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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars469
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 27 September 2011
I was expecting nothing when i saw this and was swept away right from the opening scene. Colourful and happy, full of cool latin music, a good sense of humour and loads of heart. The plight of a rare blue macaw becomes an adventure full of exciting scenes, well crafted animation full of sweeping shots in great looking locations. This is an all rounder, an exotic ride.

Rio has some quality characters, and plenty of quirky, unexpected moments, tons of fun and the right touch of romance. It's satisfying for adults and kids alike. Feels much fuller and more engaging than the Ice Age films.

It's combination of colour, music and a vibrant South America reminds me of old Disney classics (such as Three Caballeros) but it's well balanced with modern humour and pace.

There's been some fine animated/kids films this year - Legend of the guardians (beautiful detail), Narnia 3 voyage of the dawntreader (an underrated and gorgeous looking, old fashioned adventure) but fresh out of the clear blue skies comes this little gem.

For a family film, after the sunday dinner etc - it doesn't get much better than this. Highly recommended.
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on 25 October 2011
WORD OF CAUTION. Having received my Rio blu-ray this morning I played it straight away on my PS3 and the picture kept freezing. Having cleaned the disc several times the problem persisted, and after researching on the internet, the same problem occurred in America. The fault is with the movie transfer onto the disc causing problems with playback occasionally.
Problems aside, this is the best animated film not to come out of Disney/Pixar since Shrek 2. Fun for all ages, the picture is perfect and the sound is amazing, well worth a purchase. Hopefully Fox will fix the problem with the discs and make this a 5 star item, but with the playback problems 1 star is taken away
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on 31 December 2011

Amazing! I saw this film in the cinema in 3D and I was amazed by it so I got it on dvd (also because my sister wanted to see it because she hadn't seen it before) I wasn't expecting it to be as good as it was on the big screen but I was wrong. Without the 3D glasses (that darken the screen slightly) you are able to appreciate the wonderful colours and animation properly. It is magnificent!
The music that has been chosen is also outstanding and really gets you in to the carnival spirit - there were a few times both at home and at the cinema when I wanted to get up and dance! The storyline is great and teaches you to believe in yourself which I think is a great message for children.

This film is highly recommended and is one of the best animations I have seen - You won't be disappointed!

Now off to carnival! :D
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on 10 November 2011
Saw this in 3d at the cinema some months ago. Loved it so much that I had to get the 3d blu-ray. Watched it first in 2d as there were not enough 3d glasses to go round. Then tried the 3d version later on. Couldn't see much difference from the 2d version!
PROBLEM! The film refused to play 3d saying that it was not linked to a 3d display. I checked all connections and tried again. Fearing the worst that the (Sony) tv or equipment had developed a fault, I tried another 3d film and everything was working perfectly. Tried the "Rio 3d" again but problem still there. Never one to quit easily, I played around with it and found that if I ignored the film start button but clicked on "scene 1"selection instead, the 3d film would start from the beginning in 3d. So basically it does work in 3d, just not in the way I expected it to.
THE FILM......It's a cracking film with excellent graphics, great music and atmosphere although I find that 3d is best suited to slow moving subjects. My own tv has a 200hz refresh rate but that doesn't seem to improve the smoothness of the film by much.
The content, I award 5*
Ease of playing 2*
3d effects, I award 4*
Amazon service 5* (of course)
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 16 September 2013
The color animation was spectacular. A movie that should be seen in 3-D. The plot and dialouge are slightly less than colorful. It Is not one of those movies designed to keep parents overly entertained. There are a few things kids won't get, like the Carmen Miranda hat on the bull dog. The movie is about poachers, breeding almost extinct birds, and the question of animal captivity. Blu, the last blue Macaw is happy in captivity and can't fly. Jewel, his would-be mate, hates captivity and loves to fly. Animated girls in bikinis, booty shaking, and Anne Hathaway as the naked Jewel bird (She just can't keep her clothes on anymore, even in an animated film.)

My 9 year old grand niece loves this movie and has seen it about 3 times.
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on 22 April 2016

This AVC encoded 1080p 2.40:1 transfer is simply gorgeous. From a visual standpoint this is state of the art CGI. There are all sorts of outlandish bird creatures, many in stupendously bright and beautifully saturated colour. Deep blood reds and unbelievably gorgeous cerulean blues fill the frame. But colour is only half of what's at work here; rich textures in the characters and environments bring great fidelity to the picture quality, which compliments the color palate very well. The shining moments of the picture come in the wide shots of the city, the jungle, or of the spectacle of Carnival. Fine detail is exceptional, especially with regard to the rendering of the feathers, which flutter seemingly individually in the virtual breeze. (5/5)


DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 soundtrack really rocks. The pulsating samba rhythm is really immersive and simply fills up the entire home theatre. Sound effects and music are perfectly positioned around the surrounds, and fidelity and dynamic range are spot on. Dialogue is precise. Voicework is also very well handled, with Hathaway once again proving what an appealing audio heroine she can be. (4.5/5)


