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Sorry, I cannot answer this as I live in Italy but it works wonderfully here. You do need a good Internet connection though. Mine is white and very beautiful. SP.
30 Jan 2014 by Maureen
DAB works in Great Britain only.
5 Dec 2013 by Viliam from London
is with charger 14 days ago
This radio comes with a power lead and plugs into the mains electricity supply. It also can be used with batteries which are not supplied. A "Charger" is not required !!??
14 days ago by Janeygee
No but my husband will have a look and get back to you
31 Dec 2013 by farawaynanny
Does it 'switch -off' or does the internet link buffer the signal due to low strength or speed ? Alternatively, is the sleep mode or alarm off mode activeated ? This is generally a very good radio.
28 Dec 2013 by Philip Ferguson
Connect to your wi fi if you have it. You can receive stations via the internet
9 Dec 2013 by C. P. Minchin
Yes. I always have done. A full set of high power batteries and charger is expensive. It came to around 75.
5 Dec 2013 by Alex
Not sure about using usb speakers i will have to check with my husband as it was a present for him and get back to you later.
29 Nov 2013 by farawaynanny
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