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Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars707
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 9 January 2010
Travel all over the country and always like to listen to the radio while i'm away.
I bought this little radio after having owned a few others that didn't come up to scratch and found it awesome.
Perfectly clear sound whether its in the house playing through the speaker or in my pocket playing through headphones as i'm out and about.
It really is the best personal audio player i've ever owned (and i've owned a lot).
DAB reception awesome!!
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on 22 January 2010
I have been using a Pure 2000 for the last 3 years and thought that the signal drop out and gurgling went with the DAB territory.
Bought this Roberts and on my normal 14 miles cycle commute (towns and country) had zero signal drop off or gurgling, BRILLIANT!
Another good feature is the larger and brighter text size of the display, it saves me using glasses or squinting when navigating channels etc.
Also used it in the car with the same good reception and performance.
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on 21 January 2010
I apprecite the size, quality of construction and the thought that's gone into the design of this pocket radio. However it is is let down badly by the quality of the audio. Using in-ear phones the background hiss is very annoying even in strong signal areas.
In comparison the audio from the rival Pure PocketDAB 1500 is superb.
Perhaps I got a poor one as other reviewers find the audio good.
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on 6 November 2010
I have been keen on Digital broadcasting for a number of years now and eagerly awaited the day when it would come down to the Walkman size; although I don't always wish to be wearing earhones etc.

Imagine my pleasure then when Roberts produced this gem. Nice earphones that do not constantly drop out; as well as a quite acceptable speaker facility.

The display is large enough to see and well backlit. The jogwheel is easy to use; even for an old man like me; and I like the lock system to stop accidental changes of state.

Now then, if only there were more non pop music stations!!
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on 2 February 2010
When I first took it from the box I was very impressed with the solid neatness of this little radio and clarity of reception. However, the following day whilst out walking the quality of reception deteriorated and became intermittent. At first I thought it was probably due to poor signal but this was not to be - I had a faulty one. I followed Amazon's return procedure on the web link and having selected 'replacement' rather than 'refund' I soon discovered a replacement was on its way free of charge - even before I had returned the faulty unit. The replacement arrived in 4 days. I am absolutely delighted with this radio. It is so easy to select stations, display is very clear and the loudspeaker is a useful bonus.

B. Kimber
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on 5 August 2010
When I first saw this radio I seriously considered buying it but hesitated when I read about the dreaded sealed lithium battery.

I noticed it said nothing about being able to replace it when it died so I emailed Roberts to find out more. They emailed me back and said that at present there was no facility for replacing it and added that they'd anticipated the life expectancy at around 3 years with 'normal' usage.

In my opinion this will obviously vary greatly from listener to listener. So does that mean that if you listen a lot to this £70 radio then in a year or two it may stop working? And not because of any technical fault but simply because the sealed, non replaceable battery has died. Or even if Roberts do eventually set up a way of replacing it how much will it cost and will you have to send it away somewhere etc.

Why has Roberts suddenly changed its battery technology for this radio? Who at the company took that ridiculous and costly decision? Surely they're not going to hop on the Pure bandwagon and start charging people £30 a time for lithiums?

Why doesn't it run on rechargeable AA or AAA batteries please? At approximately only £1.50 p/cell retail the technology is now very cheap and well sussed thanks to the latest Hybrio cells. They retain 85% of their charge for 12 months even if left idle in a drawer! What's more if you're away from home and really stuck you can always just buy some normal Alkaline batteries at any shop and pop them in the unit to keep you going until you're back again. Apart from cry what are you going to do if you're lithium battery dies halfway through a weekend's fishing trip?

Roberts already have a perfect prototype to work off amongst their premier, portable, analogue radios. It's called the Sports 988 (R9988) and costs less than £50 on Amazon. It's the mutt's nuts and with a bit of tweaking they could have done us all a big DAB favour, cleaned up financially, and stuck it up Pure's lithium big time.

Dear oh dear.
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on 10 April 2010
I ordered this radio to replace an ageing Pure PocketDab 1500 which had given me excellent service. I sent mine back because I had the same problem as another reviewer in that it kept switching itself off and on again every few minutes. So, already for me a question mark over reliability. I expect I was just unlucky.
The appeal of this new model was the in-built speaker that gives it extra versatility. I agree with at least a couple of reviewers on here who say that the quality of the sound from the speaker is merely adequate, but it is a useful feature. To use it, though, you need to extend the very flimsy telescopic aerial. My immediate impression was that it could break off at the slightest touch.
Its smaller and lighter than the Pure. The light is visible all of the time, whereas the Pure only lights up when you touch the buttons. This means you can read the DAB text while you listen. I liked that, especially listening in the dark. Also handy was the sleep timer - another plus over the Pure.
The sound quality is good through the supplied headphones. For music stations I found it comparable to the Pure (i.e. excellent) but for speech programmes including 5 Live and football commentary (my main uses), the Pure beats it comprehensively in my view. Voices sound harsh and echoey to me. I did also experience some background hiss as others have mentioned, but again this was only really noticeable when listening to speech channels.
Navigation is fairly simple on the Roberts, but again the Pure scores higher in this area. In particular, access to presets on the Roberts seems slower than actually finding them by scrolling through the channels with the toggle switch. The Pure's presets are accessed in a matter of seconds - surely thats the point of setting them.
The charger supplied with the Roberts is light and compact, like a mobile phone charger. The Pure has a large and heavy one. Makes no difference is you're using it at home, but travellers may prefer the Roberts one for its better portability.
All in all, they're both very good, but for me, the Pure has the edge, even without the speaker.
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on 21 January 2010
I agree with all of the previous reviews about this radio - when it works. My first constantly switched itself off and on every two minutes or less and my second is now proving difficult to switch on (sometimes takes 15 - 20 attempts) - all this in just two weeks. This leads me to believe that the quality from Roberts is not what it used to be - buy with caution (and keep the receipt).
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on 28 July 2011
I have bought three of these radios for various members of my family over the last 12 months or so. I did so mainly on reading the reviews in Amazon. I did notice that one or two folks had had battery trouble but I took a chance anyway. The last of the three was purchased about three or four months ago, for my wife. She is an avid radio-5 listener and the Roberts pretty much went everywhere she went so it's fair to say that the radio was thoroughly stress tested but I don't want to misdirect the reader, my wife is a pretty genteel person. Anyway the radios work just fine, when they work.

So you guessed it, the battery died. The radio still works when plugged into the charger but is dead as the proverbial the second it is disconnected from the unit, which to my understanding is the object of a portable radio.

In summary I think Roberts may have failed to thoroughly and maybe even properly test their product.

Amazon don't care of course because it's more than 30 days ago so I am now faced with the hassle of finding a Roberts dealer to take it back to and all the attendant issues with fighting for your consumer rights etc etc...

Ho hum!
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on 6 January 2010
Excellent little radio , reception is excellent both on FM and DAB , the speaker is surprisingly good for a radio of this size and gives you another option to the headphones. Its not quite up to the build quality of the PURE DAB 1500 I also have but its not far off and also a bit smaller.really happy with the unit , I listen mainly to sports commentry etc and this is ideal for that, cant mention enough how good the reception is, found well over 50 DAB stations on what was a very cloudy , snowy day.If you need the added option of the speaker then go for this.Very simple to use.
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