Did you notice that during the scene where Nigel is asking the Marmosets for help, Nigel threatens three monkeys after he tosses the main one in the sky. One monkey has his hands over his eyes, another over his ears, and another over his mouth. (See, Hear, Speak No Evil)


Overall, Rio is a really enjoyable movie. You will clap happily for the hero and heroine at the end. All the birds have their own characters, and are very well illustrated. They look alive and 3-dimensional, as compared to that of the humans. The video and audio are both top notched, with brilliant colours and fidelity, with great sound beat. Highly recommended.
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on 17 March 2013
Blu is a male macaw living with his owner Linda, in Minnesota. Jewel, the last female macaw, is "living" in a bird sanctuary in Rio and in order to save the species, an ornithologist beseeches Linda and Blu to join him. Blu never learned to fly, and this provides numerous humorous situations in the movie. Like when the ornithologist picks him up and throws him across the room, and he crashes into the window. At first Linda is reluctant but later agrees. They leave Blu and Jewel at the bird sanctuary, but they are later kidnapped and taken to a smuggler's den ready to be shipped out. Nigel, an hilariously evil cockatoo gives chase when the macaws escape but they manage to evade him. Having distributed leaflets all night, Linda is woken up by a child, who actually was responsible for kidnapping Blu in the first place. Blu and Jewel spend a night in the jungle, team up with a Toucan and set off to meet Luiz, who can break the chain that binds them together. After an unsuccessful attempt to teach Blu to fly, the three birds hitch a lift in the back of a truck, and in a typical movie moment, the truck passes by as Linda, the child and the ornithologist are waiting at traffic lights. The humans find the den empty. Nigel meanwhile has enlisted the help of thieving monkeys to find the two macaws, or as he says "It's flying lessons for everybody!" They find them at a disco but are outsmarted by the birds, who help their fellow kind escape. Luiz is located, and is revealed to by a slobbering (it's a medical condition!) Bulldog. After inadvertently setting them free, Jewel flies off with the Toucan and two fellow Samba loving birds, headed to Carnival. After a row with Blue, Jewel takes off and is captured by Nigel, forcing Blu and company to launch a rescue attempt. As they're searching the carnival for Jewel, Linda and the ornithologist are searching the Carnival for Blu and seeing him kidnapped, launch a rescue mission of their own, which ultimately fails. Blu frees himself from a cage, on board a plane, and sets about freeing the rest of the birds (and a bat!) They all fly out of the plane to freedom, apart from the macaws. Nigel gets his comeuppance, but Jewel is injured. The two join forces and fly to freedom, being reunited with Linda. It is a happy ending for our 3 human heroes, and 2 feathered heroes. Add to the excitement of the Carnival, and genuine humour of the movie, what seals it is the music. Totally captivating.
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on 25 August 2013
Exellent animation and also clever theme it brings to life the reality and cruel smuggling of rare creatures and as I've already said it makes you feelgood
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on 21 January 2013
In short: Rio is the story of a rare Blue Macaw stolen as a chick from his native Amazon Rainforest home in Brazil by illegal traders in exotic birds. He ends up in Cold North America in the hands of a loving little girl, Linda, who rears him up and makes him the centre of her life.
15 years later , as it turns out , `Blu'( as the Macaw is aptly named) is the last male of his species and a visiting ornithologist from Brazil, Tulio, requests that Linda bring him to Brazil to mate with one of the last remaining females of the species so that the strain can be preserved. At first unwilling, Linda and Blu agree, and fly to Rio de Janiero .

Needless to say the `lovebirds' do not hit it off immediately as Blu is over-domesticated dependant, and cannot even fly anymore, while his arranged love-match `Jewel' is a wild, free-spirited bird with a sassy typically South American female attitude who based on her experiences does not trust humans.

The birds both get stolen by smugglers and while Tulio and Linda do everything to retrieve them, it is ultimately the birds that have to save themselves and successfully do so with the help of a number of colourful and endearing bird and animal characters. They do fall for each other in the end as do Tulio and Linda.

While the storyline may not be revolutionary it is very charming and the execution and the musical numbers definitely are superative!
The vivid explosion of colour, the scenery, the wonderful animation of birds dancing samba and the infectious love for life and music that is typical of South America, comes across with accuracy and love straight from the heart of Brazilian director Carlos Saldanha to ours.

What endeared this film to me in particular is the non-preachy way it advocates conservation and ecological awareness and grants a little insight, albeit playfully, into the cruelty of the trade of exotic animals.
The soundtrack goes straight to the hip and my little boy and I tore up the kitchen floor dancing and just couldn't get enough of it - wore down the replay button to a stump!
To watch this film is to love it!!
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on 4 May 2011
I didnt know what to expect when I went to see this film, I must say I cant wait to get it on dvd. This film I think is great I loved every min of it and want to see it again its beautiful the colors are so bright and the whole film I think was really entertaining and very cute birds too. This film has the laughs and fun every film needs, huge thumbs up from me. If your deciding whether or not to see this film I would recommend you see it its the best release so far for a long long time.
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