with robotic law enforcers searching a street. In the original film Murphy's transformation was so incredibly striking because there was nothing else like him. But here, he is just another walking machine with a gun. Meh.

What happened to the music? Basil Poledouris' brilliant, chiming, orchestral/industrial score was perfect. Here it is relegated to the end of the end credits. RoboCop has a theme as much as James Bond has a theme. The new music is forgettable generic action fare. Meh.

There is no sense of Murphy cleaning up the streets, no sense of the streets even needing cleaning! Again, the original had 3 or 4 brilliant scenes of RoboCop actually being a cop. One of these featured him trying to arrest one of his killers who shouted 'I know you, we killed you!', prompting Murphy to regress and question who he was. It was simple, and combined action with emotion and story to brilliant effect. There is nothing like that here. Meh.

The characters are so wishy washy - no real 'bad guys' that the film so badly needs - so you've no real interest in seeing them dealt with. In the original film the bad guys are NASTY, they're a gang of real low-lifes, they laugh like hyenas as they shoot Murphy to shreds, you WANT to see him avenged. Here, he's the victim of a remote car bomb, and there's nothing like that same sense of vengeance. He annoyed some criminals and, Mafia style, they blew him up. Tch.
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13 of 14 people found the following review helpful By Richard Morton TOP 1000 REVIEWER on 11 July 2014
Format: Blu-ray
This isn't the Robocop I remember but on its own terms I found plenty to enjoy. It's almost impossible to watch this and divorce it from the original (brilliant) film from back in 1987. That was a very different film - this one is a 12 certificate which perhaps tells you all you need to know. It doesn't have the wit or stylish verve and certainly not the violence of its predecessor.

This time around its Joel Kinnaman who plays Alex Murphy, a cop who is left at deaths door after being targeted by the criminal element. He is rebuilt as our new Robocop and sent out onto the mean streets of Detroit to enforce the law. Complications arise as the line is blurred between man and machine as Alex is caught between his duties, his family and ruthless executives attempting to use him to their own ends. Kinnaman is solid enough in the role but the acting honours lie elsewhere - Gary Oldman is excellent as a conflicted doctor, Michael Keaton is equally great as a hateable son of a gun and Abbie Cornish brings the heart as Mrs Murphy.

As I said at the top, I found much to enjoy here - the streets of Detroit are suitably gritty, the action is good and it all looks great (admittedly I'm a sucker for big budget sci-fi). There are a few sly nods to the original flick - ED209 is present and correct and the original armour gets a look in.

Overall, although the modern way of remaking perfectly good films can feel kind of pointless, if you can take this one on its own merits it's a pretty good film. If you're only gonna watch one Robocop film though - head back to 1987.
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